A few days ago, the galaxy watch 4 has a modern minimalistic, sleek, looking design, sweat, proof, sports band and a low profile, bezel great for the sporty types and available in silver, black, green or gold. But if youre looking for something slightly more premium or timeless, then you also have the classic edition built from stainless steel with a rotating bezel youll be turning heads as well as the edge both come rocking with the same software underneath – and this is a pretty big Moment for samsung, because theyve moved to googles, wear os from their own tizen operating system which they had on previous watch generations, and i, for one, am a fan of this move. Samsung have customized the software slightly with their own one. Ui watch stylized skin much like they do with their smartphones again, adding to this seamless device experience as a result, things like samsung pay, smartthings and bixby are all available, as well as third party apps and google services. So there is a lot more freedom here. As an example, the built in compass works with google maps and things like offline music listing on spotify is available. One ui watch works in tandem with your galaxy smartphone, syncing settings, alarms, etc, and any app you download on your phone automatically appears on your watch, which i think is a really cool feature. Speaking of features you have auto switch. So when youre, using your galaxy buds, for example, if you have them with your new galaxy watch 4, you can be connected.

But then, if you transfer to using your galaxy tablet, smartphone, etc, the buds will automatically detect that youre changing devices and will switch to said location. And if you do have your galaxy but connected to your new watch, you can check settings battery, etc. All from your watch, which i think is another really handy feature now in the past, certain wear os watches have often struggled with battery life, and the software has been taxing on the internal hardware, but samsung have promised without giving too much away the new hardware inside The galaxy watch 4 series has an upgraded 5 nanometer processor that provides an increase in cpu performance of 20 and theres, a 50 increase in ram. Also. It did seem in the short time that i had to play around with it, that it blitzed through everything that i needed it to do, seemed to work absolutely fine. Although the promised 40 hours of battery life with two hours to charge, roughly around two hours to charge, might leave a little bit to be desired, especially if youre going to be using some of the features that im going to talk about, including sleep tracking, etc. Full reviews well go into more detail on this sub for those. So in terms of those features traditionally, galaxy watches have had standalone features such as blood pressure and ecg monitoring, but now samsung have implemented a brand new three in one health sensor or samsung bioactive sensor.

This can measure ppg, ecg and bia all from your wrist. Furthermore, you can cater the health and fitness tracking to suit you. It might be weight loss, it might be building muscle. So the new body composition tool is a really cool new development with measurements like skeletal muscle, body, fat percentage, bmi body, water, etc. You can be as detailed with your tracking as you want, and there are over 100 different fitness activities, which you can link up to your samsung smart tv. If youve got one to craft workout routines from home, if youve just got that little bit too comfortable, not going to the gym and just staying in your pajamas and doing your workout from home, if the mentioned sleep tracking is your thing, there is a new feature. Now, where it can monitor, snoring seems crazy, but it can do it. The watch will continuously monitor your blood oxygen levels and youll be able to keep track of the exact quality of sleep and how well rested you are. The galaxy watch 4 will be available from the 27th of august in sizes of either 40 or 44 millimeters and the classic in sizes of 42 and 46, with lte connectivity available on certain models. So you can leave your phone at home. If you decide to go out running, for example, prices for the regular watch for will start from just 259 pounds 369 for the classic thats, actually cheaper than the previous generation of watches, so samsung potentially are looking to appease a few of the buying consumers.

With that, one obviously just got hands on very brief. Didnt have a chance to test it in full detail. Like i said, the full review will be coming very, very soon so subscribe for that. Let me know what you think of the watch for and watch for.