I have a little bit of a an addiction to smart, watches and i’m, always looking for the perfect one. This one is, i think, around 50 dollars i spent on it it’s the vermee v. I r m e e tempo v, t yeah vt3 um. It does a lot of stuff it’s in a nice box, um and i’m just going to show it to you here. It has the instructions and some all sorts of extra stuff like up here this pulls out here and then you have the watch, which has a protective coating on it right now, but i’m going to take that off. So i can show this to you going to long press the side button and that will start it okay and i’m, going to pick english for the language. It says please connect to the app um i don’t have that downloaded, but this is uh yeah it’s not very far off, but i want to show it to you, it’s um. You touch this to get this going. You go this way. You swipe it’s a full face, watch it’s for your different sports and stuff like that to uh heart health, uh heart rate, you can scroll up here. I hope you can see this or you can scroll up here and you can see where you’ve gotten, if you’ve gotten enough sleep it’s hard for me to look and see this area and there’s the messages you can get your messages you can set an alarm on This or stopwatch uh, you can do a timer.

You can set a compass and you can go into your settings on this um and then back to this and then, if you right right, swipe it’ll go through the whole menu again get back up to this, and this is where it takes like your heart rate And stuff like that measures, your steps uh, i don’t know what that is, but uh you know it this it’s. Just so nice tell us how many calories you burned and then, if you, if you go up it’s the same thing with that so um it’s super nice, look how thin this watch is so thin, okay and it’s very light, and that is amazing. For being, you know fifty dollars, i mean you know the brand name watches they go for a lot more than that um i’m, going to long pause here, long, press again and and that shuts it see all shut down. Now put it back in the box here, because i want to get this part out to show you what else is in here in the bottom: the charging cable, another black band, a sporty gray and black band it’s, like that’s, like three bands for this one watch And then there is a very detailed booklet and structure instruction, booklet, it’s, pretty clear, so um. Basically, all you have to do is download the app and in the booklet. I can get this to stay now in the booklet or on the back and you you just scan one of these qr scan and that will take you directly to the app that you need to use and you can control everything within from within the app.

So yeah i mean it’s an amazing thing, especially with two extra sets of watch bands. I mean that i’ve never had anything like that before with any of the watches that i’ve bought so that’s, pretty darn amazing, so let’s try to get this back in here. Now, of course, it’s never going to go back in the way you put it. Oh, my lord okay, but well yeah, okay, the vermee, the vermi watch once again model number vt3 yeah. I can see you don’t want to focus there, but anyway, vermee vt3 definitely go out and get one, because this is the best 50 watch that i’ve seen.