So i think it is one of the best smart watches on the market today, but with every good theres, always a bad or something that could have been improved on or done better. So today well be talking about the galaxy watch active two and its five pros. As well as its five cons so back to back anyways lets get into this review. Lets do it Music. So before we kick off with the pros and the cons, let me give you a quick summary of what the watch is all about, because you really need to see it in perspective before we get into the details. So lets talk about the samsung galaxy watch 2. In action this is a 44 millimeter version, so the bigger one. You can also get the small one, the 40 millimeter one, but having a seven inch wrist size. This one looks the part, and it looks just right, so i think that the 46 millimeter watches are slightly too big. The 44 is just the right balance between medium to slightly larger, but it does give you a 1.4 inch display size, and the resolution here is wow. This is top of the range 418 by 418 pixels. This is basically top of the range and youd expect that on a watch that does cost 419 pounds or just under 500 bucks. Now, what can i say its round? Its got an absolutely amazing clasp, its got an absolutely amazing strap that comes as basic with it, but of course you can upgrade to almost anything because it only has the generic 20 millimeter straps.

So you can either go and get them from samsung or you can get them anywhere on the net. So get yourself. A leather strap get yourself a steel strap whatever it might be. It might look slightly better, but i doubt its going to get more convenient and more comfortable than the original tpu rubber strap that it comes with its soft. The clip and tuck clasp is absolutely spot on. You get enough holes just to find the right fit and what i like about this strap the original samsung strap. Is that no matter how long you wear this during the night during the day, your wrist does not get sweaty. You do not get any irritation marks. This is top class, strap anyways enough about the strap. If we talk about the watch case so again, its round its all steel and you get an option of either steel or aluminium, so ive got the aluminium blue aluminium case here. Youve got two buttons on the right hand: side thats it, so you get two buttons, as well as a touch activated display, and you will absolutely adore the thin bezels on this watch face now. These are not the thin bezels of the fitbit versa. Oh, no because theyre theyre mighty thick theyre, not as thick as the apple watch series 6, even like these bezels, are paper thin like that. Definitely love that if you look on top of the watch, so this is rounded 3d glass, so you can see it rounds.

Not just to the center, but at the edges of the watch case as well feels solid feels lovely and the viewing angles on this watch are also very good, so you can almost see when you have it almost at 180 degrees. You can still see the crisp display in regards to the features and functions. This watch has a lot to offer so something as basic as continuous heart rate monitoring. Yes, of course, what about actually downloading apps easy go to your galaxy, app gallery and download many many faces as well as apps games, useful apps. You can get almost anything on this watch, because the ecosystem for samsung wearables is quite wide and varied. You also have a good community here. The app well were gon na get onto that. You get plenty of sport modes, but you can have a bit more, but i think weve said enough about the watch in general. Lets get into the specifics so now well be covering off five positives and five negatives, and these are the back to back positives and negatives, because you can look at either side well, depending on how much you like the samsung watch. Anyways lets get into it. First of all, lets start with the biggest pro, as well as the biggest con in the samsung galaxy watch active and not just the samsung. I think this relates to quite a few smartwatch manufacturers out there, and that is battery life, so in this rather large case.

Well, 44 millimeter case youve got well its not that thick, but its not that thin either so its just over 14 millimeters high on your wrist. Now it doesnt catch up on anything, but that does mean that theres a lot of space for a big battery and this battery. Well, as the manufacturer claims, will last you up to three days that is okay for a powerful smartwatch these days. But then again, when youve got the garments to go against, which can last a week two weeks or even up to a month if theyre, solar, activated three days is not much and let me just say and thats, without the always on display now ive been using The watch having all the notifications switched on ive been using gps, ive, been tracking some exercises and, of course, sleep tracking because of sleep tracking on this watch is spectacular. You get very good visuals in your app. You get good recommendation and you get a lot of good detail, but well talk about that in another review now the battery size, so the claimed battery life is three days really all im getting out of. It is a day and maybe another five six hours. So i usually charge it up just before i go to sleep so when im not actually exercising where im not taking too much steps. So i dont have much to actually track and then i switch it on and then i actually put it onto my wrist.

Just before i go to sleep, i sleep with it. I get through the whole day and usually ive got about 10 15 percent left just before i charge it up again before the next night, but this is with a lot of exercises now during the actual night, so im not using always on display the battery sink. Is only by about i dont know five, seven percent, so not much at all. It all happens during the day because you switch on the screen and ive got it on gesture control. So as soon as i raise the watch to my face it switches on or i can actually touch it and the screen lights up as well, so i usually read a lot of my texts. I read my emails. Everything from the watch face ive even started. Taking calls of this watch because theyre so convenient if i dont want to go and get my phone all i do is i pick up the phone using the bluetooth connection on the watch and i just speak into the microphone on the watch and the and the Speaker is actually quite good here. You get a very clear conversation now i had a couple conversations already on this watch and people just dont know if im talking into the phone into some earphones and they wouldnt, even guess that im actually talking to my wrist, but because of that the battery drain Is significant, so your real battery life on this watch with typical usage is a maximum of one day and maybe just a little bit more anyways thats, the first pro and the con, the pro being that it does have a large battery size and with minimal usage.

It will take you for two two and a half days of use, but with typical usage youll be lucky to get a day and a half out of it. Anyways lets get on to number two, the second pro and, at the same time, con is all about sport mode, because at the end of the day, we are splashing out a lot of dosh for a smart watch. Obviously it has to be smart, but the smarts are not enough. We do want sports and ive been checking the heart rate monitor on here. It is quite accurate. Now the samsung here does show you more steps than the garments by about seven eight percent, so its not major but still its an over count, but in regards to actual sport profiles, lets think about it. So the pro is, there are seven auto tracked activities, and that is basics, so youre running youre walking your elliptical youre rowing, its got the dynamic workouts and, i think, biking as well. So it gives you seven auto recognized activities and usually when you are walking about and as long as youre doing it for more than 10 minutes, so the watch doesnt mix it up with just some casual activity. It will start auto tracking. So it will ask you on your watch face: do you want to manually set up the walk or the run or whatever activity youre doing or do you want the watch to track it automatically, and i just click on automatically and it does its tracking, and that Is great if we talk about the built in sport modes, there are ‘ and youd think that ‘ is plenty and youd be right, because it does cover off the usual stuff.

Considering the watch actually has gps well inbuilt, gps, dual inbuilt gps. You are mostly okay with gps track activity such as your bike, such as your cycling, youre, running, youre, walking and so forth. You can even do open water swimming in this watch because it is water resistant up to 50 meters. Now, just yesterday i was on the tennis court and i was doing a heart rate test between the samsung galaxy watch active as well as a sport watch from saunto and the benchmark was the polar h. 10 ecg chest strap across my chest now. The issue that i had with this is that on the chest wrap using the polar beat app, i could choose the tennis workout on the sunto 3. I could also choose a tennis workout, but the samson galaxy watch active, which has a whopping ‘ sport modes, does not have tennis as a workout. Instead, youve got about 15 workouts, which are specifically leg. Curls arm curls youve got abs, youve got push. Ups youve got crunches. Youve got all those workouts which should be just encompassed well, unless its a full on sport watch into just one sport mode, the gym sport mode. It also has a lot of the cardio workouts actually broken out into specific exercises and really on most of the manufacturers. Theyre just encompassed into one sport mode, and that is cardio. Why are things broken out one by one in this watch? So what youre really left with is a cardio workout, gym, workout, a yoga and all the core sport modes like youre, running walking, cycling, elliptical, trainer, rowing machine swimming, so youre really left with about 15 or 20 sport modes.

Everything else is just a bit irrational. So lets say: youre in the gym and youre doing a gym. Workout youll be spending more time fiddling with your watch, changing the sport mode rather than working out and keeping up the intensity and i think thats a big con. So, on one side, the pro is youve got ‘ sport modes. Youve got seven auto track activities. That is all great, but considering that some of those sport modes are well pretty much useless and they will waste your time while setting them up in the gym or while youre working out. I think thats a major con because really youre just left with about 20 core activities that this watch cant track. Well, even tennis, it doesnt have it it. Doesnt have basketball, it doesnt have football, and that is an issue anyway. Lets get on to the third pro and con of the samsung galaxy watch active 2.. The third pro is the extra availability of functions on this particular watch. You get a lot, you get your heart rate, monitoring you get your ecg monitoring and considering that the ecg graph is wow, you can actually save it down to your app. You can share it with your doctor, with your gp with your family, with your consultant, whoever this is very useful, stuff and very advanced its even got a blood pressure reading that it can do now. Of course, you do have to calibrate it against a real blood pressure, monitor just to get things going, but ive tried this out and the readings are very accurate with the watch active too.

So these are not the blood pressure readings that you would get from some cheaper watch from god knows where now this is the real deal, so you do get a lot of this extra cool functions and features. In fact, when my mom is gon na come and visit me, im gon na have to gift her this watch, because this is just going to be so much use for her when she has to do an ecg and send it off to her doctor when she Needs to do a blood pressure readings. Well, of course this is not a medical device, but it does give you ballpark figures. So in regards to health, great one big pro, but theres a major con, a major flaw here. The fact is the galaxy watch active 2. Does not measure your spo2 aka blood oxygen saturation, and that is a huge, huge minus, because spo2 is such a big indicator of your cardiovascular health of your respiratory health. You need that indicator to give you a full picture of your health, and this is what this very expensive samsung is trying to do so there we go now lets get on to the fourth pro and con of this watch. Price price is a major consideration when youre getting yourself a smart gadget. Considering this watch is beautiful in so many ways, its very useful, its as smart as it can get. You can talk into the watch. You can easily control your music player on your phone from the watch because the screen is so big, 1.

4 inches thats, absolutely huge. The resolution is amazing, but 419 pounds or 500 bucks thats a lot of money. Now apple. Yes, they charge a lot of money for their smart watches, but you still can get much more budget models from the apple platform. The galaxy watch active too costs more than the top of the range galaxy watch, for this is a lot of money to pay for 419 pounds. So i could get myself lets say a garmin venue 2, as well as a great fitness tracker lets, say something like the huawei band 6, which does its full day spo2 monitoring. But, on the other hand, the venue 2 from garmin also does that so i dont know short battery life, great features, but missing sp02 lots of functionality, only one and a half day battery and all that for almost 500 bucks. I think price is a major consideration for this watch now. The pro here is that, yes, the price does set it apart from the rest of the players in the market. So really you just left with the apple watch as competition, so it does put it in that range of the best of the best thats great. But then again you do have a lot of limitations and restrictions on this watch, which maybe dont warrant this huge price. But then apple is faced with exactly the same issue, very short battery life and quite a few shortcomings, but you can watch my review of the apple watch series 6 in the link.

Ive left just above me right now. Anyways lets get on to the fifth pro and con lets talk apps. So, of course, the samsung galaxy health app is great, its very informative, its extremely easy to use its probably one of the best health apps out there today, its just so simplistic. It shows you when you want to see it doesnt, throw these options at you: lots of buttons and clicks and pages, no, its all very simple, its basic, but yet the visuals are great, its easy to use and thats a pro. But the con is that, even though im using a samsung phone, i still need to download two apps to use a samsung wearable. So you need the actual samsung wearable app and then you need your samsung health app, and that is at least inconvenient, because on one app you set up your wearable to how you want it to act while on the other app you have to go in and See what your health metrics are, i dont think thats convenient. I dont think thats the right way to go about things. Youve got a great wearable device. Youve got a great health app, but why is your wearable app separate from the health app? They go hand in hand. So now you need to go to two places to do one action and, i think, thats, a massive con anyways. Thank you for watching this review of the galaxy watch active 2.

. All in all, i think its a great device, but i do think that there are major considerations that you have to note before splashing out a lot of dosh for this watch. If these pros overweigh the cons, then get it because it is a great smart watch and its got great fitness tracking capability. I love it, but you have to be aware of the cons. Thank you for watching this. If you did enjoy it, please drop me a like, and if you want to see more of the same, you know what to do.