Now real me just launched their latest real me watch 3 and the real me watch series has always been about affordability, and it is still the same case here with the latest watch 3.. Now this particular device is going for rm199 here in malaysia, and definitely that still puts it in the affordable or sort of budget spark watch range. This time around realme did introduce a couple of cool features, so in todays video were going to cover five things that you must know about. The real me watch three before making that purchase decision. Before we go to all that first things. First, we got ta check out the design of the smartwatch itself now ive been wearing the real me watch three for a couple of weeks now, in fact, and in just in terms of the design, its a very minimalist but stylish kind of design. At the front, we do have this kind of squarish face and its actually quite nice. Here we do have an lcd display at the front that actually gets quite bright and on the sides, youll notice that on the right you have one single button and on the left, you actually have a speaker now talk more about whats. The use of this speaker that you see on the left, moving on to the back, we do have this sort of kind of a textured straps. These are still silicone straps and they do feel very comfortable. One thing i do have to point out is that the watch itself is very lightweight, so you wont really feel it on your wrist, and i think that is great, especially if you are like me who actually wears the watch to sleep at night to track my Sleep so thats awesome about the real me watch three apart from that, we do have a ton of watch faces that real me has already designed for the watch tree.

All you need to do is check it out in the app thats more than 100 plus and although the watch itself is only capable of storing three watch phases locally. But the good news is that the transfer speeds of the watch face from the phone towards the watch itself is very quick. It only takes a couple of seconds, so you can just switch the watch phases all the time, its very, very nice here, all right so done with the design lets talk about the five cool things or the five things that you must know about. The realme watch three now the first thing here is actually all about the biggest new feature that i think is very unique to the real me watch three. So, on watches that i know like rm199 or so you dont really have bluetooth calling features, but that is very new on the real me watch three. So what this means is, basically, you can answer phone calls and you can even make calls directly from the watch itself, so ive tested it out and thats where the speaker here actually comes into place. This is where you will be able to hear the audio coming from the speakers here, and you can speak into it to talk about your phone calls directly on the watch itself now. This is actually quite useful because sometimes your phone is somewhere else charging and you have your watch on your wrist and you just receive a phone call and directly right away.

You can actually answer your phone call wherever you are without having to reach for your phone. So, like i said, you can receive phone calls here and you can dial up phone calls using that numpad thats already in the watch itself. Super cool feature. This is not something that you see a lot on. You know budget smart, watches, even more expensive. Smart watches dont have this feature, and i think that is great on the real me watch three now. The second thing that you need to know here is all about that display at the front. Now real me is saying that this is one of the largest displays that you can get on this price segment. In fact, just in terms of size wise, it is a 1.8 inch display and again with a larger display. This basically means that you are able to look at information even clearer on your wrist itself, such as you know, maybe reading on notifications, checking out your heart rate and all that all these things are very, very easy to see on a larger screen so again, 1.8 Inches here is a very good display for a watch that cost this amount of money all right now. The third thing here is all about those health features like most smart watches today you know the real me watch three is able to track a couple of things. So, for instance, you have your all day, heart rate tracking. You also have your all day, spo2 tracking, as well as all day, stress tracking.

So these are done automatically on the watch itself. You can set the interval to track it every five minutes or ten minutes, based on your personal preference, of course, the lower the minutes. That means the more accurate the result is going to be so thats actually capable on the realme watch three. Apart from that, it also tracks the sleeps, like i mentioned earlier, and i found that its actually quite accurate here, so definitely its a good point for reference. If you want to know what your rough estimate is about your health, this can actually help you track all those. But again i always make this disclaimer. The watch is not a medical device. If you have any health issues, do check in with your doctor right now on to the fourth point here. The fourth point here is a little bit about fitness tracking. What can you really track with this watch? Well, this time around again, real me has put in a ton of activities, thats being tracked, im just going to show you a very quick list of what you can actually track from the watch itself. Of course you have the typical running, you know, treadmill, cycling, swimming and all that its ip68 by the way, so you dont have to worry about your watch getting damaged from water, so thats great in terms of gps. We still do not have gps here, so you will have to carry your phone with you, but if you are the kind of person who already carries your phone with you, that wont really matter, because gps will lock on very quickly with your smartphone but thats.

Basically, what you can expect in terms of fitness tracking now last but not least, thats really all about the battery life battery life is very important in a smart watch, because we dont want to keep charging it on a daily basis. Well, for the real me watch three, this watch actually is able to last up to seven days according to real me, ive personally tested it out, and, of course, if you dont have a ton of notifications lets say you use it on a normal basis. You know, i think you can actually last a little bit more than that, so i actually havent charged the watch for about eight days now and i was actually quite surprised because its longer than the advertised number of days, usually its always shorter. So definitely you can expect some pretty good battery life on the real me watch, three, all right guys. So, at the end of the day for this rm199, i think the key – or i should say the star feature here – is all about the bluetooth calling you have. The large display, of course it also tracks. You know your all day, health monitoring, a couple of fitness tracking here and there. I think it is actually a very decent smart watch. If you are getting your first smart watch – or maybe you are buying this smartwatch for your kid for your friend for your girlfriend or someone like that, i think its a very good gift, as well for just rm199 here youre getting a pretty decent smart watch from Real me uh with that said, if you do have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment down below again.

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