I noticed that the situation these days, it’s, not good at all, hope the world will come back to its normality, hope so, i’m back again and uh today, i’m, bringing you a review and an unboxing of a watch that sent it to me it’s a corporation when It is a cooperation i don’t have any problem to say that to to tell you, but this watch i have been using it for this month, working and in my life and really i realized that it’s amazing. The price is amazing for 100 euros, something you can get it. I will let you the link in the description with the discount for you, don’t uh miss the discount. Okay, you know that i don’t uh cooperate with things that i don’t like. If i don’t like it, i will not show it to you, so i have no problem telling you that they sent to me this watch that you see here, it’s in pink, okay, a very nice very um it’s, not heavy at all. I forget sometimes that i have it in my hand and also they practice. I have everything all the information here. I will let you know the review i’m, not experts, doing technology reviews, but really i did need a watch for my work. My work, i need the exact time they work too much in my work, so this watch helps me a lot and i i see that the price is so good for the quality they have.

They have a lot of quality, the the other box it’s for my husband, the color is black. Okay, as you see really nice really nice watch. I really advise this watch. If you are looking for a nice, smart watch not too expensive, and this company 17 may it’s with xiaomi they work with uh xiaomi. They really. They made the first cameras for car. They may they made the things for the car you know, but now they they launched this watch and really really amazing. Amazing. You can get it and tell me your opinions when you get it okay and use the discount in the description. I let you the review, hope you like it. I hope you didn’t miss me because i missed you. You know that i had an operation now, i’m good now, i’m back and please give a like to the video do subscribe and tell me your opinions in the comments. I love to read you all your comments. Okay, thank you very much for watching and see you in my next video. I let you with the review today. We have a very interesting smart watch model called xiaomi. 70 may suffer on review it’s a completely different product category, not like most useful devices from 70 may made for car. I will definitely share my opinion about 70 mesa fear and also share with you what i liked and disliked from a technical point of view, the smart watch from 70 may received a large square 1.

78 inch molded screen with saphir crystal 580m water resistance. 20 days of battery life, but the watch can also surprise with its functionality, for example, the presence of built in gps 17 sports modes and more. The watch case received a square screen shape. But i note that the top of the protective sphere glass has almost no rounding. Therefore, it seems that the corners are quite sharp, but in reality they are not the main. The main feature, of course, is the saphir protective glass. As you may know, saphir glass is of much better quality and you cannot be afraid of light scratches or even the moment that the glass breaks easily with a slight drop. In addition, the saphir crystal is highly transparent and you can easily read any information on the screen. The strap is removable and can be easily replaced with any other option. The strap width was 20 millimeters. I really like the silicone material. It is very nice and fits well on the wrist. On the back of the 70ms of your case, you can see two charging contacts and the heart rate sensor on the right side of the case. There are two buttons this turns on the watch and the bottom. One activates any function on the watch. According to your preference, there is a microphone hole between the buttons, but there is no speaker here and the microphone is needed not for conversation but for voice control. In the manual book you can find the code the qr code to install the application it’s called the 70 70 health 70 may health.

You have to install this application, it’s it’s good. It can work on ios and android. Also in the box. Also, you have the charger. The charger is just amazing. It is. It has a magnetic thing that you can just put the the watch and it just stick to the charger Music. As you see here, you can, you have a different holes. This is a good thing to put the size of your waist. You know and really really it’s very, very it’s, not heavy. You can even forget that you have it on your wrist, okay, to put it on. It took five seconds to put in putting it on. Then you have the languages as you see, you can choose the languages. In this case i choose the english. Of course. You confirm, then it will ask you to uh to go to the app on your phone and search for the app 70 may health app and connect it and do it like with the bluetooth. So on the phone. You have to go to your application app and look for 70 me health, even in android or ios Music. The seventy mace of your home screen has a choice of three different watch faces. You can change it easily from the application or from the watch itself. Music. The watch also can connect with the alexa. I don’t have personally alexander’s amazon, alexa, okay, you can see here and you can activate uh. Please activate the notifications, as i forget, to activate the telephone on the application.

You have to activate it on on notifications before using the what like that, you can receive the the calls and the messages you can see. The application has all the history of your uh of the working running everything or the history of your data here. As you see uh me, i choose the pink one. My husband has the black one. They have three colors. I think the pink, the black and the whites see here in the settings. You can change the face of the watch in the watch itself. Now let’s see what this watch has your heart rating: really assertive and you’re sleeping your battery of the body, minus 50, the weather and also the stress you had in the last two hours, your activity like steps and calories and the timing here. As you see, when i cover it with my hand, it goes off. You can do this option. Also let’s see now one by one.