So without further ado, let’s get started so i purchased this watch for 140 at best buy but i’ll show you what comes in the box first. So obviously we have the watch itself. We have the charger right here and all you got ta do to charge. It is just place your watch like this on it and just magnetically sticks, and then we have a different size band right here. So just in case you want to switch your band out for a different size on your wrist, and this is a really lightweight small watch, which i really like and on the box you can see it says it is a lightweight watch. It has a gps on it and it is water resistant too. So now, i’m going to give you a look at the watch itself, so i purchased the rose gold version and i really like it a lot. It gives such a nice look on your wrist. So the setup process is really simple: all you have to do is get the galaxy wearable app on your samsung phone and you’ll basically set it up from there. I already have my watch already set up, but i’ll show you the galaxy wearable app. So, as you can see uh, it shows you the battery percentage and how much time remaining for your battery life and it has um. You can see your notification. Apps widgets display all this other stuff and you have. You can see your watch faces and even more watch faces on the galaxy store so now let’s go.

Take a look on what’s on the galaxy watch active. So here is the samsung galaxy watch active sorry. If you can’t really see it that well my camera’s not picking up that good but i’m, giving you guys a quick little tour on it. So if you swipe to so, if you swipe to the left, you can see your notifications. I currently don’t have any right now. If you swipe down you, have these things you can change like mute, vibrate brightness. I usually keep mine all the way up. You have watch always on or watch always off. You have do not disturb. You have bluetooth audio and you have good night mode and when you swipe to the right, you have some fitness stuff. Like calories minutes steps, you have some more apps right here that you can also find when you open up the watch itself, here’s some more fitness stuff like running cycling, swimming and more. You can keep track of your stress. You can keep track of your heart rate and you can always add some events too. Now let’s open up the watch, so here is the main screen. You have all the apps right here that you can rearrange. If you want see, you can just press edit mode and you can rearrange um here. Is the galaxy store there’s a lot of great apps on here and great watch faces too uh? You can here’s all the other apps. You have right here like phone messages which are really helpful too, because um when i get a text message or a phone call, just check it right on my watch or answer it right from my watch here is the fitness app samsung pay.

I believe this is contacts and there’s another page here um you have your alarm: calendar mail, music, spotify photos and just a lot you can do with this watch. I honestly really really like this watch so far. I have no complaints and i highly recommend this watch to anybody that may be on a budget or just looking for a simple kind of watch, because i got this watch for 140 at best buy, which is a great deal, and i just love it so far And i hope this video helps you helps anybody out, that’s looking for a samsung watch or looking for this watch in particular, so hope you guys enjoy this video.