So i just got a new piece of technology. I don’t tend to do technology reviews on this channel, but i’ve been blessed with some new toys lately. So my latest one is the samson galaxy active 2 smart watch now i’ve been a galaxy user for several years. Now. I just really like the integration with my work, because we use google business basically to do everything that we do at the church. So having a galaxy phone, an android phone just really connected so much better to that than my old iphone. So my kids, they still love all their apple products, but i’ve gone over to the other side and i prefer galaxy products personally, so um i’ve been using for the past number of years, i’ve been using kind of the the fitbit watch. I can’t remember the name of this one right now, blanking out on it for some reason seniors moment anyways. I got this as a seminary grad present from my wife and kids, and so i’ve had this now for about six years. Uh great phone really like this one, a lot a phone i mean watch great smart watch really liked it a lot but i’m finding now it’s not holding a charge anymore. I have to charge it every day and um this one i turned out had enough aeroplane air mile points for free phones, so a free phone keep stop saying phone it’s a watch, it’s, not a phone, and so i figured hey.

Why not get it because i’ve been doing a lot of fitness stuff lately and let’s? Try to upgrade my fitness life so just arrived in the mail today. I just finished setting it up, so it took about two hours to set it all up to fully charge. It and to update the operating system on it, um, and so it just finished now and so i’ve just started playing with it, um cool interface with it. How you can just kind of swipe to see your different apps that are on here kind of neat feature how you can quickly go just by running along the edge i like that feature a lot. I thought that was really cool and primarily i’m using this for fitness, so i’m going to be going in here, oops and looking at the different setups that you have in here for your daily activity and for the different working out and how that works. So i believe this will connect with the samsung health app, so i’ll double check that and use that um one of the things i kind of liked about this was the new watch faces. So again, if i go back home here, so there’s kind of the default one that comes on here, you can see your heart rate once i wear this and everything um. But if you wanted to kind of make it look a little bit more like an actual watch, i think that’s really slick on how you can have the different watch faces on here.

I have to see if there’s, some cool, uh geek ones in here, but uh. You know so it makes it look more like a watch. Um got that and then you’ve got different apps that you can install on here as well. Different watch faces and different things just directly from the play store um play around with some of those a little bit later on, but again for me primarily what i’m looking at is the fitness stuff, the heart rate, because i’ve been using for the past year myfitnesspal This is what i’ve been using to log all my calories, all my food, all my workouts and having this fully integrated between the two is awesome, as well as the fitness program that i do is ddp. Why, and so the problem with fitbit is fitbit does not connect to the ddpy now app. So i have a chest. Heart rate monitor that i’ve been using to log my heart rate monitor into this system. So whenever i do a workout, it will show kind of all my workouts in here and my heart rate. Everything like that when i actually have the heart rate monitor plugged in um, so i’m kind of hoping. This is going to connect better to this app here, which this one doesn’t do now i’ve seen some other people’s reviews on youtube kind of saying: hey. The active 2 is not as good as an iwatch, but seeing as i’m, not an apple guy.

I don’t really care i’m, a galaxy guy i’m, a samsung guy, so having something that integrates better to my current phone um i’m cool with that so yeah. There might be some features in here that i’ll find over time that the iwatch does a better job of, but i guarantee this already just from playing with it for the last 20 minutes already does a much better job than my fitbit watch does so i’m. Pretty happy with that already so we’ll keep playing with this a little bit more we’ll, hopefully see what some more the features are, and maybe i’ll do another video to help you out as well. But if you are a galaxy active 2 smartwatch user, i’d love for you to. Let me know what apps you really like put that in the comments section below and maybe you’re considering getting one of these i know there. The active three is is available now, but maybe you want to get the older version just to save a bit of money. Hey just drop me a message in the comments and i can look at some of the features for you as well. So hopefully you found this video helpful and until the next video just again, thank you so much for stopping by really appreciate it.