So tonight i am going to unbox the one that i bought from shoppie so guys this is actually for 1600 pesos. I watch series 6 pro so um packaging, guys that was my facebook page i’m gon na before i’m. Gon na open this one i’m, just gon na check first one free, freebies, now i’m shopping. Music. Music is Music, Music, foreign, Music itself, Music. This is actually a screen protector for your eye watch or i watch series forever, but you already need to use pink. Okay, Music, Music, Music, um Music, this one, the back of the box, omg packaging, guys i’m, really just so um – very excited to know. What’S really. Music for 1600 Music is Music um, Music. Music Applause is Music foreign Applause, Music, oh Music, Music, very important features guys for my calling Music, so let’s check. Music Music is Music. If you’re going to use this i’m apple, i watch series six pro odiba, so guys so guys. Please do not forget to subscribe to my youtube channel. You just have to click the button below for more videos with me. So thank you so much guys.