. If you’re interested in this watch keep watching, because i may have a few pointers for you that would help you make that purchase decision physically. The galaxy watch active is nice and light it’s a wear and forget device. The round face, makes it feel like you’re wearing a traditional watch. There are no sharp corners or edges to be felt. If you decide on getting this watch, i suggest opting for the fabric band instead of the standard silicone band. The silicone band is good because it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t absorb water, but it doesn’t breathe. I found some discomfort after long periods and had to air at my wrists something to consider, since this is a fitness watch, it is required to be worn at all times using the watch is very straightforward. There are only two buttons, a back button and a home button pressing the home button takes you home or to the app selection carousel. If you’re already on the home screen, the back button takes you to whatever you had previously running your finger along the outer rim of the face acts as a scroll wheel with haptic feedback. This is a nice touch and works quite well. Navigating the watch is easy from the home screen. I swipe left takes you to their notifications. A swipe from the right gives you access to widgets and a swipe from the top brings down the connectivity. Toggles most settings can be done from the watch, but a lot of settings still require you to open up your phone, so i actually found it easier and quicker to do as many settings as i can on my phone to avoid doing any on the watch battery Life on the watch can last up to a few days, depending on your use, it’s easy to achieve multiple days on one charge by turning off race, to wake touch, to wake and always on daily tracking requires the samsung health app installed on your phone.

It automatically tracks your movement, sleep and heart rate, but where i found the watch useful was tracking the things that require physical input, things like calories and water, but with the active watch 2. All i need to do is raise my wrist swipe to the widget input. The preset details and that’s it if needed, i can always import more details on my phone later. Having the active watch 2 makes fitness tracking simpler, allowing you to track all that you need and still get on with your day, like normal. Personally, i don’t wear anything on my wrists. I don’t like the feeling of something clamped on my wrist all day and i have no use for something that my phone can already do. I did own fitness watches in the past, but eventually i took them off as soon as the novelty wore off. Let me know in the comments below: if you wear a smartwatch, do you find it useful, or has it become another piece of tech that you have to charge every night using the watch as an actual smart watch? You know for non fitness related things is a bit of a mixed bag, so for starters, the pros and one of them being able to take calls directly from your wrist without pulling out your phone. So, for example, you’re walking to meet someone. You get a call from them. You answer hello, yeah i’m about five minutes away. I’Ll see you soon and then you hang up, but for long phone calls.

I would recommend it because the battery on the watch isn’t really designed for that another convenience is full spotify support. A standalone spotify watch app that lets you download your playlist onto the active2’s 4 gig storage. Alternatively, if you don’t have spotify there’s an option to load music from your phone, you can then connect the watch to a pair of bluetooth headphones and you can leave your phone behind during workouts. Next up are the cons for starters, no map support. So if you’re hoping to get directions on your wrist, then you’ll be disappointed. Only samsung pay is supported for tap to pay, no android pay and definitely no apple pay. You can use the watch as a camera companion. The watch turns into camera remote with live view, but this only works with a samsung phone and with the samsung camera app when you finally line power there’s a magnetic charger, but it would have been great if the magnet was stronger a few times. I came back and found the watch wasn’t connected and hadn’t charged charging the watch isn’t the fastest a 15 minute charge gives you 30 of juice. To fill from empty is about 2 hours. I think it could be faster. These smart watches should charge within the hour that’s about the time it takes for people to shower and change. It makes more sense to ensure the watch spends the least amount of time off your wrists. The active watch 2 is a great fitness watch, making tracking easy and convenient it has a decent battery life and, if manageable, you can expect to charge every two days.

If you own a galaxy phone and a pair of galaxy buds, the active watch 2 is a nice addition and because it’s all samsung, you will have the benefits of a seamless experience. If fitness isn’t a priority or you don’t own, a samsung phone android wear would be a better option for you and there are plenty of android wear, watches available from well known watchmakers. If you’re on an iphone, the obvious choice will be an apple watch, it’s more pricey, but it does everything. The active watch 2 does in a bit more well that’s it for this review. I hope it’s helped you out.