Bono. We haven't had a sin: bono for a while, and this one is a nice one, it's elegant presentation, it's a solid piece of art. Look at this puppy Wow it's got the carbon fiber back charging pins, removable fans, removable screen, cover whoa a puppy's on there and a whole lot more, but let's see a little bit about it before we get too deep from aliexpress their official sin. Bono store, you could pick up the k7 it's fully fully waterproof ip68 it's, a basic SmartWatch with heart rate and blood pressure and, of course, a bunch of automatic sports and fitness stuff included to be specific. These are the features: we've got sweep, detection to both sleep time and sleep quality. Your standard exercise stuff with a step counter as well as multi sport functions that you can get into get your call reminders and all the other kind of push notifications that we see in these smartwatches and drink water reminder sedentary reminders, take medicine reminders, wake up reminders. I don't oh yeah, so many reminders let the heck parameters is a one point. Three inch IPS colorful display 240 by 240 pixel, looks like a pretty good battery life on this working time. Three to five days, standby, seven to ten and a variety of languages, are supported as well. In addition to the watch in the box, we have, under the secret cover a charging cable with two pins on it, so our standard magnetic charger and let's double check how it works USB on one side and yep charger on the other.

Good and strong holds the watch. Yeah they're really also hot didn't go flying. We have the band's really nice metal on this version, already plastic wrapped with the quick disconnect, which means, of course, you're gon na add any kind of band that you'd like, and it comes with the ones that you order and a user's manual in here. The k7 SmartWatch user manual, which we will show you it says it tethers to the H band app and we've done lots and lots of reviews of watches. With the H band app check the show notes, you'll get a link to the Google Play Store for downloading it and some links to some of the other reviews of the app. So we won't go into detail on the app here today. Ok, keep going with these! These are some basic screenshots of what you'll see on the device, and I believe that is everything one English. Is it no it's it's an English only manual which has a back side to it too, so this one's definitely a set for the international market because they're only including the English language manual, but you did see all the different languages that are supported in the watch And as always, these things will set the time and date and language based on your phone when you tether it, so the most important thing you can do after you get, it is tether it and then it'll get itself all set up to be working properly.

For you well let's put the bands on it charge it up turn it on and check it out. Ok, it's, pretty much sized to fit me already got the band in here that was easy and we're ready to fire. It up press and hold the side button waiting, waiting, little vibration and there we go with our first watch face now, if you like, flipping through watch, faces well you're gon na love. This watch because, if you just scroll down you get new watch face by the way it's on the lowest brightness setting and it's kind of watching out already some of the colors very, very bright watch and a variety of watch faces. That'S really gon na be a high contrast out in the sunshine you'll, be able to see that one easily and here's another one with a nice little colorful arc around it. Some fancier font and we're loop back to the original one. So that's going down going up same thing in Reverse, so it walks you through the watch faces when you go to the right you're, getting the back part of a series of pages. And if you go to the left, you go to the first one, which is basically your step. Count: distance, travel and calories burned based on the pedometer. If you wait too long it times out and goes back to the watch face. So you have this one here and it even says scheduled and I believe, that's how well you're doing versus your goal that little circle that you see flashing right there.

You also have your step identifier down here, to tell you what face that is. Oh, I got to keep moving one more swipe and now I'm in sleep last night's sleep time, information don't have any data on the watch yet, but that's where the data pushed from your phone or tied to your tethered phone will be able to be shown there. We have this page now that has four icons per page: let's walk through them quickly and then we'll go through them separately. There we go there, we go so we've got like three pages of these and then one more takes us to what looks like an off button and tells you it's ak 74 Bluetooth tethering. Now I found on that off page which you get to back this way. It doesn't really do anything it's more of an information page to turn it off. You press and hold the side button so that's the layout now let's go into the specifics. I can get to that page going backwards as well in sport, it's automatically gon na start timing, a particular sport it's, a generic one, that's going to show you your heart rate, calories, burned and steps walked, you can slide it up and you can actually pause. It end it or check this out. You can lock the screen. So if you're gon na do something – and you don't want the screen to be flipping out like if it gets underwater or something right, you'll be able to lock the screen for for that activity and again you can pause it it just vibrated.

You can resume it and, of course you can end it and come right back out of here, but that's the only sport, so I haven't seen multi sport support on here, where you have all kinds of different sporting activities that you can use. You pretty much just have that one thing: here's a find your phone if you're tethered to the phone using the H, app you'll, be able to connect in there and now I guess it's time to put it on, show it to you on my arm easy snap Thing easy to adjust that if you want to and really really bright now, I found when I tested this out, that it takes it a while to capture your heart rate, but once it does, it stays on for a long long time. On the watch and again this isn't, the dimmest setting of brightness, is high contrast, black and white numbers in large digits, that's gon na show really really well so, if you're gon na want to watch that you're gon na do a basic monitoring of your heart rate. This could be a good contender, it's, a gentle size large in terms of watch size it's, not really a huge. It could work for men or women I'm about average man's size, and it looks fine on me and I'm talking a lot so that you can just see that it continues to monitor the heart rate. I can go into blood pressure and we get a different situation here again it's using the diodes to check your blood pressure, but after it gets a reading it vibrates and it holds that reading.

It does stay on for quite a while. So if you don't happen to see it right away, it's and you just feel the vibration and within a moment or two try to lift your arm and what what the numbers are. But then I think after a little while it's gon na time out on you. Ah, I talked too much and moved around too much, which is good to know. It'S not gon na give you bogus information if it doesn't get a solid reading. It'S, just gon na give you X's I'd way, rather see that than see some made up number that it just grabbed that I would take for real. So those are the four things on this page. We have a stopwatch that when you start it does it in supposedly hundredths of a second, you can pause it anytime, you'd like and resume it, and if you reset it stops it automatically, it does not have lap times. However, if you bail out of it it's actually still running in the background, so you can do whatever you want to do. If your timing, an event it's, not gon na vibrate at a predetermined setting, that would be a countdown timer which is coming up. This is a count up, timer and it's still running there in the background for you, so that's a good news, a lot of them once you leave the stopwatch, it stops it automatically. This one is gon na be running.

However, when you get out of here, you can't go anywhere else, so you can't check your heart rate and have the stopwatch running. You follow me, it's kind of dedicated, no stop button, there's the pause button, which is kind of a stop and then reset and that's. Where you need to be to get out of the stopwatch countdown timer, I got it set for one minute. I can hit start and it's gon na do the same thing. It'S gon na countdown it can be on the watch face. It can be off whatever you want after a minute, it's gon na automatically vibrate. For you, however, it's right here and look at that, we are going other places. I wonder if it's still running countdown yeah, it is alright. I thought we were locked in but we're, not if I hid information. This is where, if you had any information pushed from your phone tethered to the watch, it would go over there and times out on me again, but you have 23 seconds left to talk about females. If you happen to be a girl, lady woman, you understand what we're talking about here. If you happen to be a guy it's, probably good. If you learn about it, this symbol, um, symbol, 'm, basically talks about the menstrual cycle that women go through and some of the parameters around that, like fertility days there it's vibrating, it just finished the countdown who got me out of that last talk didn't.

It not really, I didn't finish sorry: okay, we're back here in the app you're gon na set up your cycle time and information and have that push to the watch and once you do you'll be able, in that little section to have information available to you to Give you advice and counseling on where you are in your overall cycle and what to do with it now that's, because it's using the H band app for tethering we've, seen that band tethered to women's watches predominantly. This is the first time I've seen that factor being used in a larger watch, but you know it works for men or women and guys it's actually really good to know about that kind of stuff. Believe me over time. You want to know certain days yeah. So then, the last thing here is settings. When you go in here, you have information, this is the SMS and WeChat and things that you can push to the watch. If you want to all of these are supported. Usually you have to turn those all on or off in the app, but look at this they're actually supported here in the watch directly. So if you're getting annoyed by too many Instagram poses post, you could turn it off right. There you have brightness. Here we go. You see that little yellow thing with the Sun in it at an angle, I'm gon na crank it up and crank it up and crank it up all the way to full brightness, and you can see it's just completely washed it out the camera.

You know automatically adjusts its brightness, so it's really hard to show you the effect of brightness other than to tell you that even on this lowest setting it's gon na be viewable outdoors and on the brightest one. Well it's gon na be great. Auto lock is something different. Look at this I've got a five second, six, seven so forth. This, I believe, allows you to tie in with your phone and set up an auto, lock process on your phone. That makes sense twelve thirteen fourteen seconds when you start it or let it go, it will automatically lock your device if you're separated from it. After that many seconds we'll have to check the manual closer on that one. I haven't played with that so I'm kind of guessing on that one and more settings switches alarms when you're disconnected sedentary. It really has a fast timeout on this switch turn your wrist to see the time hey. Maybe if I turn that off it won't timeout so quickly, I don't know blood pressure. Monitoring. Look at that. I can turn that, on heart rate, monitoring and heart rate, alarm heart rate alarm. Okay, I presume we have to set what alarm rates are in the app as well, but you can turn it on and off right here from the watch itself, and that folks is everything all the different watch faces. Yeah and the different functions that we have available here through settings there are no more to scroll through, so that covers them all.

Okay. Well, that was a going over of this thing. I don't think there's a lot more to tell you other than that. It is a sin boner watch. They do have some great products, they send us, you can get it through Aliexpress at their official store, it's called the k7 full ip68 underwater actual use, because you do have that screen, lock capability that you saw so that's nice. Usually, these screens will start to just go crazy when they get wet, but that lock allows you to bypass that issue. I guess you've been watching.