Yesterday i went over like some of the customization features you can do on the phone uh. Basically customizing. Your whole watch face in terms of the background image in terms of these um uh tools, whatever you want to call them, and then you can set the shortcut buttons on the on the watch um. So, like past notifications, um your wellness and weather – and you can also customize these. However, you want so you can see all the music controls. Timer stop, watch, workout mode stuff like that, so um, let me just go over so this is how this is like. You know this is this screen will always remain like this because it’s an eating screen, so it doesn’t really change and right now i have the i guess: you have the weather calories um time i kind of need to adjust that and all right. So if you press this button, this will bring you to your past notifications. I’M. Sorry about that and you can see how they appear. This is basically what happens when you receive a notification. This is how it’ll appear so it’ll come like this like a short thing, and it tells me of more but and then you know you could say test this. This is just an example i did and you can scroll down. You can see it’s. You know kind of easy, i mean it’s, not it’s like it’s, okay and so um all right. So now, if i press this, it will tell me my other past notifications.

I have uh whatever you know and you can just keep scrolling through all your notifications and if you go all the way to the end, you can see you can clear all and oh, i actually need to press this button and just like that. Okay, so i just got another notification, so you can see how it appears just like that scroll down and there you go so i’m gon na go back to the home screen. Okay and then you know, if you press up here, it will bring me to um your wellness. So you can see how much i slept today, how many steps i’ve taken, timer and then calories, and if you go down here, that’s the heart rate, all right and then, if you go down here, bring it to your weather, dashboard um see i don’t, know notification. So you can actually scroll up and down. You have to click on the notification and then scroll down so that’s uh that’s something anyway. So we can go here and we see a high today low today, it’s not that bad today in boston and then click over here now. If you hold this down, it will bring it to your main settings and you can go over everything ring my phone. Give me time: music notifications, stopwatch timer weather wellness, workout, all right now, just to give you an example uh this is the scoggin faulster 3 traditional smartwatch. So right now, since i have google pay on, you have to unlock it.

So let me just do that all right, so now you can see how notifications appear here, they’re much different. You know you just you can touch screen scroll them through. This is where os and so let’s say uh whatever, and then you know it couldn’t scroll through it’s, very it’s, much easier, you know and then, if you want to swipe it away, you just swipe it away clear all whatever. So you know where os. Obviously this is a full fledged smart watch, so you’re gon na have you know all these features um and then you know you can have all your apps and stuff so um. You know, obviously a full. If you have a wear west smartwatch, it’s um. You know you have a lot more features like you can reply like it’s touch screen, so you can reply, you can voice messages. You can take calls from the phone wear os uh features apps all that good stuff, but you know the advantage of this is you know, it’s an eating screen, it’s always going to be like this versus, like you know where i was. This is the always on display um. Well once this yeah goes all right, so this is like the always on display versus you know. You always have this and it’s a nice nice watch and the main advantages is this lasts two weeks um because it’s, a low energy electronic ink versus a smart watch like uh, foster three, which lasts about 24 hours, so uh yeah, you know it’s uh, i mean For me, the main thing i i have a smart watch for is notifications.

So when i get into location, i just like to glance at my watch swipe it away. You know kind of done and obviously the smart watch is better for that i mean this uh. This hybrid smartwatch um, you get notification, you have to click on it and then touch the buttons to just view it, and then you can clear it and it will clear on the smartwatch, but it won’t clear on the phone um i don’t know and then, but If you clear on the phone, it will clear on the smartwatch, so you know if it really depends what user smartwatch, for, if you just want something you know it looks nice and has you know basic uh? You know you can just it’s nice. You can just glance your watch, you can be like okay, this is the weather today. This is how many calories i’ve earned. This is uh whatever time all that good stuff and you know skog and foster. I mean sorry skug and hypersmall, which is definitely good, like i said two weeks battery life, so you don’t have to worry about charging it um. It takes like an hour to charge uh up to you know to full. So you know if you don’t, want to charge your watch every 24 hours. I would definitely recommend the uh, the hybrid smart watch. You know if you just want basic functionality, you don’t really care about having all those wear os apps um, you don’t.

Really, if you don’t mind just like, when you get notification, i mean it’s mostly meant for you get a notification. You look at your watch. You say: okay it’s from this person and then you basically just um, go if it’s important you just pull out your phone and you know i would i wouldn’t, because i mean it’s, like really small it’s kind of hard to read. So i wouldn’t like bother like opening up and then pushing the buttons down, but you know if you really need to uh, you could but it’s mostly for, like you know, just on a smartwatch um, i mean on your phone anyway, guys um thanks for watching i’ll.