This will be the first touchscreen smartwatch under razers name, and i got my hands on it to see what it packs for its primary target. Audience of gamers. It looks like 2022 may be the year where razer emerges as a key player in smart watches. Before this, collaboration with fossil razer has also teased a collaboration with panerai, so will it be a year of successful wearables for razer well well, have to see about that, but i wanted to try and test out this razer theme, gen 6 smartwatch and see what it Offers from its design to its specs, as well as all of its features ill, also compare it to other smartwatches out there to provide you with a comparison and have you consider if its worth it. After only 1337 of these smart watches were made, anyways like always feel free to skip ahead down below to see what you would like in this review now before diving into the hands on review. The items that you will get when unboxing the razer theme, gen 6 smartwatch – will include the watch itself with a black strap already attached to it, along with an alternative, green watt, strap for all those true razer fanboys Laughter. Are you serious and it will also come with a magnetic charging cable? You also get the usual product instructions along with warranty info now, when looking at the design of the smartwatch. The case is a 44 millimeter stainless steel case that looks identical to the fossil gen.

6 series cases, but it only comes in one size, and it has two push buttons that can be configurable as well as one rotating home button all situated on the right hand. Side of the case. The straps, on the other hand, are 22 millimeter, silicone straps. That can be adjusted to any fit and they are pretty easy to attach and detach from the case. However, one thing to mention about these straps is that they can easily attract dust and debris due to the silicone material they are made out of and its especially noticeable on the black strap. Now, in terms of the specifications on this watch, it comes with the latest snapdragon wear processor and packs a 1.28 inch amoled display. It also contains 8 gigs of storage and 1 gig of ram and offers bluetooth 5.0. As for the performance and durability of the smartwatch, its water and dust resistant with a rating of 3 atmospheres, which is the standard rating on most smart watches these days, so well be good against light, splashes of water or rain. Now, in terms of the battery on this watch, it can last up to 24 hours depending on usage and it features many battery modes which ill cover later on. Lastly, it includes a variety of sensors which are all listed below and can be found on the back of the watch case. But before diving into all the features and all the watch faces its important to note that the smartwatch will be powered by googles, wear os and at the time of its release, it will be running on wear os 2.

. However, there will be a release of wear os 3 at some point with other features. Now, after installing the wear os app and pairing, my iphone with the smart watch, which took some time and patience for it to sync, the watch faces were the first thing i wanted to check out, and the cool part about this watch is that it comes with Three different types of exclusive razer watch faces. The first one is the razer analog watch face where youll have several options to customize the look of the watch by toggling between the index style or choosing what razer local you want to display. You also have the option to adjust three complications that you would like to access when using your watch face. As for the next watch face, which is called the razer text, it displays time and text and you could also toggle between having the outer ring or not having it displayed on the watch as well as adjusting the orientation. You would like the time in you also have the option to choose two complications for it. However, the downside with this watch face is that you cant change it to a different color, so youll have to accept the green color away from razer. As for the last exclusive razer watch face that they added its the fan, favorite razer chroma. If you cant get enough of chroma at your computer with your peripherals, then you can now experience it on your wrist and with this watch face, you have a lot of customizability with colors.

You can select from all the regular chroma effects, including breathing spectrum, cycling, static and wave with breathing. You can choose between two colors and the speed youd like it at as well as if you want to adjust the time format or choose between which razer logo youd want. You can also add complications for these watch faces and youll have the option of adding three. As for spectrum cycling, it goes through all the colors and you have the same options listed previously for the breathing effect. As for static, you can choose one color and it will stay the same on the outer edge of the watch face. Last but not least, you can choose the wave effect where you get the whole spectrum of colors on the outer edge of the watch face and you can adjust the direction of it by either selecting static, clockwise or counter clockwise. Now, if youre interested in these watch faces and youre wondering if you can be able to control and customize the effects and colors like you, can on your wrist for your watch and also have the ability to adjust the effects and colors the same way. But for your gaming peripherals with an integrated app on your smartwatch well, the answer is sadly no at this point in time, but it would be nice to see that added to the smartwatch later on, so gamers can quickly and easily adjust the effects or colors for Their razer gear from their wrist just putting it out there.

Lastly, there is one more watch face that comes with this watch by fossil that i wanted to point out and its called wellness with this watch face. It shows your health and wellness data, so you can look over it if needed, and all the health and wellness features come pre loaded, and these are features that you would see on many other smart watches out there, such as a cardiogram, which shows a record of Your hearts activity as well as fit breathe, fit goals and fit heart rate, which are all part of the google fit activity tracker. You will also be able to track your sleep and measure to see what your blood oxygen is, and these are all the features you would see on other smart watches out there, but worded somewhat differently. Now. One of the great features about this watch is the fast charging and the various battery modes you can choose from on this watch. There are three modes and the first one is daily mode where it enables the watch to use most of the features and provide daily charging, so their battery lasts from morning to morning now for extended mode. It offers the smart watch to last up to two days and two nights by also giving the user the ability to use the must have features and provide the longest battery life for a still smart, wear os watch. Last but not least, the time only mode is what the name says it does and thats.

By providing the time, this mode will come in handy when your smart watch is low on battery, if youre planning on just using this mode from a full charge for the whole time, the watch will be able to last more than three weeks. However, aside from all the battery modes and features the smartwatch offers, the real question is: what does it truly pack for its primary target audience of gamers? Well, not that much besides the razer theme, there doesnt seem to be any integrated, razer apps on the smartwatch. That can help with gaming or making things intuitive for gamers to use. It just seems like another ware os smart watch with updated specs and a little features that offer a razer design. I personally think razer could have worked with fossil to add more besides the razer theme and chroma effects. However, down the road, this smartwatch might possibly get other updates, such as the razer smart home, app to the smartwatch. Well, that would be nice. I personally think that would be a great addition, but who knows? Razer has recently announced that they plan on launching a razer smart home app to mobile devices, and it would make sense for them to add it to the smartwatch, to make it easier to customize and sync. All your lights, regardless razer, should have really worked with fossil design apps for this watch. There is confirmation that amazons alexa will be added to the watch eventually, which will be a nice addition for those that use it.

But i really think this watch needs more features to make it truly stand out. Razer and fossil should have worked together to add features that the garmin instinct esports gaming watch has with analyzing gaming performance through gaming profiles or being able to broadcast your stress level or heart rate to game streams. Maybe even offer some sort of game training activities to get you in the mindset before gaming. This is something razer could really add and offer for their gamers like. Why not? I certainly would like to see all of these things that ive mentioned in some sort of integrated app on this smartwatch and for those hardcore gamers. That stream itd be neat to have these type of features. Overall, the razer theme, gen 6 smartwatch – is a great watch in terms of compatibility or connectivity where you can be able to pair it with iphones or androids running, wear os, just like the ticwatch and other fossil smartwatches out there. As for the apple watch, the compatibility on all the series watches still restricts the ability to easily pair with androids and for the samsung galaxy watches its the same thing, just vice versa. So this razer smartwatch is a good watch in this category compared to other top tier smart watches from apple or samsung, as you can have an android or an iphone paired with it. But when comparing the gen 6 smart watch to these other smart watches, the areas where there is a big difference is the battery in storage.

One of the pros with the gen 6 smart watch when compared to the others, is faster charging where the watch can go from 0 to 80 percent in 30 minutes, which is the fastest charging speed compared to the biggest version of the apple watt series 7 or The biggest version of the galaxy watch 4, but it doesnt, have a bigger battery for longer battery life and doesnt offer more storage compared to the others, which can be a big downside to this watch granted. The features are all very similar with all these smart watches. In most of the categories, such as health and fitness, and they all perform great with the latest processors and i didnt notice any flaws at the speed to open apps on both my apple watt series 7 or this razer theme, gen 6 smartwatch from fossil. In the end, this is a razers first collaboration with a smartwatch manufacturer and after testing out this razer theme smartwatch its basically, what fossil offers on their own regular gen 6, with slightly more watch faces that are razer themed and offer more customizability, but, to a certain Extent besides that, you basically get two razer style watch bands and for some razer fans out there that want everything. A fossil gen 6 smart watch already has with exclusive razer watch faces and a razer design added to it. This could definitely be something for them and it looks like its for those fans, since they only released 1 337 of these.

But if youre someone looking for a newer smartwatch with newer and better features compared to other brands out there, this smartwatch pretty much offers a little more or a little less of the same features like all the other smartwatches. Do these days personally id love to see more razer apps or slightly more features that are added or integrated to this watch, so it can truly stand out against other brands. But realistically i feel like if they were to add more features like the ones ive mentioned earlier. It would be on a newer watch or it would be something that would be added to an app from razer that you can install and use on other smart watches. Anyways, let me know if you guys are interested in this smart watch or waiting to see what razer comes out with next.