However, black friday deals are here already, even though the huge annual shopping event doesn’t officially start until friday november 27th. Are you looking for the best smartwatch offers for black friday in this video? We review the best smartwatch offers for black friday on the market subscribe to our channel and get more info and real time deal on your favorite product. Let’S start number. Eight samsung galaxy watch active 2. The watch active 2 is a top. Sport focused smartwatch, especially for android smartphone users that can’t access the apple watch with a silicone, strap it’s a more natural fit for sporty users. It will suit most wrists and both have typical top notch. Samsung displays it’s touch screen, but there’s a touch sensitive bezel to help navigate samsung’s tizen os operating system, it’s more of the same on the sports tracking fitness tracking built in gps, with a solid performing optical heart rate on board number seven fitbit versa. 3.. The versa 3 has gps added for the accurate tracking of outdoor workouts, which is the biggest addition top notch sleep monitoring with a single sleep, score, workout detection and heaps of sport profiles that’s. On top of the standard step, elevation and active zone minutes, you can choose between alexa and google assistant voice controls from the wrist, but if you’re a regular with smart home control, then it might appeal it’s, a good fitness focused smartwatch number 6. amazfit bips. The bess offers a decent experience that makes its price tag particularly tempting.

It also brings gps 5 at water resistance with swim tracking and 10 sport profiles, as well as basic notifications, 24 7 heart rate and sleep data, sports and fitness tracking features in general. Do impress and the presence of gps means it’s a decent performer when out for a run, it’s, not perfect, but it’s a truly budget smartwatch number five, i foreign, gt2 e, is a really capable smartwatch with some very smart fitness and wellness features that comes recommended for Users of android smartphones, in particular the 1.’ inch amoled display, is bright and clear, and you get a bunch of sport profiles, including swimming 5 at water resistance, cycling and an excellent running experience. The gt2 e is actually really good for runners, thanks to loads of metrics. A clear screen and first beats vo2 max and recovery stats, number 4. fitbit sense. It excels as a sleep tracker and heart rate monitor, and it boasts ecg for detection of a fib spo2, which is linked to sleep tracking for detection of sleep disorders and electrodemal activity. Sensor for stress detection and even a temperature sensor, to put you in tune with your body and health, a powerful health watch, but an average smart watch. The fitbit sense comes recommended for those that want as much health data as they can muster. If you love graphs in the fitbit app, this is the mother. Lode number three apple watch series 6. series. 6 is absolutely the best apple watch with the most features and high end health tech.

It debuts the spo2 sensor to keep an eye on blood oxygen saturation and retains ecg for spot checking your heart rhythm for possible afib. The always on display also makes it worth choosing over the apple watch say: there’s gps sports tracking 5 at water resistance and all the key apple watch features if you’re into the aesthetics. Choosing a stainless steel series. 6 is a big visual step up number 2. samsung galaxy watch 3. The original galaxy watch and it’s better for it with a slim and light build that’s big on all day wearability. Both use amoled displays that show off the vibrant is an os. Key upgrades are ecg and blood pressure and spo2 tracking of blood oxygen there’s. Also, a new focus on vo2 max it’s, a classic looking smartwatch with the rotating bezel returning to control the menu system. With its pleasing mechanical click, it’s great to wear and offers a great experience, that’s easy to recommend number one apple watch say the apple watch say only makes a few compromises over series 6, which means it’s easy to recommend to the majority of people, the always on Display – and it only comes with aluminium case options – you still get the same screen: tech sizes, gps, sports and fitness tracking, swim proof, design, lte options, apple, pay all the stuff that makes the apple watch. If you’re not bothered about the high end medical features, then the apple watch say comes very highly recommended.