Are you looking for a smart watch or still rocking that boring basic smart watch that everybody else has well look no further, because not only do we have something for you today, but its going to have you sticking out from the crowd and being able to think Smarter than everyone else its time to introduce you to our brand new v7 smartwatch. Not only is it a simple sleek design, but its smart on the inside and fashionable on the out. I mean look at this thing. Usually, i have to decide which timepiece im going to wear for which occasion, but this is literally an all in one for all occasions, all times at all places guys. This switch has easy building, bluetooth, setup and so many different faces yeah uh, first wearing it. For a few days, the first few things that i noticed most right off the bat was the monitoring of not only my heart, but my stress levels and also attracts my sleep as well. Guys. As you know, we live active lifestyle and we love hiking or going on a run, and you can wear this watch. Even if you going to the pool or taking a shower its waterproof, as you guys have probably learned by now, were both actors and what that means is our call times can be anywhere from 4 am anywhere to 3, 4 or 5 pm. So not only does this built in sleep tracker stand out to me because it not only just tracks how many hours we sleep, but the quality of that sleep as well.

So, no matter when were catching our zs, we can make sure that we got enough rest and we can be ready to take on the day. I think the style is excellent. The screen is great and were just enjoying it. I think setup is very similar to expensive smartwatch, but the price is way better. I think its very helpful for me to track my fitness progress and also sleep schedule, so i know that my body can function properly and, as we mentioned above our sleeping schedule, sometimes all over place. I love tracking my steps during the day and i usually walk around 10 to 15 000 steps a day, so its very helpful to see my progress during the day and how much calories i burn, especially during my workouts at the gym using skg smartwatch v7. Helped me to track my weight loss progress while i use skg smartwatch. I know that i can track and keep record of all my daily activities and i think its critical part of my weight loss journey and staying in shape. We love setting up outdoor work when we go for a long walk at the park or beach, and we love tracking our calories and how many steps a day we do yeah its a fun little game that we like to compete in, but somebody always wins. Yes, i need to get my 15 000 steps a day. We both love, living and leading very healthy and active lifestyles and, being a part of that, this watch has 14 sports modes thats right, so no matter the activity that youre doing this watch will track it.

All and i think its very useful when you can track your workout progress at the gym, its nice to see achievements and earn medals. I feel like it keeps me motivated and want to work out and achieve more, and i also love that i can add family member in a family, section, im planning to add david to my family section. So i can track his progress and we can compete a little bit now. Lets talk about the 12 main functions of the skg smartwatch. The 12 main functions include health data, blood oxygen levels, a built in timer, built in alexa, sleep, tracking, music control, 24, 7. Heart rate, breathe training, it comes with the weather, it helps with stress management, records and tracks. Your exercise. It has a search function built into your phone guys. I love this watch if you would like to order one for yourself make sure to use our coupon code. Daleks logs female care is very important. This, which helps me to track my menstrual cycle, safe period and sexual health. In there we can enter our cycle days and we can track period days also. It can predict our period days and will show our ovulation days personally. For me, it is important to keep track of my cycle and having this feature really helps hey. If this video caught your attention – and you want to find out more about the skg v7 smartwatch make sure to check out the link in the description box below, we hope you enjoyed this video.

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