com, the premiere site for smart watch, specs news and reviews. Okay, we receive a lot of questions very the new smart watch, this swiss watch smartwatch or the smart switch watch. Okay, so this one i’ll show you so the smart switch swiss watch, andy, the other one is the ocean ocean watch. Okay seems like they are pretty similar in appearance. Okay, so they’re asking whether it is a different smartwatch smartwatch or it is just the same wearable with a different branding. So i think, based on our research here and the comparison of its specs and features the ocean watch is also okay, it’s the same with a smart swiss watch. Okay, it is just the same smartwatch with a 1.3 inch high definition screen, they say, and the 240 by 240 pixel resolution. Okay, so it is just the two wearables are just the same: okay, this smart, swiss, swatch and the other one. Is the ocean watch? Okay, practically, if you’re going to ask me, i think it’s, just a rebranded, i i’m pretty sure you’re familiar with this one. It is just a rebranded, y68 smartwatch. Okay, i check on the y68 smartwatch and they have specific the same specifications here. If you’re going to take a look at the website here, the ocean watch and the specifications they have the same features even the watch face here is pretty similar. Okay for the smart switch swiss watch, we have 1.3 inch screen. 240X240. It’S also supports social apps, bluetooth 4.

0, with a g sensor, heart rate monitor and the same usb direct usb charging method. Okay, so it’s, just the same here, let’s check. We have 1.3 inch screen bluetooth, 4.0, 240 by 240 pixel resolution going back to the y68. This one it has been rebranded and we have different names for this different brand. The popular one is the ocean watch. We also have the d20 for this one, but practically they are just the same wearable so i’m going to show you the features here. Okay and the smartwatch okay, so it is just the same as i said before. Direct usb charging let’s go with the ocean. Okay, so we have here the same ocean watch. Let’S have a closer look here, so the same smartwatch let’s turn it on. So we can see the display here: okay, isn’t it similar okay for the strap, so let’s have let’s, make it let’s copy. The look of this one attach the strap okay. So we have here the ocean watch and we have here the y68 smartwatch. So it is pretty similar if you’re going to search more information on the ocean watch, we spotted a video of the ocean watch. They have the same ui, the same sports mode, the same battery, the same additional options. So i guess i think it is safe to say that the ocean watch here is the same with a y68 okay, so there’s a lot of review that says that this one is a scam: okay, it’s, not really a scam.

I think it’s it’s, just uh, somewhat pricey – i don’t, know closer to that one. There are a lot of people who receive the ocean watch. They receive that one as well as the smart swiss watch. They all receive that, but it takes time when they purchase it. The delivery takes time and why would you buy that one if you have the ocean the y68 here, so it is just a sim, similar smart band, just different box packaging? Okay. But if you open this, the box, the packaging of the ocean watch, we you will receive the or similar or the same fitness wearable. Okay, it is a jesse, y68 smartwatch, okay, so it also have a step counter here: bits per minute: sports monitoring, there’s at least three run sit up and skip. We have the message, notifications here for the settings. You also have the camera and i lost the theme at least two. I think reset the qr code and the shutdown function here. So the y68 is just your ocean watch smartwatch. It is also your fit pro smartwatch. Well, we also read an article before that. Uh reselling a fit pro smartwatch, that is just a y68. We have the d20 smartwatch that is also just the y68 and the smart swiss smartwatch or smart swiss watch. That is just the y68 variable. Okay, i wish – or i hope we answered your queries if the the ocean watch is just a rebranded smartwatch or y68 smartwatch, as well as the smart swiss watch.

We have here the smart swiss watch because, as you can see here, they’re all they are also similar in appearance. Okay, we have us direct usb charging. Okay, we have let’s see. Okay, all we have the blood oxygen, monitor and blood pressure, also social apps, port camera control, alarm and vd 1.3 inch tft lcd 240 by 240 pixel resolution. Okay. So this is your ocean watch. This is your d20 and as well as the smart, swiss watch or your fit pro smartwatch, because this one is using a repo fit pro support. App.