But with this 179 dollar meizfit gtr 2 things have definitely changed for the better Music. Before we get to the software let’s talk about the watch itself. Amaze fit has got everything right here: it’s light at less than 40 grams it’s thin at about 10 millimeters and the 46 millimeter case is made from aluminium. Although there’s a plastic case back – and this is a soft silicon – strap, this 1.’ inch screen is crisp and colorful and the curved sides give it a really good. Borderless look and it’s also really easy to swipe across i’ve been able to wear it 24 hours a day. I think it looks really stylish and the new always on screen means it doesn’t just end up. Looking like a faceless piece of technology on my wrist, if you’re not a fan of the round gtr 2, then you can also buy the amaze fit gts 2, which is exactly the same just with this apple watch like square body. Mazefit’S hardware has always been good, but this really is excellent. However, it was on the software side that things fell apart before smart watches are ruined by rubbish software, whether it’s on the watch, your phone or both. If it’s annoying you stop using it just changing the watch face on an old amaze fit watch was a ponderous irritating affair, but everything has changed for the new amaze fit gtr 2.. The watch’s operating system is amazed, its own and it’s attractive and responsive.

This isn’t google’s wear os and it really has more in common with huawei’s wearable platform that you can find on the watch. Gt2 pro and honors watch gs pro, but they all work in basically the same way you swipe down for settings, you swipe up for your notifications and you push the button for your menu and the lower button here opens up the workout menu, so what’s good here. Well, speed for a start, there’s, no pauses between screens, it’s, all pretty much an instant response and all the information you get is clearly and logically laid out notifications. There aren’t that great they tend to disappear almost instantly when they come through and then, when you go to interact with one you can’t, you just get very basic details. You can receive calls on the watch from your phone, though, and the speaker is suitably loud, it’s linked to your phone using the zep app, which also has a clean, easy to read interface and provides plenty of activity. Data for you to dig into. But you do have to dig in because some of it is a little bit hidden, but the best thing is it’s reliable, fast and it stays connected. Setup took only a few minutes, and software updates are speedy too and that’s a lot better than previous versions. It’S, mature and refined, and really very good indeed for fitness tracking things are a little limited and it’s definitely suited to the casual exerciser rather than someone who’s training for a marathon.

There are 12 pre built workout plans, and it doesn’t include things like yoga, but it does have swimming and climbing. The heart rate sensor is joined by an spo2 blood oxygen sensor and there’s been a lot of coverage about that kind of tech. On wearables, already it’s built into the new apple watch and to the galaxy watch, 3. clinical and medical benefits are questionable, but where it really does help is with sleep monitoring. The watch is comfortable to wear at night and the data provided is plentiful and accurate. It matches the results. I’Ve got from my withings sleep analyzer, for example, daily workout and sleep tracking does affect battery life i’m, now five or six days into wearing the watch and i’m down to 33. So i expect to get 9 days or maybe 10, if i’m lucky and that’s less than the 14 day typical average claimed by amaze fit but it’s still better than most wear os watches. So is the amaze fit gtr 2 worth your money? I think so. Yes, for 159 pounds or 179 it’s strong value for what is a good looking smart watch with reliable usable software it’s not going to challenge the apple watch se, but anyone thinking about a huawei, honor, fitbit or similar middle of the road smart watch should definitely look At this, because it offers a very similar experience yet will often cost much less Music that’s the amazefit gtr2 smartwatch i’m. Andy voxel.

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