For now, a lot of people have been asking me about this: ive been doing the phones, ive got so many products, and you guys know this time of year is crazy, especially all the samsung stuff came at once. Ive been trying to do some a lot of stuff with the fold and then one ui came out so ive been doing that if anyones interested in my one ui review and the videos ive been doing ill drop. Those below anyway, people been asking for a galaxy watch 4 video review, so im going to do that today, hopefully give you a lot of detail on everything you want to know now. First of all, i got the 44 millimeter model um. This is the green. I dont know if its easy to, if you can really see it too easily on here, but one thing to notice about them is that they all take the same size, bands, standard 20, millimeter bands, um, and so, if you actually want to get a replacement band Or a different band, you can get it easily. I turn the screen off here. I got to draw my unlock pattern because im using a samsung pay and its required. Unfortunately, i didnt want to turn it off for the video, its just pain, to set it up again. If you want to get a different band, you can do so on amazon and ill actually talk about that in just a second, so lets jump into the build and everything like that.

The watch is overall, a pretty good size. For me, you guys can kind of see how it fits here on my wrist and actually ill just go ahead and mention this right now, because this is one of the things i dont like about it. Is you notice how theres this big gap like, even when you put it on your wrist theres, this big gap there between the band and where the chassis of the watch sits on your wrist? I dont really like that id really like it. If this thing kind of wrapped all the way around my wrist, it is comfortable enough to wear its just kind of awkward to me at the end of the day and its, not necessarily something where you know. I would want to have that. So there are other bands you can buy on amazon. One of them is the barton bands. I think the guys over at droid life dropped a link to that. But the green does look really nice and i havent been able to find another watch band that matches the green color. I like this subtle green, quite a bit plus. The other reason that i really like the green is that it matches the green on my phantom green uh galaxys default three, and i havent really found another green watch band. That will replicate that now, the smaller one you know is probably going to be a better option for a lot of people.

I have a big wrist, so not really a huge deal to me like i said it does feel comfortable the bands just a little awkward. So in terms of the overall kind of wearing experience, which is the first thing, thats really important about a watch because it is a watch in addition to being smartwatch um, my wife did get one where basically, she had uh one of the bands she had, the Smaller one and she had the pink one and the band actually got broken within like a week, ive got. I had to order a new one. This little piece up here right here, where it snaps into the band the little clasp. This actually came loose and pulled out of one of the ends and actually broke the plastic piece. I dont know how that happened, because shes usually very careful with her tech um, but i havent had any issues with mine, so maybe just a defective one. Uh, at the end of the day, so overall not a bad experience. This is the regular sport band. Of course, samsung has some other bands you can order as well so thats the wearing experience. Uh next lets talk about the actual software. Again, i got to do this again. I could have turned this off. I realized and probably should have but im going to be navigating around the ui and then ill switch back to talking about other things. So this is the new version of where os that was designed between google and samsung and, of course, were expecting quite a few improvements.

And overall i would say that it is quite improved in terms of the overall navigation and sort of overall just sort of swiping. Through i feel its a lot smoother sort of pressing the button to go back. Some people have said they still find it to be a little bit weird and janky here and there with lag. But i really havent noticed any huge issues in my use. Um and ive, you know navigated, on the ui ive used a lot of apps ill talk a little bit about some of the apps that i think are cool theres, a really cool, app, thats, actually exclusive right now to the galaxy watch 4 from samsung its actually A walkie talkie app its that one right there. I set that up and tested it out with with my friends with my wife, its pretty cool apps. Well talk about that in a little bit, but overall i havent noticed any real lag. You know, jumping in and out of, apps is really smooth like you know, using keep notes, and things like that, you know notes are syncing. That kind of thing always happens whenever youre using wear os. You know so you can kind of check and see what notes you have from the phone, but you know i havent had any problems jumping in or out apps or using them things like that. The wear os experience, i think, is much improved. You know the the settings, the toggles everything is really streamlined.

I feel like i can find everything where i want it. Samsung has a lot of different watch faces. You guys can see the watch face im using here, but theres. A lot of different watch faces to choose from you know, and theyve got a bunch of different complications depending on you know, maybe if youre not into the fitness stuff, you guys saw the one i was using was a fitness particular fitness particular watch face, which is Actually, right here and youll notice that its got like steps and you know other important things – battery life. I like this one, the best, whether its kind of got all the information in it. But i guess, if you dont care about steps, you can change these complications to other things, like you know your music controls and other interesting pieces here and there that you can play around with. I personally, like the steps you got all the traditional samsung health stuff. Very useful i feel like throughout the day i always try to you, know, get the step the steps goal. I have an office job, but you know i teach also. So i try to hit my step school whenever i can um. I have tried both the running and walking uh when i go for walks in the morning on the weekends walk, my pet, you know things like that very good at tracking your workouts. In my opinion, the step counter is quite accurate.

Overall body composition, i dont know how accurate this is because it doesnt really go well with things that ive gotten from my doctor. So i dont know if that works great sleep tracking. I tried it one night but its not that comfortable for me to wear a watch at nighttime, so it did give you some interesting insight about it. But i will say that its not something that i would do every night, because i just dont find wearing a smart watch to be comfortable at night. That may vary from person to person, of course, theres the weather calendar and then the ecg, which i did try. As well, this appears to be a really nice tool, something that people have been asking. You know, since the apple watch kind of had these you know more in depth. You know super health features what you would call them. I guess on smart watches, uh and then youve got your heart rate and then this one i couldnt, really get to work too. Well, i tried measuring my stress numerous times and it started loading the stress levels and going through it and then didnt give me a reading, so i dont know, if maybe that means im so stressed out that my stress is off the chart, so it couldnt give Me a reading, but but i couldnt get that one to work uh and then, of course you can add other types of tiles and things like that.

Youve got alarm, you know: galaxy buds, contacts, reminders, music controls, like i said, blood oxygen, all kinds of health, stuff, thats, just extremely useful um and the widgets in here very smooth and useful. So, overall, you know very, very useful in terms of the software the functionality all that sort of stuff you notice, i keep activating bixby when i do that. Bixby is not my favorite thing to use, but speaking of payments and the reason that i have the screen, the screen lock set up anyways i use samsung pay with this. I also set up gpa. You just have to pick the one that you want to use as the default, and it works perfectly. I feel like the notifications, are a lot more reliable on this watch in past samsung watches ive had some issues with notifications pushing from my phone, where sometimes they wouldnt end up showing up. I think that if you fine tune your settings, so if you go into the notification settings and then you kind of play around with these just make sure you get the notification settings the way you want, particularly, you know, make sure you turn on the vibration setting To be the long one, i think its better, because it definitely makes sure that you notice the notification, otherwise the the basic setting where its not the long vibration tends to be, maybe not as noticeable, at least for me, and sometimes i miss a notification that comes In when i didnt want to do that, um that seems to be.

You know a little bit of an issue just on my end, but you know that might not be a problem for you, but overall the software experience is very nice. I like what samsung google done. I think theyve smoothed it out a lot. I honestly havent used a wear os watch uh in almost you know its been years since ive used one, probably two and a half three years before this one came out because i just got so disillusioned with the way wear os kind of is, and i didnt Really like the way, you know that it that it works overall and just kind of always laggy and something i just took a break from, so i hadnt been wearing a smart watch for a long time like i said there are some really cool apps in here. As well, one of the ones i use quite a bit is keep. Obviously you saw, and then i also use this walkie talkie app. Now, because you can set up a cool, walkie talkie feature with another person and then you can set up channels and then you can talk to that person. I set a couple test channels just to play around with friends uh. I dont know if it will actually connect. Yeah lets see theres a test channel right there, one that i set up to just test and then you can invite people. You have to have a galaxy watch 4 or galaxy watch 4 classic right now to use this.

Its exclusive, maybe itll, come to other samsung watches, but i really really like this. You can also search nearby and see if anyone else has a galaxy watch 4 active nearby that has a channel set up. I highly doubt that since right now, im making this from my office, but you can do that its a really cool app to kind of play around with something else. I really like another thing i really like is the swipe. You know active gestures on the side, so you can kind of swipe through and then use that to navigate. You know here front or back in the settings like here in the settings menu you swipe from the side to go back. Just like you do on your phone kind of brings it more in line with the way you use your galaxy phone makes it a more consistent experience and its another part of the software, and the hardware being well thought out kind of together, and i think it Really gives it, you know overall, really nice integration. So in terms of software i got to give samsung and google. You know theres still some things they could do. I think maybe, like i said, maybe a little lag here and there some people have noticed, but i havent had any thats really caused me. A huge problem ill, give them a b plus or an a minus. This is definitely better. I would have given android um.

Wear os, probably you know a c or maybe even a d plus at best a few years ago, so really impressed with that um. So thats the hardware, the software kind of the general fit and form factor experience like i said the fitness stuff all works great for me, payments works great for me as well. So the last thing well talk about everybodys going to know my code after this video. So ill have to change it after this, its kind of annoying that it times out, even though ive been playing with it, i set it to the longest timeout setting. So hopefully i wouldnt have to do that, but lets talk about the battery life. You guys can see that its 3 34 p.m. Here today, im at 74 battery life. I would consider that very, very impressive uh at the end of the day, so you can kind of see it says two days and four hours left, um and thats, probably about right. I can honestly probably squeeze about two and a half days out of this. I really charge it every other day because i think you know thats, probably where um i could probably you know, get to safely without having to charge again uh you can throw on the charger every night, but i dont think you necessarily need it. Um power saving mode ive never had to use it a single time every day, ive gotten through the day. The least amount of battery life ive ever had is when i take it for workouts and things like that, it might be like 60.

Maybe 55 was the lowest i ever had, but if youre just doing regular notification, stuff youre not doing any workouts or things like that extensively with it or listening to a lot of music, then youll probably finish around 65 to 70. If you just have an average workday and you dont go to the gym or listen to music yeah. Otherwise, if you do youll, probably be around 50 percent, so you know you could still get two days out of it, but if youre a super heavy user, you still might want to charge it every night ive been really unhappy with the battery life uh. Honestly, a lot of my other wear os watches that i had before i could barely squeeze. You know barely squeeze a day out of them. You know in the beginning, when i first got wear os, i had the very first wear os device uh, which i think was an lg device. If i remember right and it the battery life was awful right and even over time, they didnt really improve that much with the new processors there wasnt a lot of efficiency and things like that at the end of the day, so very good battery life. Very nice software experience. I think the hardware looks nice, the bands a little awkward, so you know i might find a replacement if i can find a good color match for this um, but it doesnt feel bad on the wrist.

It just looks kind of awkward to me at the end of the day um i, like the app selection now that you can get apps from google play. Obviously thats a big deal integrates well with your samsung services. You can pair up your galaxy buds to it. Take it for a run right if youve got the cellular model, you can take it without your phone. You know, take it for a run, listen to music track your check, your workout, all that kind of stuff. I think this is the best smart watch in a long time. I think the apple watch still might have a slight edge and i know people are not going to want me to say that because im, an android guy too, but im going to do a comparison. Once i get the apple watch series 7. We can talk about it, but i think samsung has come so close. This is the closest that anyones ever come with an android watch to really challenging um. The apple watch, which has been the king for so long, so samsung has a great product here and uh. I think its something that they, they really have a chance, maybe on a couple of iterations to be at the same level as the apple watch, uh sort of in the consumer mind space. I do wish that kind of the bixby stuff wasnt there, but you know thats the case on any samsung device im, not a huge fan of bixby, but you know thats another discussion anyway, thats my full review.

I apologize. I had to keep swiping the screen, but i didnt want to install my samsung pay because it removes all the cards and i want to re add all my credit cards its just annoying anyway. If you guys enjoyed the video ill drop, a link below uh to purchase the watch, if you want to purchase it from samsung, it helps out the channel. If you use my link, so i appreciate it find me over twitter ill drop the link to my twitter. If you want to converse with me there, i also write at xda developers, ill drop.