My name is marcos and today were gon na unbox. The new touch lex uh venus series smartwatch. This is a new design that they launch. They have it. In a couple. Colors two colors looks like uh. What makes this watch unique? It actually has a new uh, bigger display. It has a 1.2 inch amoled screen. It does offer always on so its a new style new display new size, which is really good. So let me try and bring it out of the box inside the box. We get the beautiful watch right here with a nice black band um, like i said its a new style. They have a bigger display here, its an amoled 1.2 inch display, as you can see here in the front beautiful nice kind of metal finish here on the sides, two buttons right here – black band and you can replace it if needed. Sensors are here in the back and also the charging mechanisms right here in the back so heres. The watch itself lets power it on see. If we can power it on or we might need to charge it there, we go touch lux and then in the box box is nice and thin always clean. You get a nice uh, usb cable and a little magnet cable that hits here in the back uh nice thing about these venus watches they. Actually, the battery life does last a few days from seven to ten days, uh, depending on what youre doing, if youre using it for activity modes, it may last a little less, but average is seven to ten days upon starting pretty much.

What you would need is, you would choose your your language, you get uh, you get all these languages right here and even spanish, english and italian looks like you would need to download this app to do pairing to your phone, so touch your legs app on your Phone in the apple or play store right then, and there you can even scan this qr code to download the app and thats pretty much once you scroll down ill, tell you to scan it and ill pretty much. Take you to the app download on your phone. All right guys, so here we have the app the touch lx app. You want to open it. Uh you want to sign in, you can do the apple sign in or you can do the quick registration. This is where people get confused. I usually do the quick registration itll ask for your email and then theyll send a validation code, so you got to get that validation code to be able to pair it. So once you have the validation code, itll take you! Oh, let you log in so the validation code is like a special code that messages your email and once you get it, then you can put the code and then ill. Let you log in so pretty much just like a verification. Once you are once you are in, you want to go into the app. This is what it looks like and then you would go here on the top where it says devices here on the bottom i mean, and then you hit plus and then once you hit plus youll look for the model of your of your watch, this ones, the Venus so now its looking for the um its scanning for the device, so i picked it up now its binding its its pretty much pairing pair.

It allow and then the set binding right here and thats how you successfully um connect your watch to the to those to the phone. So you have to download the touchlex app. You have to uh register and get the special code to your email. Once you get the code, then itll actually um, it will actually the app will start working before that it will not stop working and right now its just doing an update, as we just turn it on for the first time, all right guys. So now we have the app ive been using it for like two days and pretty much what it does it actually uh will count your steps and ill track. Your your uh, walking and steps and calories uh also count. You can also set up up to 14 workout modes, so this button right here uh. If you wanted to do any workout, you would just choose what workout and then it would start, uh tracking, your your workout, your calories, your heart rate and uh distance. So thats one way to track up to 14 modes. So pretty much you would just need to, like. I said press this button here at the bottom and and you can hit start or go back and then it has up to 14, so very easy to track. Your workouts and once once your workouts are tracked, they will come up here. It will also track your sleep, how many hours in deep sleep, how many light sleep, how many rapid eye movement ratio and how long it took you to fall asleep.

So its really cool itll do week days and months, uh your heart rate, blood, oxygen level and your calories. You can also track lets, say like an outdoor running and distance and stuff like that, so ill track that gps, locator and everything, and then here on the device option you can change the faces, so you can choose new faces pretty much depending on what you want. So pretty much, you would just go to more faces and you hit more once you hit more, it would open up this feature and then you would just click on it and then you can download to use, and then you can change it on your watch and It has a lot of features, so super customizable uh. You can get your notifications on um. You know your your messenger, your facebook, your twitter, anything like that. You can also get the incoming notification, so your watch will actually vibrate and um. You can hang up or answer through there um your notifications here on the watch. Um, so lets say you scroll, you turn it on with this button. You can see all the extra activities, so you can actually turn on your music through here. Has a music player uh. This is your back button. You can go to your messages, so heres my notifications for messages. You can you have a stopwatch timer alarm. You can even have a flashlight. You can find your phone so right now its making my phone ring.

If you cant find your phone, so you found it, you can use it as a camera shutter, and it also has a setting so screen setting you can change the dials to a different color different mode and uh super easy super friendly to use. If you scroll left, you can see the weather. If you scroll, left more, you can see your your your time of sleep. You can start your music player. You can see your heart rate and pretty much like your steps. Itll give you like a tracking of everything. So very easy to use. It does have settings right here. Also give you the notification thats linked via bluetooth to your watch um, you can set it up for um. You know you check out the battery, so super friendly super easy to use, and then the battery life on these should last up to seven to ten days and it takes about two hours to fully charge the watch. But you can charge it with 30 minutes as well. Itll give you enough time as well uh. So this is the touchlex um venus series watch super friendly super easy friendly to set up and use uh. Like i said, the hardest thing is setting up the touch alex app uh, which you can download on the on the play store. You must uh, send a notification. Email like itll, send you a quote to your email and then you can actually go here to devices plus and then you can add your watch, so it doesnt take much.

But hopefully this video helps you guys out.