So stay tuned till the end of the video and hit that like button. If you like my video and subscribe to my channel for more videos, so now, let’s get started all right. So now let’s start unboxing it so over. Here it is written apple watch and on the back side, if you will see they have mentioned all the details, the image of the product and from here we will open it. So let’s open this thing up and over here you can see good uh design of the apple watch, and here it is inside this i’ll get my apple watch and over here are the straps. So now let me keep this thing aside. All right! So now let’s open this box. First, all right so here is our watch. It is take this also out all right, so here it is our watch with all the sensors and digital crown on this side and all that the screen with a huge screen, i would say it is the 44 mm version and yeah. I liked it Music and some paperwork inside this thing. This is the magnetic charger and adapter, and now let’s look into these straps Music. Again, some paperwork all right. So here are the straps. This uh one is the strap with which i will plug this in these holes, and this one is the large and this one is small, so you can choose any one of them according to your wrist size and in any of them with which you are comfortable.

So now let’s start uh looking towards all its features, and then i will pair this up. So i have attached my strap with the wash now. Let me show you how to remove them. It’S, really easy. You will find out these buttons. You just have to press on them slide your strap easily outside, and there we go now. It is detached from your watch and for putting this back in. You just have to hold this firmly slide this thing and there you go it’s again attached. So it is really a easy way to attach and detach your strap from the watch. Now let me talk about its specs. This is the 44 mm screen. You can also go for 40 mm, which is also provided by apple, and you can choose from both of these according to the size of your wrist, and this is the gps version, not the gps, plus cellular, and this has got a sports band and a aluminium Body, you can choose any kind of band which is provided by apple or can also go for stainless steel body or any other material which is used by them for making the body – and this has got a digital clown over here – one to differentiate between gps and Cellular you will find a red band on this crown. If that watch is a gps plus cellular, whereas in gps you will not find any red band, as you can see over here too, and then it has got this huge sensor and yeah that’s, all the specs.

In this watch, yeah and one more thing is already apple, wise, launched the apple watch series 6 and why i didn’t went for that. Watch was because in that watch all the features are same. Like the apple watch series 5, only one feature is new, which is the oxygen level in your blood, and i thought that why should i spend 10 to 12 000 rupees extra? If i only behind one feature, so i went for this one only and this uh this is also having the same ios so that’s. Why? I made my mind for apple watch series. 5.. Now let me pay this thing up with my mobile and then we will find out all its features and then we’ll talk about its cost, all right guys. So i have read my watch up and i have paid this thing with the my mobile also there’s, a drawback in this watch that you cannot connect this apple watch with any android device, whereas you can connect an uh watch with an apple device so which is A drawback, but it will work if you are having a apple device. So now let me test its calling function and then i will talk about all its other features for testing its call feature. I have called my dad so hello, hello, hi, dad i’m fine. What about you so actually i’m testing the apple watch calling function. So are you able to listen to my voice, clearly yeah, all right so that’s great, so, okay, dad bye, bye right guys, so i have tested its call feature and it really works well and uh.

You can, if you are not comfortable while talking like this, so you can connect your earbuds or any bluetooth, uh earphones with this, and then you can call it uh like you, can call easily all right so now, let’s uh, look towards all its other features inside The washer this is the face wash by default, face watch. How you can change, is you just have to tap and hold, and then you will get all the other feet, all the other face, watches you can add or edit them from your watch app and yeah. Like this one, so for uh going to all its apps, you just have to click this crown button and there you go. These all are the apps and for doing so, you can even do like this for going in an app now. I will show you so now. Let me record something, so this is a recording function and uh. Now this has started recording my voice, so now you will listen to it. So this is the recording function, and now this has started recording my voice, so you can see that you can record anything in this watch and then you also get this calculator now. Let me do yeah, so it is also kind of calculator. Then you get this activity app in which it will show you all your activities. I think i got some what’s up message so uh you can see all your activities and your graph and everything and now uh.

You recently saw that i got a whatsapp message so, as i paid this thing up with my mobile, so i will get all the notifications. It is a mail or anything, and this thing with help of this, you can control your camera and let me show you so guys. This thing is the ecd app and it is really easy. You just have to put your forehand finger over here on this crown and it will start measuring your ecg. Take some time, and the best feature which i found in this thing is that it has got a fall alert. What happens since that is that, if your heartbeat goes too much low and if you are, if you faint down or anything any mishapping happens with you, it will directly call the emergency services and they will reach up to you for your help. So you can see it has measured my ecd and is also telling me about the uh, my heart rate and all the stuff, and let me go back. This is another feature in which you get the amount of noise around you. So now it is telling as i’m speaking, so it is 73 decibel 71 and over here. It shows you that long term exposure to this sound at this level should not affect your hearing. So this thing is also very helpful. Then the messages clock the workout, this gps, the emoji and you can make all your emoji over here settings and app store and all that stuff telegram and everything so, which is a good thing, and this has also got a breathing one, which i showed you in The mi band 5 video – and it has also got that thing.

I will not start it uh right now, because it takes some time and the calendar and everything yeah, because i write over here and then uh. It has also got a flashlight yeah. A flashlight i’ll show you how you just have to swipe like this, and here you go so it is a kind of flashlight over here. You can choose from all of them and this flashlight really works well and then it has also got then ecd air for measuring your ecd. It has got 24 by 7 heart monitoring sensors. Then it has got a calculator, a weather, forecasting, app uh. It has also got a compass. It also tells you about all the notifications. You are getting on a mobile phone, a voice recorder and much much much more and now let’s talk about its cost. Its cost is around 43 triple 9, which is which is 44 000. Only for gps 44 mm for 40 mm uh for gps. You will uh, you have to pay around 37 38 000, for i think it’s, 40, 000 yeah, 40, 000 and uh in those in both of these costs. Just add ten, ten thousand rupees more uh for getting a cellular version in these screen sizes only which is for 44 mm. You will get uh the gps plus cellular version for 54, 000 rupees and for 40 mm. You will get it for 50, 000, rupees and uh. I think that’s a lot of money so but it is worth and uh.

I would like to tell you again that if you are a android user user, then you should uh not go for this watch before that you should buy a apple mobile and then only you should go for this watch and uh yeah, so that’s about its cost And all its features so guys that’s all for this video and in the end, if i have to give it some marks out of 10, i would give it around 9.5 because of its one drawback, which is that it does not connect with an android device.