So this year we still have the watch five and the well pro model the watch five pro. This is just the regular watch. Five, just like last year, im going to say that a lot its available in two sizes, 40 millimeter and 44 millimeters theyre, mixing up the colors a little bit. You have some different options there and again just like before you can get it in bluetooth and wi. Fi model, which is what we have here or you can get one that adds on 4g lte, which is about 50, more, were going to look at it now. So this seems to be the theme for the august 2022 samsung unpacked new device release the flip 4 and the fold for had iterative improvements, nothing groundbreaking and different same physical design. Basically, all that sort of thing well, the buds too pro they announced actually were greatly improved and changed. But when it comes to the watch five here, if you look at this from the front view, you could not tell this from a watch four now the story changes a little bit. If you look at the back side, if you look at the thickness, the new one is actually a little bit thicker. They have changed the sensor design on the back that little glass like disk thats on the back. That makes contact with the skin on your wrist to do things like check your heart rate, your ecg, all those sorts of things now to make better contact.

They made it protrude out, whereas previous generation it was sort of flat. I find the older design more comfortable. I havent seen a huge difference in the accuracy of workout detection measurements, all that sort of thing, my heart rate – you know that stuff, but maybe for some people. It does make a difference. There also the five pro which ill talk about we dont have, but maybe the reason samsung didnt send review units out for that. So much is because they actually took probably what was most peoples favorite feature away: the physical rotating bezel, and i love that just like everybody else. In fact, even though the watch for classic was a bit chunky and that kind of typical managed design divers watch look, i still would wear it because i love rotating the vesicle bezel physically to well scroll through things without having to try to manipulate a teeny. Little watch face so thats gone from the watch. 5 pro watch 5 pro does amp up a few things, though you get a titanium casing its available only in 45 millimeter size this time around so thats the difference there for those of you who are thinking otherwise. Basically, youre getting the same watch so here we have the same exynos w920, dual core processor that we had before and just like. The watch for this is actually wearing using wear os googles, wear os 3.5, which weve seen and a beta version for the watch for at some point it will become available.

The quality of life improvements not huge jumps, but you can get that on the older watch and we have one ui watch edition 4.5 on this again little tweaks improvements, a couple of new watch faces, but the software hasnt changed as much, for example, as it did Say on the fold 4 with android 12l, bringing better tablet like multitasking features and all that sort of thing. As ever i would say this is the best smartwatch for android users, its a very good experience, its intuitive. It takes the best of samsungs tizen os and brought it over to wear os last year and whereas it used to be lacking in myriad ways. So now we have something thats very usable, and i you know you can use this with a non samsung android phone. If you want to, you might lose on some features, the quick pairing all that sort of thing, but otherwise you just download like four different applications: the where app the samsung health app all that stuff on your non samsung android phone and use it its an enjoyable Experience and i like it when i switch between iphone and android, i always use one of these watches now when it comes to performance, the same processor, its going to be about the same other than software tweaks, maybe making you feel a little more punchy and as Ever youve got customizable watch faces, some of them have complications, which means you can put your weather or your next appointment or the air quality or whatever.

It is that youre interested in tracking your steps on board and you can customize the tiles. So when you swipe through, you, can have one for your activities for exercising, which i do and you can customize three of your most common exercises. Youve got all sorts of useful things on board that hasnt changed so im not going to talk about that a whole lot. So what did they change? Then right? Nothing too much here! Well, the glass is now sapphire crystal so its more durable, supposedly its 60 percent harder, mostly that is scratch resistance, and i welcome that because its a flat faced watch there is no protective bezel around the outside and the non pro model, and that said somehow, i Never managed to damage my watch for, and i typically am really hard on watches, but i think anybody will be happy to have a more durable piece of glass on the top. The battery is 13 larger and thats not a lot, but it helps because lets face it. Smart watches, none of them, including the apple watch, have stellar battery life pretty much they recharge every night or, if youre, using it for sleep tracking, then well get them top. It up sometime during the day the good news is: it supports 10 watt wireless fast charging now not just 5 watt like the older one. So in 30 minutes you can top it up. Quite a bit still takes two hours to a full charge because it slows down as it gets closer to full, but you can do that top up for those who wear for sleep tracking, as ever, sleep tracking is very good on this hello apple watch, which really Seems to have no clue when you actually really go to sleep.

The samsung watch is very good at figuring out when you have gone to sleep and doing sleep tracking, they do have on device, meaning on watch snore detection. Now so the phone doesnt have to be nearby listening for your snorting, i mean personally, i actually dont use that anymore, because my spouse tells me all the time that i snore. So i know this already, but its nice for those who have sleep. Apnea are concerned that you might have problems in that area as ever as a fitness watch. I enjoy it quite well. I know some of your hardcore and you want your fitbits or other things, but it supports a whole lot of exercise types. And if you dont see something on the list, you can add from theres an additional set of exercises you can put on there. So the more obscure things that you might do, certainly it has. You know your pilates, your walking your running your indoor exercise bike. Your outdoor biking has swimming, of course, with still five atmospheres of water, resistance and ip68 rating. So its wonderful for that, and, generally speaking, i find it to be quite accurate as long as you get a reasonably good fit on your wrist, which isnt too hard samsungs bands are still durable and nice enough. I find that they are designed for people with bigger wrists than i have so i have a little trouble getting it to stay flat against my wrist, but theres all kinds of third party bands out there on amazon, and i have gotten a collection of them honestly And theyre very affordable, so there are options out there and its got the same size wristbands as the last generation.

So if you had something that was your fave from the last gen, you can carry it over and continue to use it here. Theyve also added temperature. Sensing, but this isnt for seeing, if you have a fever or a covet or something like that, supposedly its going to be used for the sleep tracking done. The minor changes in your body temperature that help indicate what phase of sleep youre in and, of course it has the usual sensors like it did before it has a geomagnetic sensor, aka compass, a barometer all those sorts of things. Connectivity is the same as it was before here we go again same as it was bluetooth and it can also use your wi fi network as well. So if you wander too far from your phone, which i do all the time, thats the whole reason i wear one of these. If you stay within range of wi fi, its still going to work without having to go for the 4g lte option, which is available. If you want to go that route as well and completely leave your phone at home say if youre going out for a run or something like that. Yes, you can make and receive phone calls its going to use a bluetooth connection to and from your phone to do such a thing. So basically, its like a hands free is what the deal is with this and, of course you would be on speaker phone with this.

Unless you connected some bluetooth, earbuds, perhaps samsung galaxy buds pro 2 – that we just reviewed to the watch. The casing is still armor. Aluminum and and again i have not managed to damage the last one, so its fairly tough considering the fact it is only aluminum and yes, you can use google assistant bixby is the default, but you can go through settings now and change and install the google assistant Application to make bixby go away forever, which is a good thing, so thats the samsung galaxy watch five again its sort of like the watch, four plus tweaks for battery life, a little bit different sensor, design, stronger glass, yeah that harder glass, thats, always a good thing, And, like i said, if youre an android user, its definitely the best watch experience out there unless google wows us with a new pixel watch or something like that to actually give this some serious competition. Im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and hit the notification bell.