I want that instant notifications directly to your wrists. Yes, please, and you know, when you’re talking to somebody checking your phone is just so rude, so i ordered the two pound burrito and it was like it almost hurt. Hey, are you even listening now you could just check your watch and be slightly less rude instead, so i ordered the two pound burrito and it was like the best thing i ever ate and i ate the whole thing. It was nice, but you know what’s interesting. I’M legit surprised by how many people aren’t interested in this technology like why not why isn’t everybody as excited about this tech, as i am have you ever tried to check your phone while driving and wearing jeans? If you answer it before your third ring, you will win ten thousand dollars here. We go Applause. No so today i want to talk about whether or not smart watches are worth buying even for non techie people plus i’m going to talk about the one i have so this will also be sort of a quick fossil gen 4 smart watch review here’s a preview Of what i have to say about it and youtube fossil spoiler alert see, i was going to review a smart watch on a belt, but it seemed like a waste of time – oh god, oh, that was terrible. I’M embarrassed for myself and my children roll the intro future self. Oh, shame! Shame! Shame! Okay, so i’m, not interested in or can’t afford, apple watches and the new samsung watches are sick, but they aren’t cheap either.

My last watch was a fitbit versa, 2 and i got ta say that thing sucked an egg, my wife and i both had that watch and they both died in the first year. We got free replacements and you know what those died too. Can you even believe that so that leaves fossil for what i was looking for all right, so the fossil watches look good, they run android os, which is my jam, and the price on sale is decent sold bought. It i’ve had this watch for oh a year. Now it does all the stuff you want. A smart watch to do heart rate, monitor, check, step, counter, check, waterproof check, notifications, messaging calendar reminders, check and let’s face it. Those are the real reasons why somebody buys a smart watch. I do have to charge my watch. Every night, otherwise it’ll last about a day and a half, and you know what that’s fine with me. I charge my phone every night. So since i don’t like sleeping with a watch on i just plop this on the charger and it’s fine, more expensive watches can last much longer honestly, smart watches are awesome. You should get one if you can afford it. I highly recommend you get yourself. A smart watch for yourself or as a gift for someone else as long as they don’t have this one thing i’m about to rant about oh get ready, because here it comes. You see this button, this huge middle button right here, the crown whoever put this there.

You let’s take a watch. People will wear on their left wrists and put this huge button right in the middle, so it gets pressed every time they bend their wrist and you know what let’s make them customize or disable those other two buttons. But not this big button, no, no, not the button that they press every time they do anything and let’s make that big button have multiple functions so that way, it’ll just do random all the time they move their wrists this button and you two fossils. I went off a bit there didn’t i i got a little unzipped. I was gon na make this video longer, but i think i said what needs to be said: buy a smartwatch they’re awesome. Just don’t buy a smart watch with a giant bun right where your wrist breaks, whoever put it there should be tortured. Make that person brush their teeth then eat an orange. I don’t know put peanut butter on their feet and have a dog lick it off. That sadist would probably like it thanks as always for watching thumbs up. If you liked it sub, if you loved it i’m gon na go yell into a pillow daddy. Are you okay yeah? I am sweetie i’m, just angry at the person who designed the smart watch dad mine. Does that too? It takes pictures, but like cartwheel smartwatch more like dumb watch right, okay, that’s it, i think i got it that’s, my little helper, i didn’t need to be buckled.

I didn’t need to be buckled thanks for the help.