com, and we are unboxing today what looks like an interesting new SmartWatch and there are so many options available that are good folks. At sin, Bono's sent two of them in different configurations for us to take a look at what do we have here well from their official Aliexpress store you'll find that this is the sin. Bono, s0, 8 plus it's a full IP 68, waterproof, men's or women's SmartWatch got heart rate, monitor fitness tracking and all the typical things we would find, which include the following: specs got about a 1.3 inch 240 by 240 IPS color screen waterproof, like we said, but Don'T put it in hot water: ok, I've got a good sized battery heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen detection, Bluetooth, push support for basic calls and things tethered to your phone and we're using the da fit tethering app, which is a common one. We'Ve done reviews on that one before so, in the show notes down below we'll refer you over to some links. You can look at the app in detail. We'Ll just hook focus on the watch here today. The different things included in this watch are music control motion records, that's. Basically, your step, a pedometer, counting sleep monitoring, sedentary monitoring and so forth, a good long list of those and quite a few languages supported as well. So what do you want? Black or blue black or blue let's start with black let's open a box. Take a look: alright, oh that's, a nice one yeah I like the really a shiny bezel on it, reminds me of some of the high end.

Android watches. We have a little cover. We can take. Ah, it is of course, removable bands. Two pins for charging heart rate, monitor button on the side to turn it on it's got some nice markings on the edge here and kind of recessed holder area very thin, all in all a nice watch. In addition to the device itself inside the box, we've got way down in there a little manual for it in Chinese and in English. On the English side, we have a QR code that you could scan to download the phone app or you could just go in the show notes down below on this video we'll have a link directly to it that you can use to set it up here's. Some more information, some basic screenshots for you of what you see on the device and a little bit more information as well, and, of course, the back side is all in Chinese. For our Chinese friends and the last thing we've got in a box is no doubt the charging unit for this, and it looks like this: okay it's a clasp wrapped around cable around the pins. So for this one, rather than having a magnetic coupled wire, we actually have an overall charging clip like a clothespin in in essence, and we put it on this way or we could put it on this way – well, that's kind of a challenge if it could damage It one way or the other, so we have instructions on the proper way to do it.

It says please note the direction of the charger and we presume we're looking at the back of it, so the wire needs to come off of the right when it's on its back and there's a little button on that side too. They'Ve got it on both sides. So, following the picture, we would charge it this way. Uh huh that's a word of warning in a red flag for you. You'Ll have to make sure you have it set the proper way to get it charged there. You go that's the first one. The second one should be exactly the same watch just in a different color. Yes, oh nice, everything is different. The body of the watch is different. Let'S put them side by side. Take the little cover off on this one as well. We'Ve got a baby blue band white body and, of course, there's other colors in both the band and the body. I believe on. You can check that on our link to the product down below looks, like you see some little bubbles underneath here that we've got a little screen protector on it. You can press this to help move those bubbles out or if you don't like it, you can just kind of lift that off and take the protector off of it. But here they are maybe a mans and womans lightened are colored, whatever outfit you'd like to wear both of them have a very bright reflective ring as a bezel and now we'll charge this one up turn it on and check it out.

Well, with one button on the side, it's obvious, we press and hold it to turn it on instantly. It comes on. We have the opening screen now. The interesting thing about this band is that the top and bottom areas are flat. You don't really see that, but when you actually come in here and touch them, you'll see it as it as it moves through. You have a step count. Distance, traveled and calories burned, screen the basic pedometer function in this band once again pressing it. You'Ll have your hours and minutes of sleep time with light and deep sleep as well and it's a thin one. You could definitely sleep with this. One shouldn't be too much of a problem get to the next screen. We have heart rate so, for heart rate, we actually need to put the band on and we'll at least show you, the digits it's, a nice TPU band. Lots of holes should fit everybody and they're close together, which I like, because, if it's a little too tight or too loose like this, one is I'm gon na loosen it a little bit one more and then it's, not crimped down so tight. You want it little loose and you want it just above that bump on your arm and for doing heart rate we press and hold to get it started and it loads it up now. It'S got a big red icon here, but as it gets ready to do, the testing it'll show the digits right down here.

Wow well accuracy, isn't its strong point, at least in the initial reading, no way I'm pumping at a hundred and thirty beats per minute. Oh and it locked that in so it says, if that's my actual heart rate um, I think I'm gon na take time to try it one more let's press and hold give it a moment: I'm, not gon na fidget, with it now we'll. Let it actually have a chance to settle down, usually if it doesn't pop up right away. It means it's taking readings in the background there that's getting a little more realistic and it averages those and then, when it feels it's, come close enough to your actual heart rate. It flips the screen, it vibrates and it locks in the number and it's relatively quick. As you can see, okay, the next section is training when we press and hold here, we get into a variety of different sports let's just go into walking. To begin with, to show you I press and hold, and it now starts a timer it's gon na use. The pedometer to calculate steps, distance, traveled and then it flip back to the watch face okay, which also shows you some of the characteristics here there. It went back now to the main screen, where it's tracking your heart rate as well notice. It says 70 here and 73. There let's bring it back up again: 72 71 calories distance steps in heart rate and time are the things that it's tracking they're not apparently updated right away on the actual watch face itself, though, to get out of this I'm gon na press and hold here.

I can pause it or stop it or return back to it and that'll just take us back to where it should still be running okay, but if we want to actually leave this whole thing we hit stop. He says there we go and oh you know what I think, but as the screen itself is not active only this button, I have to toggle between these things. If I want to stop I go to here, then I press – and now I am back so in addition to walking this supports, running cycling, skipping rope, badminton, basketball, all these last ones. They don't calculate your distance and use the pedometer they're, just basically matching time against calories burn for typical calories used in those sports. Ok, beyond the training you get into blood pressure measurement press a hold again to get it activated and as in most of these devices, it's using little green diodes in the back of the watch that shoot light into your arm and reflect back and it does an Algorithm interpretation of your blood pressure and as all these devices I always am letting you know you should use it for reference only and not for medical purposes. It'S, a considerate, just a toy for entertainment, but don't, take it any more serious than that. You really need a calibrated instrument to verify that the blood pressure is working for your blood oxygen is the other biometric. I guess you could call it or heart rate reading thing: 96 it's saying it vibrated and and it's giving you a vital sign.

That'S, it it's a one of your vital signs beyond the measurements of blood, oxygen and heart rate and blood pressure, you also can use the watch to push messages to it from the phone with the tethering app. They would appear right there on the screen. You have a remote camera capability as well, so when you have your phone in camera mode within the app you can trigger it and take pictures from the watch. This also has a remote music player. So from the watch you can activate and play the music that's playing on your phone and then a section for a few other goodies. We have a timer the compress and whole, but give you a nice really large, digit timer on the screen. Doesn'T stay on, but a gentle tap will bring it back anytime. You want to so you get longer life out of your battery that way press and hold to stop it press and hold to leave it yeah. I guess we just press it to leave it there. We go, you have a mute for the vibration, there's no sound with this one, but you can turn on or off the vibration. You can control the overall brightness on here and you can get a pretty darn bright it's a it's nice it's, not as bright as some that we've seen it's really really dim on its lowest setting, but it's reasonably bright. You still have to look carefully to see it outdoors.

You also have the reset function and the power off option on here as well. Coming back out of here takes you back to the home page and there's. Only one watch face that I can find on the watch when you press and hold from here you get into the information about the watch. S08. Plus is what you look for to tether this thing and yeah that's about it: it's an attractive, dressy watch and it's available to us from sin. Bono. This is their Aliexpress store check. The show notes for the link to get there and pick one up if you're interested in it. It comes in a couple of different colors and available right now.