The galaxy watch 5 pro boasts a battery thats twice the size of the regular model, plus a super rugged design, so its theoretically ideal for people who love heading off into the wilderness for great outdoor adventures. Very much not like me, but naturally like more samsung gear. It doesnt come cheap. The asking price of the galaxy watch 5 pro is 429 quid or a hefty 479 pounds. If you fancy a bit of lte action chucked in there, so not only is it the biggest and the toughest its also the most expensive of the new galaxy watch 5 series by quite some margin, but is it actually worth that money? Well, as i say, ive had it slapped on my wrist for the past fortnight. The source is my in depth: samsung galaxy watch 5 pro review and for more on the lists and grits tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now, unlike the regular version, the galaxy watch 5 pro model comes in just one size this here, god almighty, 45 millimeter effort, and i feel like i can just about get away with it. Here are my frankly weedy kindergartner arms. It doesnt look too ridic, as the kids say and yeah. It is pretty heavy as well as you might imagine, but you know you just adjust to it and after less than a day, you dont even realize youve got basically a brick strapped to your arm, possibly helps with bicep growth as well.

That toughest nails, titanium body is an upgrade over the regular watchs stainless steel, shenanigans and, after a couple of weeks, have been smacked off walls and countertops and such forth, absolutely no dinks or chips or scuffs or anything to report on at all. It still looks box fresh and that enhanced sapphire screen is also more than rugged enough to survive all kinds of hijinks and thats helped along by samsungs, rather crafty design, which has it slightly sunken beneath the bezels for extra protection again, no scratches or other issues whatsoever. So this thing is still in pristine condition and thats, despite the fact that i am rather cock handed and do end up slapping it off all kinds of surfaces and naturally like pretty much every other smartwatch out there. The galaxy watch 5 pro is fully water resistant. So it can be submerged no issues, while the regular watch 5 comes in a small selection of colors, you dont really have much choice at all here with the pro it essentially comes in black or gray. However, you can at least change up the strap and mix and match from a whole selection of sports bands and link bracelets and such forth, and this magnetic d buckle. Strap is absolutely fantastic, snaps on and off quickly and easily very easily adjustable as well, and one size fits all, even if your wrist could essentially be described as that of a frail elderly woman. Unfortunately, however, even on the pro model – theres, no rotating bezel action to skim through the user interface, which is a really shame, because that was one of the highlights of the samsung galaxy watch 4 classic from last year.

Instead, you can always rub your finger around the circumference of the screen to sort of mimic a bezel action, but it isnt quite as precise, and its only really good for quickly zipping to the other end of your widgets collection. Still, i had absolutely no problems whatsoever with the touch controls here on this gorgeous super amoled display. It is perfectly responsive to all of your touches swipes porks pods, whatever, and its also as bright, sharp and poppy, as you would hope, with wide viewing angles and an automatic brightness that definitely does its job well, its certainly as good as any other premium. Smartwatch display out there some proper eye candy on the software side of things. Nothing much has really changed up at all from last year, youre still running samsung and googles, collaborative effort on wear os, which i rather like most of your time, will likely be spent in the widgets here which are fully customizable. So you can add in rip out and rearrange them as merrily as you like, and most of them are bright, bold and colourful. To make the most of that gorgeous amoled display youve also got a wide selection of pre installed, watch faces to choose between and while most of the new ones, arent exactly anything revolutionary youre bound to find at least one that you like with plenty of animated efforts. Chucked in here, if thats your bag, such as the usual bitmoji bollocks, the majority of these watch faces can be customized down to the tiniest detail, just long press on them hit customize and away you go, you can choose from a small selection of fonts, for instance, And you can actually mess around with the complications as they are known, which are displayed as well to get all of the pertinent information right there on your main watch face.

There really is an impressive selection here, all kinds of weather stuff, including the uv index and wind. You can add on stopwatches and timers direct control of your assistant, your samsung buds and, of course, fast access to your exercise, shenanigans and, if you do ever find yourself getting bored of samsungs selection of watch faces. Well, no worries just get yourself on the google play store and you can download hundreds. Thousands of new watch faces straight to your watch in a matter of seconds and even though the samsung galaxy watch 5 pro is running, wear os, which is a google collaboration. You will find that its samsung services, which are slapped on here by default so, for instance, long press, the bottom button here and youll bring up samsung peer for all of your nfc contactless pyramid, goodness and meanwhile war great made. Bigsby is just a long press of that top button away. Hey bixby is sunderland football club going to win the championship. This season, thats, not something i can help with yet to be fair, not even jesus could probably help with that one. I still personally prefer the google assistant to bixbys just a lot more helpful, but hey ho. The good news is that that built in mic picks up your voice cleanly and clearly, when you are chatting away to the google assistant. Even if i was somewhere very noisy, the mic generally picked up my voice and understood what i was trying to say and likewise the speaker.

As long as you bump up the volume to the maximum levels, you can generally hear what is going on with lots of stuff going on all around you, and you can also use the mic and speaker to take calls on the galaxy watch. 5 pro via your smartphone, if you dont, have the lte option, this is just the basic wi fi model, and again this worked perfectly well. The person on the other end of the phone call could hear what i was banging on about, even when there was lots of stuff going on all around me, and i could just about make out them as well. So its quite handy, if you cant, get your smartphone out of your pocket, because youve got handfuls of crap or a kid whos, you know acting up or something like that, just quickly and easy to respond job done now, all of the essential apps you would hope For and expect come pre installed on the galaxy watch. Five pro, including timers schedules, voice, memos, yada, yada, just jump on into the play store and you can download more via your smartphone or your watchs, built in wi, fi or, of course, the option of that hot lte action. If youve got a bit of that, youve got a small selection of sub categories to choose from and youve got. You know a growing selection of apps here on good old wear os, so plenty to get downloaded youll generally find what you need, but i found that even with just the pre installed stuff, the galaxy watch 5 pro could basically do what i needed it to so.

For instance, youve got full media controls can be slightly awkward to tap on that tiny little bouncing icon down at the bottom there. But when the media controls do pop up, they work pretty bloody, well slight, delay between prodding the screen and something actually happening, but were literally talking not even quite a second, not enough to ruin your day. Thats for sure. Youve also got the option of slapping some tunes directly onto the samsung galaxy watch 5 pro via the wearable app fairly painless process, then just pair up to some true wireless earbuds, some headphones. Whatever you want via the bluetooth menu and away you go, you can just leave your smartphone at home. While you go jogging or running or off down the gym, whatever it is, that fit people. Do i found the notifications generally work to charm as well. I generally got a buzz on my wrist, a mere half a second or a second, or so after a notification hit my smartphone and then you can just quickly tap your weight into them and basically read the entire contents of an email. If you like, you can then send a short, snappy response if you want otherwise, you can simply delete a message, although i found quite often when i hit delete, it simply told me to continue on phone and the watch. 5, pro is also proper stacked when it comes to all of your fitness. Shenanigans, samsungs, clever, bioactive sensor helps the galaxy watch 5 pro to keep full tabs on your heart rate.

Your blood oxygen levels even likes of your blood pressure, all with impressive accuracy. If you want to use the blood pressure feature, though, you will have to actually fully calibrate the watch using a dedicated blood pressure sensor and the watch 5 pro does a great job of automatically detecting any exercise type such as walking or running that you might be Getting up to without you having to go into the exercise widget and start it off manually and generally itll pick it up from the beginning when you first started doing your bit of walking or whatever and then itll give you a little nudge after a few minutes And hey weve noticed youre walking. Do you want to track this? If you dont respond, itll just continue to track it automatically anyway, and then it generally also does a great job of realizing when youve stopped exercising, and then it shuts it down for other exercise types where you can kick these off directly from the widget and there Really is a massive selection of on flapping, sweat, inducing activities to choose from here pretty much all of your regular stuff that most people are into the likes of the cycling, the way its training, a bit of circuit training, you can do full swim tracking as well. Pretty much any kind of gym equipment you could imagine, and if your own preferred exercise isnt there well dont worry theres a massive selection of extra stuff to choose from like some golf and handball and hand gliding horse riding hula hooping, my own personal favorite, the lunge Very satisfying and then after youve got all sweaty the galaxy watch.

5 pro will sync up with your smartphone copy across all that data, and then you can review your exercise sessions right here in the samsung health, app just tap on any individual session and youll get a full breakdown of your workout, including the number of calories burned. Your heart rate throughout that session, natural heart rate zone – so you can see if you are fat, burning, etc, etc and youve also got a handy little heart rate recovery section. So the galaxy watch 5 pro will continue to monitor your heart rate for two minutes. Following an exercise session, you can see how long it takes your heart to get back down to normal levels, in my case, obviously longer than two minutes so thats, probably not great, and the bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor is once again back on board. So your body, composition tracking, can be accessed to any point. Just stick your fingers on those buttons and youll get an estimate of your body fat percentage of skeletal muscle, bmi all that shenanigans, not entirely sure how much. I trust this because the figures do tend to vary quite considerably on a hourly, let alone a daily basis, but it is good to give you a rough indication of where you lie as far as your fat mass and your skeletal muscle and all that stuff is Concerned and the watch 5 pro bus loads of other great fitness related features far too many to even begin to go into, but, for instance, youve got the likes of track back, which can help.

You retrace your steps. If you get a bit lost in the wilderness, you could also load in preset routes for your cycles, your hikes or whatever, which i havent tested. Because i mean look at me. Do i look like the kind of person who plans to do exercise and of course, youve got the usual sleep tracking shenanigans on the galaxy watch 5 pro as well, so you can see exactly how well youve kept over the past week. Youve got a sleep chart, so you can see how long you spent a week in rem, sleep, light, sleep, etc. You can also drag your spo2 levels while youre asleep and even tell you if youre a snoring, although for that one, you need to use your smartphones microphone and just have it pointed at you all night long, which seems a bit weird. Ive got to say the sleep track and smarts generally more reliable here on the galaxy watch, five pro than a lot of other premium, smart watches, ive tested. Occasionally, it will think you were asleep, for you know 20 minutes or so, while youre actually just checking your smartphone in bed or whatever, but for the most part, very good. Indeed, the samsung galaxy watch 5. Pro can also now study your sleep habits over time and then assign you an animal type based on what kind of sleeper you are, for instance, apparently im a big fluffy, cuddly lion. Each animal type will then get their own program to follow, to improve sleep quality over time, its a four week program, so nice and short, and pretty simple stuff and because ive been using the watch for a couple of weeks.

So far ive only just started. My sleep program, so i cant see it for sure whether its gon na actually help or not, but frankly, at this point it takes me about five pots of coffee just to stay awake during the day. So i dont think sleeping is something i need much help with now. Battery life on the galaxy watch 4 from last year was, to put it politely, total trouser and samsung has attempted to fix this wii problem here on the galaxy watch 5 pro and its done so by stuffing a beefy 590 milliamp hour battery inside of the pro Model which is twice the size of that youll, find in the regular version and has this actually worked well kind of if you use the watch 5 pro reasonably sparingly, so just you know, checking notifications doing the auto exercise tracking, occasionally using you know the stopwatch. The time of some basic apps like that, you might just about squeak three full days of use from a full charge. However, if you are, you know, making liberal use of bixby samsung pay, youre tracking lots of exercise sessions, doing all kinds of extra stuff here on the small watch, then youll probably just get two two and a half days out of a full charge. So its certainly better than previous generations, which would generally happen to be charged every single fricking night, but still not a patch on some rivals from the likes of huawei, which tend to go a week or two between charges, much better.

If you are out and about on the road quite a lot going on trips, etc, and also that bigger battery does mean that the galaxy watch 5 pro charges more slowly. So you will have to stick it on the dock, for a good couple of hours to get a full charge from it. But overall you know it is an improvement. I dont really know what theyre gon na do for future. Endeavors theyre, just gon na keep on growing it, bigger and bigger and bigger until its the size of an actual smartphone be very interesting to see and that right there is my full final frank review of this samsung galaxy watch. Five pro ive dominated strapped to my arm for about four night or so, and i got ta say i really do like it. I thought it might be a bit too big when i first tried it on, but actually it seems, okay for my spindly wii wrist. Its got all the features packed in there that you would want, and, of course, full expandability via google play performance is good. The touch screen is good. The battery life is better, at least its just assumed it doesnt have that rotating bezel thats. The one feature i really did miss on this thing anyway: thats what this ball northerner reckons. What do you guys think are you tempted by the samsung galaxy watch? Five pro? Maybe youd rather go for the regular model which i will be replacing uh this one with on my wrist ill, be reviewing the samsung galaxy watch five in probably about another couple of weeks, but in the meantime, be great to your thoughts down in the comments below.

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