Back again on the freeebay channel, and this is the VYATTA FITME. U, the latest smartwatch from vyatta, which has many features such as health features, ip67 waterproof sports features, clear screen and, of course, many watch faces.. Then how was my experience while using this smartwatch No need to elaborate let’s, just discuss. When this video was made? This smart watch was priced at Rp 689000.. I’Ll include the purchase link in the description., So in the sales package you will of course get 1 unit of a smartwatch. The first impression when I hold it is quite sturdy and the shape is very simple.. Then a pair of quick release straps like this, then a magnetic charger, cable and a user manual complete with Indonesian and English.. So this Vyatta Fitme? U has a very simple design.. It does seem a bit similar to the Apple Watch., But it doesn’t look like a fake clock with a build quality and a perfunctory screen., Very suitable for wearing formal events for everyday use or your sports friends.. The body is made of matte black metal with a very light weight of only about 60 grams.. There is a physical button on the right side of the body. And on the left there are 2 speaker. Holes will discuss the function of these 2 speaker holes later. On the back of the body. There are sensors for blood pressure, spo2 and heart rate features as well as 2 magnetic points for charging.

. The strap is also very soft, flexible and definitely doesn’t itch when you wear it all day.. You can also change it if you’re bored with the color of the strap it’s also very easy to replace., Just move it like this. The screen is 1.69 inches and looks like it’s already IPS, because it’s really clear and of course, there’s a screen, brightness setting.. It can even still look clear want to be seen from the right left or even under the sun.. The touch screen is also quite responsive. When I try to move the menus on the smartwatch, it runs smoothly and doesn’t feel lag. To move to the menu. You can swipe up down right or left. Swipe right to enter the main menu. Swipe left to move to the main features such as music control, step statistics, sleep monitoring and health features. Swipe down to enter quick settings, then swipe up to enter message. Notifications. For maximum use don’t forget to install the application. First. You can use an application called da fit. Can be downloaded for android or iphone. For the watch face you don’t have to worry, because there are so many options that are already available in the application.. You can even customize it by changing the photos of the people. You love in this smartwatch And the cool thing is, none of the photos are cut off at all. Almost all of them are full on the screen. That’s great.. Then. What are the features that you can use in this smartwatch.

for the health features you can use heart, monitoring, blood pressure and, of course, the very important spo2 during a pandemic like this.. The monitoring results are also quite accurate after I tested it on several people with different results., But before that you need to remember the results of this test should not be used as the main factor for medical references.. There are also other health features, such as sleep monitoring, knowing your steps and breathing exercises. And what I like there is a reminder, feature to drink and move when sitting for a long time.. This is very important for those of you who work in an office.. There is also a feature for women as a marker of the menstrual cycle. It’s, really complete. For the workout feature. There are 7 options such as walking running cycling, etc. it’s, just that the Vyatta Fitme? U hasn’t been built in with GPS yet. To see the results of tracking, for example, when you are cycling, you still have to use the application on your smartphone.. There is also a music control feature, so you can play pause or go to the next song. The music you are playing on your smartwatch., And this is the feature that I like the most. You can receive phone calls and talk from this smartwatch. For the sound of the speaker. This time I tested it by playing music directly from the Vyatta Fitme. U. The speaker hole is on the left of the body as I’ve discussed before.

. This is very rare. In smartwatches, in this price, range. Come on let’s just test.. This smartwatch has a 220 mAh battery capacity. Vyatta claims that this smartwatch can last up to 8 days with normal use., And indeed, as long as I use it, the battery only decreases a little.. Maybe it can last for 1 week. For charging. It can be fully charged in just about 2 hours, After that you can continue to use it again. So how was my experience while using the Vyatta Fitme? U, With a pretty good, build quality and a clear screen, it makes me feel more confident using this smartwatch.. The battery is also durable and the features are also quite complete.. What I like most at a price of 600 thousand, this smartwatch, can already be used to make calls and receive calls.. This feature is very rare. At this price. Don’t forget, the purchase link is in the description. That’s all for this video like and subscribe to this channel. If this video is useful. Or just dislike, if you really don’t like this video.