So ive learned a lot and ive got a lot to say and jump forward to six months later here we are ive been using this watch and my goal with this video is to answer a lot of the questions that ive gotten from those other videos to Help you, if youre in the market, for choosing a smart watch questions like what do i really like about the galaxy watch for what socks on the galaxy watch for what are some of my favorite uses in some of my favorite apps, and would i ultimately recommend This watch so im planning on covering all of that be sure to stay tuned up next, hey everyone. My name is jeff and on this channel i do all sorts of different tech reviews, tips, tutorials and more, including reviewing and talking all about different smart watches. Like the galaxy watch for and ive always been very passionate about, smart watches. I think the technology is it. Hasnt reached its peak point um every year, theyre cramming more and more capabilities and more and more health tracking into smart watches. So, jumping to six months later after using the galaxy watch for this watch was a an awesome launch by samsung, teaming up with google to bring you the wear os 3.0 operating system which allowed you to have access to all these really cool apps, as well as The sleek design of the smart watch in itself whether you got the galaxy watch 4, the galaxy watch 4 classic you did have that rotating bezel.

The galaxy watch 4 features the digital bezel, so you essentially dont have the physical aspect that rotates on the watch. The classic would feature the physical rotating bezel, but either way it was kind of a unique feature and always has been a unique feature to the galaxy watches that allows you to navigate through different tiles. To give you information that youre. Looking for on the watch, comparing this watch to other smart watches that ive reviewed, i like the size – and i like the footprint of the galaxy watch for on my wrist now ive got what i would consider to be average sized wrists. Some other watches, such as the ticwatch pro, is huge on my wrist watches, like the galaxy watch 4 to me, just has a very modern look, very clean style and between the two watches, ive ultimately settled on using the galaxy watch 4.. I did really enjoy that physical rotating bezel, but something i noticed when i was using the watch is that it would constantly bump against different objects that id be walking past things like that, so the little bit slimmer look of the galaxy watch for was something that I really enjoyed now with that being said: the casing around the watch itself is prone to getting slightly scratched and on mine theres, just certain areas around the glass screen. You can see little dings little marks. So if youre, somebody like myself, thats very handy that likes to do a lot of work with your hands outside if youre getting dirty a lot.

Maybe this smart watch is not the watch for you. Unless you are aware that it is going to be prone to getting kind of dinged and scratched up now, it features the interchangeable bands. This particular watch that i ordered came with a white band and just like anything, thats white over time, its going to get dirty, but i would say the band itself has held up really well. I also did purchase one of the sport bands off of samsungs website and the sport bands kind of breathe a little bit better. In my opinion than the the regular band both are extremely comfortable, extremely light weight. I, like all the different options you get with the bands. I still am not a big fan of the little pin thats on the back side to change out the bands. Other brands like fitbit, which is owned by google and now that google and samsung are talking to each other, have a nice convenient little clip that makes it super easy to switch out the bands, and yet still with the galaxy watch 4, were using these little metal Pins that to me are very difficult to switch out the bands from a marketing standpoint. If you want to sell more bands for people to interchange them on, your watch make them easier for people to switch out, but if youre just planning on sticking with maybe the band that came with the watch, you dont have to deal with, that little metal pin Thats hard to get your fingers in there ive enjoyed using the bands on the galaxy watch 4.

. The watch features many different customizable watch faces that you can download for the bright and very vibrant amoled screen, and i think that the screen on the galaxy watch 4 looks quite amazing, if not one of the best screens on smart watches that ive seen. I love all the different options for watch faces that you can download and you can just very easily press down on the screen to go ahead and change. Your watch faces lots of features like that are very convenient so every day, if i want a different watch face, i can easily put one of those onto my screen and ive actually done a video on this channel. My top 10 free watch faces, and you can check that out linked down in this video description and real quick as we do in all the videos on this channel weve hidden tinker tinker. Is this little hidden robot that looks just like this guy on my shirt, he briefly pops up in all the videos that i do on this channel, including this video. If youre, the first person to spot tinker popping up take note of the timestamp, that is the amount of time into this video that you spotted him popping up and be the first person to leave the comment down in the comment section of the time you spotted Him and your best comment, and if youre, that first person, i will put your name on our tinker forward hall of fame page as well as ill give you a shout out in one of my future videos.

So some of the coolest features or the favorite things. I like to use on this watch are going to be things like putting the watch into do not disturb mode so that im not getting notifications when i am someplace very quiet and i dont want to be disturbed, theres, also theater mode, which does very similar settings In addition to that, what i really find convenient about, this watch is being able to control media being able to control uh like spotify. If ive got a playlist on my phone and i start playing that music, i get a little music note that pops up on the bottom of my screen. I can just tap on that to access all of those music controls right on my watch. Allowing me to play pause, do all sorts of different uh. You know skip tracks things like that right from my watch and the fact that it works so seamlessly, even though i dont have a samsung phone is very convenient to me. I also love using the watch for accepting phone calls, as well as responding to text messages or basically any type of message. I get the notifications on my watch and then what i like using the most with the built in microphone on the watch, is that microphone response feature. I can just speak whatever text. I want in responding to my text messages that saves me time from having to type and anytime. I can save time.

That is something that i really get used to so voice responding. I do that all the time. I also like using the voice recorder, app thats on the watch so that, if ive got ideas for maybe new videos im making on this channel, if theres a seminar that i want to record if theres something that i want to remember and its just real, quick And easy for me to record my voice. I love using that feature so that ive got all that information saved. That was something that i learned about. As i was using the watch, i actually made a video about the voice recorder and how to easily use it and get your audio back out of your watch. You can check out that video linked down below as well. So what are my favorite apps to use on the galaxy watch, for i think this is one of the strengths to using wear os 3.0 are all the different apps that are available. It was my challenge to find some of the coolest apps for using this watch, because, if youve spent all this money on your watch, you want to know what cool things you can do with it. Some of the cool things that i use the watch for are using the google camera app, which allows me to just start and stop recording on my device just like im doing right now for this video, i can control all of that right from my wrist.

I love using spotify, i have tons of playlists set up and the ability to use it in conjunction with my phone or just download music right to the watch, connect it to bluetooth headphones without needing to take my phone with me. If i go out for a walk, is something thats very convenient having all the controls to be able to skip over songs pause play, adjust the volume right from your watch very unique features. In addition to that, the watch allows me to do a lot of things productively. Things like using the easy voice recorder. I actually installed a different keyboard, called the g board that i thought was more convenient than samsungs keyboard to be able to type faster on the watch and honestly, if im typing on the watch its not as common as me. Just speaking to the watch to get things done, such as trying to write down my ideas using certain apps or using bixby, which is the voice assistant on the watch itself, and i can get so much stuff done by using bixby and if youre, enjoying my experience Of my six month, review of using the galaxy watch for smash that like button, i appreciate it. So i use the samsung health app quite a bit as well to track my workouts. I think it does a great job when i go for runs. Itll use the built in gps, which does eat at the battery more allowing me to leave my phone at home, or i can bring my phone with me and you know id use it for if i go for walks, runs and different exercise tracking, as well as It tracks all your health stats for sleep and all that as well and for me, that is very useful and convenient im, also a person that loves to play games and if i can get games on my watch, im gon na do so theres a ton of Games that you can download, as far as like arcade games and puzzle games and a lot of those that are free, that are great time, wasters or fun games to play if youre stuck waiting in line somewhere – or maybe you forgot your phone and youre out and About and you just have some time to kill and youre getting bored having the ability to just jump on your watch and start playing.

Some of those games to me is awesome, so i put together a whole bunch of app videos of my top productivity apps games. Health tracking, apps and more you can check out all those videos down in the video description as well. I think apps make a great addition to your smart watch. You can get more out of using your smart watch if youve got cool apps on it. I love the notifications on this watch and, if you compare notifications on the galaxy watch compared to some other watches, where they just give you a little blip, they give you like. Maybe half a sentence or a couple of words when youre getting emails text messages. What i like about the galaxy watch is: it displays the most information that it can fit on that screen, allowing you to read messages or updates or notifications on your watch and get all that information on your watch versus always having to jump over to your phone To read more of that information to me that defeats the purpose, then of getting the notifications on your watch aside from the fact that you can only read like a word or two on the galaxy watch 4, you can definitely read a lot of your notifications. If not all of them and then do those responses figure out if youre going to reply to those messages or not to me that is super convenient. So lets talk about what sucks on this watch.

Frankly, the battery life sucks on the galaxy watch for when you compare it to other watches, fitbit garmin ticwatch, they all have better battery life. Now you have a watch or a tracker such as a fitbit youre, definitely not going to get access to all the cool apps that you get on the galaxy watch 4, but youre going to get better battery life. So you have to ask yourself: is that trade off worth it to you to have shorter battery life uh and more features versus longer battery life, but not quite as many features cool app options and things like that? What is my average battery that im getting using the watch usually about a day to a day and a half at most, if im doing exercises, and if i have all the features turned on now over time, ive learned that you can tweak the settings on the Watch to get longer battery life ive also found that if i charge it at certain times like a little bit in the morning, a little bit in the evening, ive always got constant charge on the watch versus trying to throw it on a charger and then leaving It overnight and then trying to have charge uh the next day. Those are different options. Um, i put together a whole bunch of different tips on how to extend the battery life of the galaxy watch. Four, its kind of one of these catch 22 things where you get all these great features.

Is it worth the trade off of having that shorter battery life? If youre a person that doesnt like to charge your watch every single day? Maybe this is not the watch for you. It does also have a feature where, if you know youre not going to use the watch, maybe over a weekend youre going camping or something you know, youre not going to use all the smart features you can just put it into its mode where itll. Just simply tell you the time that also is another way to extend the battery life so being aware of all the different tweaks and features that you can switch up on. The watch to extend the battery life might also help you get more out of using it. The other thing that sucks is here: we are six months later, theres, still no google assistant thats been added to the watch and, as far as i can see its not getting added anytime soon. So if you are looking at purchasing this watch – and you want to use some features from google assistant youre not going to have that option at least not as the time of the recording of this video, so it is a samsung, galaxy watch and uh. You know samsungs making it to work very nicely with their samsung phones, now, im a very big fan of the google pixel phones and, if youre, using something like a google pixel phone – and you want to have it connected to your watch, you get all sorts of Features you get to use all the different apps and things like that that ive shown on this channel, but there are some limitations, features such as being able to take an ecg reading from the watch, even though its an advertised feature since i dont have a samsung Phone thats, not something that i can do, that is an advertised feature that is not available to me because i dont have a samsung phone.

So knowing that there are some limitations like that, frankly kind of stinks if youre purchasing this watch with that capability in mind. So what i recommend the galaxy watch for after using it for six months, i think, if you are an android user, the galaxy watch 4 would be my preferred watch to recommend you everything from its build quality to all the different features you get using the apps. The performance the cool watch faces to me for that price point, comparing it to other smart watches that are out there. I still think you get more features and more options for the price using the galaxy watch 4, with the trade off of knowing youre not going to have the greatest battery life if youre somebody that doesnt want to charge their watch every day or every other day. This may not be the watch for you, but if you can deal with that, all the different features and options that this watch opens up, i think, is a great enhancement to whatever im doing on my phone to be able to have all the remote controls on My wrist with smart watches today the galaxy watch 4 between the health tracking, the apps and just the stylish look that it has. I would highly recommend the galaxy watch 4.. So if youve got questions or if you have the galaxy watch 4, i want to know your comments. What are your thoughts after using the galaxy watch for, let me know down in the comments section below i always love reading and i learn from everybody else as well, so i hope that you have enjoyed this video and gotten something out of it.

You dont want to miss my things to know and do first with the galaxy watch 4 video. If you are new or just getting into using the galaxy watch 4 and all the other cool tip videos ive done, such as how to improve battery life or my top apps or top watch faces for the galaxy watch, 4 videos will all be linked down below And will be popping up at the end of this video, so you dont want to miss those.