So this is how you receive it nicely. Uh packaged let’s represent. It could could do a good gift too. It looks very high quality. Just looking at the package it’s not coming on a crappy package but very nicely uh packaged instead, so let’s see what’s inside the box. What they give you with this watch. Okay, let’s see what’s in the box now of this synagogue. Smartwatch. Here we go so here it is looks very nice feels like good quality. Let’S uh try to remove it so that’s. The watch itself see if i can remove it without damaging it. Oh, yes, we have to open here the watch itself. You cannot just pull out there because there is a foam in the middle there. Now, if you can see so let’s open this here, we go so we can remove the watch from the base i’m about to go. Ah always does that for some reason. The watch always does that all right, so there we go so now. It’S free here is the watch itself looks very nice. There is a plastic protector for the screen, maybe, but i cannot see i will check later on, but i don’t see any protector. Usually there is always some kind of protection. Ah here we go. I think i see it yeah. Okay, there is one all right, we’ll remove it later anyway. So is the watch the back of the watch so it’s quite nice compared to my samsung here’s, a samsung gear s3 and that’s the watch here, so you can compare it quickly, see the difference of the size.

Of course, here we go so looks nice it’s, not a tiny head watch, for example, so watch here it is let’s, see what else they give you in the box all right, so some accessory there and that’s it for the box here it should be the charging Dock let’s open and find out there we go it’s, not a dog, actually it’s like a it’s like a cable, so usb on one side and other side it’s this magnet base that should probably clip on the watch on the back of the watch. Let’S try to do a quick demo now, so there is like uh see. There is like a some connector in the back there, and then you probably have to put this up, see it’s magnetic it’s, really a clunk immediately to up to glue to the watch and that’s what you use for charging it. So, no doubt just one cable there you go that’s for the watch. The box content of the watch now let’s go and test all that. Otherwise, the setting on this watch is pretty simple uh. If you want to turn on the watch when it’s off you just press this button, it’s also the button to go back to the main screen, which is the watch, the main watch screen so don’t change. Here we go change the the display. I will say you just have to swap down up or down and you can select which display you, like the best for this watch now for the setting.

So if you go under you swap right, you access this all this mode, so you can select all the different mode here, continuing swap down uh there. We go up to the time that you reach the setting tab and then you can check information and that’s when you receive text on your watch, so you can select what information you want to get so phone calls. So you can select each separately so that will the watch will pull whatever program you use on your phone and we’ll show the notification on the watch to go back. You just swap right and you go back to the previous position. So now we can track the brightness and then go back. Auto looks that’s what will turn off your screen right now, it’s set to fairly. Second, if you don’t use it and you look at the watch, the screen will turn off after the time you set here and the switch it’s. What you want to display on your watch here see i can turn on and off easily with this redo switch and that’s pretty much it for the setting. When you want to pair your watch to your phone, you just click on this qr code and give you a qr code and you scan that with your phone. And then it will bring you to website where you can download the app for the watch. And now back to the main screen pressing the button on the side here and if i swap left so i can access the step meter it’s when you do some exercise, you run, for example, it can calculate all that and then you continue swapping and it tell You you’re sleeping hours, so you’re sleeping a bit that the swatch should record and then and that’s it.

When you swap again, it will just tell you the version of the watch uh formation of the version of the watch, and then you come back to the this. Setting screen one functionality, i also like it’s when the you wear the watch, it’s off after a certain time that you can set in the setting. But when you raise the arm to look at the time, the watch turn on automatically so that’s pretty good. So pretty basic that’s all for this watch really a simple menu. Everybody can do it not need to be a high tech computer geek to manage this watch so it’s very nice.