This is sammy geek back here with another video in todays video im, going to talk about the five reasons that you should consider: the samsung galaxy watch 4 and i wanted to jump online here and let you guys know usually what i do during my reviews is. I do not talk specs. I leave that to the other reviewers to bore you with hours of specs and 30 seconds of real world usage and uh thats. Not what im here for so im gon na hit you guys up today with five of my favorite features of this watch that i think could make you consider it. I do want to start off saying that i did switch out the band as you can see here. This is the 44 millimeter version i did switch out the factory band. I prefer a little bit thinner band and these are just some aftermarket bands. I have a variety of different colors that ive purchased um on amazon and i do love these bands theyre very thin. I can link them in the description below if you guys are interested. Let me know i do have the always on display here cooking. So lets kick this off with number one, the design so a little bit of background. Real quick on me is that ive had all of the samsung watches and you guys, if youve seen my videos, you guys know. Ive tried the garmin and a variety of other watches.

The fitbits ive been across the board and i continue to go back to samsung. For uh, the reason thatll be number two, but lets just talk about design here for a second. This thing has uh just absolutely blown my mind. I love what samsung did with this watch. I mean love the design im telling you guys. My last watch was the watch active, 2 and uh to me. The watch active too. I mean it did everything i wanted to and it was awesome when it first came out, but it was very rounded around the corners and uh it was um um. Just i dont know it looked cheap for lack of better term. This thing is just awesome. As you can see, this is aluminum its not stainless steel or anything like that. But the aluminum uh is like a brushed aluminum its. Not this shiny. You know kind of cheap, looking aluminum its got a really great look to it and, as you guys can see, um see how its very uh sharp around the theyve theyve cut it down. So its not rounded anymore uh this year, which it was very rounded last year. Actually, this angle right here shows the best, but you can see and anyway, so it kind of cuts off. It does like this waterfall edge off the side into this black. This sharp looking black, i mean its just amazing. I really really really love what they did with this design, because now what you can do is you can really class this thing up.

You could add a leather band or do something to make it look really fancy if youre going to go out and you need to dress this thing up. Also the watch faces theres. A variety of different watch faces that you can choose. I always go for the real minimalist. As you can see, this is what ive done to kind of set this guy up, so uh go it. This actually takes me to number two. This watch. The second main reason that i absolutely love these watches and actually the main reason ive always loved samsung watches – is that it works flawlessly with samsung phones. In fact, sometimes i think people are crazy, not having a smart watch if youre rocking a samsung phone, i mean its just. Let me give you one example here that i absolutely love that other brands cannot do. If you have a samsung phone and a samsung watch or even uh, one of their uh um, you know the fit. If you get a notification like lets, say you said an alarm, not a notification, but if you set an alarm um, i dont know lets call it like your morning alarm and when your phone goes off, your watch will go off as well and thats great, but It actually samsung takes it to the next level and you can actually snooze your your. If your cell phone is across the room and your alarm is going off, you can actually snooze it from your watch and to me that is just the coolest thing, but it it basically works flawlessly with the samsung, and it adds a lot of additional features which Im going to kind of talk about next, so number three, my third favorite reason for having a samsung watch, and particularly this one is the notifications oftentimes.

My watches are my phone is in my pocket and i love being able to see text messages and things like that on this watch. So when a message comes in, you will have notification here and youll see the uh text message will pop up and the new watch. The new wear os that theyre using here actually gives you a better way. So youll get a text message and at the bottom you can quickly respond with some pre determined responses. You can actually tap a button that will record your voice and send your voice theres a variety of ways to do it. You can do the emoji thing its just so fantastic and its seamless, and it is just a beautiful thing, so those little text messages that youre shooting back and forth with a friend or family, whoever it might be just pops up and you dont have to take Your phone out of your pocket, its such a companion, to go along with the samsung watch with the phones, its just any one of the samsung phones. I dont care, if its an older one or a newer one, it will have the ability to do it. So that brings me to number three uh. My third favorite reason for uh using this watch is the health functions. So there was a time that i did not wear these watches every day. Sometimes i would skip days. Sometimes i wouldnt wear them at night and im, referring to my old samsung watches that i had in the past and so what they did with this watch.

In particular, is they really polished everything up, so not only is the screen more beautiful than it was before its it looks. Sharper crisper nicer its faster. I really love what they did with the as you can see. Yeah. If you saw my body fat here thats the next thing, apparently i need to get back into the gym um. So the body fat thing is the coolest thing ever to be able to look at body fat. So obviously ive had a fun summer, and i think this is maybe a little bit high. Let me get back my focus here. I think this is a little bit high honestly, because i have a garmin scale that i use as well, but i it gives you a starting point, even if it is a little bit higher as it drops, you can tell that your body fats going down so Um but yeah, so the the different functionality here uh its really almost lets see im gon na just cancel this out for now, but uh. The new buttons here for um its wanting me to get on gps, but the new buttons for the workouts and so forth, are there and just and just fantastic, but the health tracking is so awesome once you start wearing these watches youre just going to get hooked And its just ridiculous, because now you can see your sleep details and you can see your health. You can see everything on these.

If you want to record and track your heart rate through the day, you certainly can your stress levels and so forth and by the way i just dropped, number four, which is the sleep function, uh that for me, uh was awesome. So if i go over here um i dont mind sharing this with you guys i might have to get a focus but uh. So last night was a really funky night. Now i didnt really sleep for 10 hours, but what i did is um is. I went upstairs and i was having a difficult time sleeping, so i passed out like right away at first. Let me tap on this and you can see um if you have a samsung watch. Basically, what it does is, you can see the different color code coordinated things here, but it gives you a sleep record or sleep score and then um itll tell you actual sleep time but heres. What is really golden? If you look here, it says awake for an hour and 30 minutes ram, light, sleep and so forth. So i was really having some trouble sleeping last night i was up in the middle of the night. I think probably looking at my phone at like three oclock in the morning, i thought i was tired. I was watching some tv at night, so long story short you get to see this stuff every morning. It is just the best thing ever to be able to see how you sleep now.

This watch also has for this generation the ability to track snoring, which is crazy and uh. Your your actual blood oxygen saturation, i believe so im gon na try that tonight and see how that works. But i mean combined with your sleep score, you can actually tell um and get some sort of preliminary signs. If you have some sort of signs of sleep apnea and things like that, out of a wrist watch, i mean the technology packed into this thing is just insane so uh, the health tracking and the sleep is just awesome going to the gym and tracking. It is just fantastic and lastly, uh number five for me is and then i got a bonus here for you guys as well, but number five for me is the phone calls. So i mentioned notifications, but the phone calls on this are awesome. So if somebody calls you and you actually, you know your phone is in the other room or its in your pocket again or whatever it fell in between the couch cushions. Whatever you can easily answer your phone call and youre like all right. Well, i bet it doesnt sound good on the other end. Surprisingly, no, it absolutely sounds like youre talking on your phone. If you use one of these samsung watches from like the watch active 2 or this one, and you talk on the watch, even if its two feet away from your face – and you ask the person, how do i sound theyre, gon na say you sound fantastic and Youre gon na say: does it sound like im talking on my watch or my phone? They will probably nine and a half times out of ten say they believe youre talking on your phone.

What that does is – and this brings me to my bonus point and what this does – is it really um rounds out this entire package? Okay, so youve got a cell phone that you carry every day with you all the time you should shove it in if youre. Ladies youre shoving it in your purse, guys its in your pocket its in your center console of your car, whatever you know its in the other room, i dont care what where? But this is the perfect companion at least ive fallen in love with it. As the perfect companion, because not only obviously it tells the time the date then youve got timers youve got voice. Memos youve got find your phone like how many times have you lost your phone it? This makes it worthwhile for me, i dont know i just lose my phone all the time somewhere in the house, and if i can tell you how many times ive used the find your watch function, its just crazy, so uh, the new one. Has this new operating system which is just killer all the apps in here heres find your phone right there samsung pay alarms, i mean its just ridiculous. You guys, i just cant, begin to tell you how awesome this thing is so underrated its just silly um people. I know theyre doing the reviews online, but the reviews are boring because they dont tell you what real people are using and what features real people are.

You know getting benefit from so anyway. I hope this helps you guys this thing a samsung. They knocked it out of the park. You guys, i mean everything from the design to the functionality to the smoothness of it to the graphics, the display i mean the ease of use, health tracking, the notifications, the call functionality working so super seamlessly with your samsung phone. The list goes on and on, and you can play with these faces, dial them in and have fun with them and change them every day and change your bands out and its ridiculous. I mean youll probably get a day and a half two days out of the battery. I mean you dont have to charge these things every single day. If you do always on display, you might, but usually i dont have always on display on, but anyway. I hope this helps you guys. If you have any questions, drop it below and uh. I will probably be doing a review soon of this watch uh the new one versus the um, the old active two. So i have an active two im going to kind of pit it up against.