As you can see, this is the regular version and uh. The 40mm version is what samsung had centers. We also get this one in a 44 mm variant and, as you can see, the pro is the one that im wearing. Actually, i was wearing this for the last five days and uh. The pro uh comes in this box and this is actually a 45 mm. We dont have any size variant, so its only one. So yes, definitely, the pro is the bigger one. Let me actually take it out to give you an idea, and i, like this new, strap that we are getting on the pro actually its known. As the d buckle strap, i have to say this is very, very easy to use. So with the regular galaxy watch, five uh you get the regular strap. This is also very, very comfortable but uh i feel uh. The d strap is extremely easy to wear. Just do like this, and this is magnetic and just claps so perfect fit you can get for any hands. I feel uh apart from that in the box. You do get this new charging pack and, as you can see, this is actually usb type c. The earlier galaxy watches had a usb type a, and this is supposed to be a slightly faster. Let me zoom in a little bit, both of them having a super amoled screen. Of course, the galaxy watch is slightly smaller than the 40 mm uh, and this is the 45 ab.

This, i believe, is 1.4 inches in screen size again. Both are touch sensitive and very, very actually fluid. They come with the same exynos processor that came with the galaxy watch f4, but i feel that they have optimized it a little bit more because let me just go here first, if i go in settings and we go to about the watch and if we go To software info uh, this is having the new one ui version 4.5, which is running on the latest, android wear 3.5. So that way, you dont have to worry and again, if you notice how fluid the operation is again, moving to the physical aspects lets first talk about the 5 pro again, as ive told you, the 5 pro is a little bit on the chunkier side slightly thick, But ill talk about it. Why, and i feel its a good thing, though. Obviously the watch 5 is slightly thinner, and one thing i like about this is the body of this one. This is actually made up of titanium, yes, titanium, which is generally used on very expensive watches, and also the good thing is that both of them actually have safari glass, but the safari glass used on the pro is even tougher. So this is actually designed for rugged use and stuff like that, and if you notice it has a protective lip over here on the pro. So even if you bump into stuff like that, nothing should happen.

In fact, accidentally, i bumped into a wall while wearing this and, as you can see, still no scratches or anything on that, so definitely in terms of build quality and stuff. Both are good, but this just feels a little bit more rugged and i would say – and certainly if you like big size watches, you will gravitate towards the pro um moving to the back. Both of them actually have the sensors and all these things are over here. As you can see its, you can clearly see and again on these new watches. Samsung has added one more new sensor, which is the temperature sensor. They have added on both the watches, so the biometric sensors are here – and i feel its a little bit raised now in these watches five, but i feel they give a very good a seal to uh your hand once you wear them so the accuracy. What i noticed is a lot better and again as of totally even with this bigger one, the pro once you get the strap setting right. It is very, very comfortable to wear and again due to this d, strap its very easy to actually remove. Also, you can actually go swimming also with these watches up to 50 meters. In fact, in tracking options there is an option for swimming, so you can definitely submerge this in water actually go and swimming, nothing will happen uh. So that way, it is actually really.

You know uh coming to the weight os as ive told you, whereas 3.5. This is actually an android wear. So you, if you swipe from the bottom, you get all the apps and you also get the google play store. So now you can download the apps directly from the play store, which is a huge improvement. I would say, and again in terms of navigation is very easy if you swipe towards the left again, i got some notifications of stuff like that. You can read the notifications on right. These are actually panes that you have. You can actually uh set up these, how you like – and these are customizable as you can – tracking and all those things callers. Okay. This also has the bmi uh. This was introduced even last year. Yeah ill show you all that when i show you the health apps and in terms of buttons, you do have two physical buttons on both the watches, of course, its slightly bigger on the pro, and you also have the microphone over here and ill uh by default. Bixby is there if you press this, you can invoke bixby, but you can also configure it with google assistant directly. If you want uh, for example, i like the accuracy of the bixby uh, for example, if i have set it to if i just press this button for some time, it invokes a bixby. I can give commands, for example, lets say: set a timer for 20 minutes.

Lets do that because i, when i wear smart watches, i use voice commands a lot, for example, lets try that set timer for 20 minutes as you can see detected, and it started for 20 minutes, and you can also ask other stuff also with this one for Regular stuff or lets lets say lets ask the temperature and then lets say mumbai or whatever whats the temperature in mumbai. So definitely, i have to say the bixby voice. Recognition has improved quite a bit on these smart watches and guys. I dont know about you, but i use the voice commands quite a bit on smart watches. To give you an idea, let me actually show you and you can directly reply from this one. In fact, there is a new feature that they have added. They have actually added a qwerty keyboard now on this one. So uh lets do one thing. As you can see, this is my smartphone thats paid to this one ill. Just keep that on the side lets say its in my pocket. I have to send a message from my wifes phone, i just say hi that should come to the watch now. As you can see, i got a notification from here ive because ive kept my phone to sign it. I just got it and now i can just tap this and i can reply to this message direct. So you can use this query keyboard also to reply to messages, but lets say i feel the voice is a lot easier.

You have further options over here. I generally just use the voice: okay ill call you later little bit busy okay and i just press send so, as you can see, you can reply to messages and stuff directly from this watch. So that way, i feel uh the voice. Integration has been done well and certainly it has improved and, as ive told you now, you can also use the google assistant with these watches. So in terms of functionality, its very good and as ive told you another thing that i noticed is that this watch, although its having the same processor thats used in the last years watch, this has become a little bit more fluid in operations regarding the battery life. Im pretty sure most of you might be uh wondering what is the battery life on this one? Let me talk about the pro, because the pro is the one that i was using for the last five days. In fact, this has a very big battery life battery capacity for a smart watch. This is actually having 590 milliamp hour battery, which i feel is the biggest that samsung has put in any smart watch and that produces a results. Let me actually uh give you an idea. For example, i charged it yesterday its been over 24 hours since ive been charged. So if i press this battery icon, as you can see, it still says that i have two days: eight hours, more left and ive im still at 70 battery life im, not using power, saving, uh stuff, and all this thing.

So, in fact, it is almost lasting for about two and a half to about three days. Let me actually show you uh and to you, have to install this galaxy ware app and, as you can see, uh usage since last charge one day uh one hour and still i have two days, uh left so im actually getting over about three days of usage With light usage, i didnt go for a lot of walks and stuff in the last three days, because i was not feeling that well. But if you use even the gps and stuff and casually then also you can get roughly about two and a half days per charge with this watch. So, as you can see, as it says, the battery is currently at 70 percent, but still about two days and eight hours left so battery life has been very, very impressive on this one again guys the battery life will depend upon your usage. If you use the gps quite a bit a lot outdoors for tracking hiking and stuff like that, then maybe the battery life will reduce to about two days, but if youre normally using it like what i do and replying to voice messages. Getting notifications and stuff like that, occasional walks and stuff you can almost get about two and a half to three days of battery life, so thats a very big improvement. I would say in fact, one of the best that ive seen for android wear smart watch uh regarding the health tracking, as ive told you now all the starts are actually stored here in samsung and as ive told you uh.

If you enable the gps, it also tracks the path where you have exactly walked, so it gives you that, in fact, it gives you a lot of information, your working speed, all those things again, if youre really into fitness youll like it, your heart rate, how it Was when youre walking or running fast and how much time it took to come back to normal and all those things peak your activity based on your heart rate, heart rate recovery and all these things, and even it actually gives you a vo2 max. So these are important metrics that it tracks. In fact, i also like the fact that if i go back here, it also tracks your bmi as ive told you body, uh composition, and i, as i have uh, told you. I think that this is the only variable. The galaxy variables that are actually doing bmi – and this gives you a lot of insight about your health, as you can see so of. Of course, you have to input just your weight, but apart from that, you just go to the bmi and stuff like this here from the watch. You have to actually wear it and start this. You have to hit measure, you have to actually wear it guys measure and you have to place your fingers like this as it asks your weight. You have to confirm, i have to wear it, it wont do it and you just do that and within 20 30 seconds it will give you the data like this.

So it gives you a lot of information about your skeletal mass, like your body, fat and all those things and also gives you an idea about your bmi. So this is actually a very good thing. This gives you a snapshot of your health, as you can see, if youre, mostly in green, its good moving into the red area, you know that you have to take care of that ones. So bmi is one thing that i like on this one, so that is actually nice also spo2. Also, it can track spo2 and in fact i checked it with medical grade devices. As ive told you, i was not feeling that well for the last two three days, uh so, and the medical device also was hovering about 96 and 97 of spo2, and this should be 97, so they have improved the sensors. I feel on this one and, regarding that also it tracks your heart rate and all these things in real time. Throughout the day, it tracks your heart rate, as you can see, by default automatically every 10 minutes. It automatically takes your heart rate and ive enabled it for that. I dont shut it off, so every 10 minutes its taking the heart rate. So it gives you an idea about your heart rate, also, and in fact i tested this with other fitness devices and even uh medical grade devices that have in fact, i have to see the heart rate. Accuracy is actually pretty good on this smartwatch, so that is regarding the health tracking again, as you can see, it tracks a lot of information over here.

Apart from that as its having actually very good battery life, i could easily use this for sleep tracking. In fact, as you can see, if i tap on this, this is yesterdays sleep uh. It gives you an idea how you slept and gives you your stages, also about your sleep, rem and everything, and if you press this, i button it goes in deep analysis about your sleep tracking, so sleep tracking, i feel, has done very, very well on this smartwatch And because of the bigger capacity, actually, you can use it for sleep tracking and believe me guys if you are aging a little bit critical about your health tracking. Your sleep is very, very important, so it does that, and i also like the fact if i go here back here as i have totally yesterday, i was not feeling well, so i took snaps at multiple. It even tracks your naps, so that is good, because ive noticed that some of the smart watches and fitness devices dont track your sleep. While your naps, for example, theyll only track the sleep that you get at night but lets say you take a nap in afternoon or something they completely skip that this also tracks your naps and all those things in terms of sleep. Samsung is paying a lot of attention which is completely ignored. Uh you have to have a good sleep and track hows, your health, etc. In fact, i did not enable the spo2 monitoring while sleep, but you can also automatically track your spo2 throughout the night when you are sleeping that option is also there.

In fact, it can also track your snoring. If you want, i didnt enable that, but that option is there, of course, stress and all those things, and i like the fact that, with the pro because of the bigger battery life, i can actually take use these features. You get uh these uh watches in the lte version also, and it can actually detect it works even with dual sim, so that way its actually really good. So if youre an outdoor person uh, then i would say then you can offer the lte version and in fact i think so in india, uh for android uh. What we say – uh smart watches, i think so samsung is the only one as of now that is offering a smart watch with the lte version. So overall i would say uh these smart watches actually did perform very well. In fact, i have to say these are some of the best android weight. Smart watches that i have used and specifically, i would say, the pro im loving the pro because of the battery life that im getting and im used to bigger size watches. So i was okay with this size and now uh this, as this is having that toughened uh, safar glass and the titanium finish im. Also, okay, with the. What do you say, though, its a bit bulky, but i know this will actually age very well uh. So certainly its the pro version for me.

So if you have that kind of a budget, you can definitely look at the pro. But even if you are just a regular user, not more of an outdoor person and dont, like really big watches, you can have a look at the galaxy watch. 5 regular version, the regular galaxy watch. 5 version i believe, starts at about eight thousand. There are some offers bank offers, you get three thousand rupees off, whereas the pro actually starts at forty five thousand, and there are some credit card offers. You can get five thousand rupees off. What ill do is ill leave the link in the description so that you can check it out.