It is because my father surprised me with a new gift. You all are encouraged to know what it is. It’S, a brand new smartwatch, samsung gear s3, wonder version. So i plan to make review and unbox. I think this review will be helped to make decision to buy this smartwatch it’s a wonderful interface to operate so before beginning this review. Please all of you welcome to my Music channel Music packaging is very nice pretty and looks very attractive like it makes us do all to buy it Music, so i am going to unbox my samsung gear s3 frontier. Let me show you what kind of accessories are coming with it? Music. I selected space, gray color. As you know, it’s a variety color. It looks so good than black color for me, so i chose space gray, color samsung gear s3. Friendlier version is coming with two colors variation: black and space correct Music books containing accessories are including wireless charging, radios charger with micro, usb user manual and extra one side rubber, strap nothing else. These are accessories contained in the box, Music, watching seasons, change our roads were light with adventures, Music. There is sensor available in the back side of this watch. This is very useful for tracking our daily activities, such as spots, exercise, calories, heart beats, etc. Music Applause, no charging in battery so put it charging. For a time being i connected to laptop and kept for charge. Applause took around three hours to zero to 100 percentage charging finally switched on and started setup with my iphone Music.

This smartwatch is compatible for android and ios devices, so special thanks to samsung just need to download and install galaxy watch app from app store, Music connect via bluetooth and sync, with iphone and also accelerometer barometer ambient light gps glonass, wi fi bluetooth, nfc, 4g, 46 millimeter Amoled display one gigahertz: dual core processor: 768 mb ram, 4gb internal memory, 380 mah battery and final water resistant Music. One setup finish: you can use as usual. There are a lot of apps and much more watch faces.