I hope you guys are doing absolutely fine. I know it’s been a while. I haven’t been able to upload my new videos so i’m here now and let’s get started with the new one, hey guys. If you are crazy about smart watches – and you are running through a quite low budget, i’m gon na show you under 4k a fabulous smart watch and i’m gon na review it as quick as possible. So let’s get this started with msv bpu. Hey there you guys, so what do we have here? It is so, as you can see, this is msv bpu, so let’s open the box. I know it’s quite tight and it’s, not opening. So what do we have here? This is charger. I guess Music. Okay, let’s put this aside, and this is manual book, okay, Music. So it looks quite crazy and um yeah within this price. It looks quite amazing: okay, let’s switch it on okay. First of all, this looks quite glazy and you can see now that you can imagine that it’s a quite light, it’s quite lightweight, so you can wear it all the time 25 to 7 and the belt looks quite cool as it is colored in black. So you can match your all the clothes okay, guys i’ve been using this watch for 14 days and the most spectacular cool feature in this watch is like. It has anti finger resistance like uh uh, if you, if you are wearing this 24 7 and you are touching with all your sweaty hands and your weight hands so uh you just kept on touching and you just have to uh swipe and uh.

You can clean it with anything with the cotton or any clothes uh. It will just. It will be just like as as good as new um. It has a 5 atm water resistant, which means you can go under the water 50 meters down and that will not harm your smart watch Music. So guys, if you swipe right, uh let’s see what you can see. So, as you can see, this is activity goal and the next one is heart rate, which is you can um easily measure your heart rate and then the next one is spo2. You can measure your oxygen level in your blood and the next one is stress, monitoring and the one. So as you can see, you can check the weather before leaving home, as i guess, and then you can easily access your music. You can change the music while you’re playing music on your phone okay, so, as you can see, if you swipe left – and this seems to be the same features as well, when we swipe right – okay, um, if you swipe up, then you can see the notification bar Here, which is seems to be empty because i don’t have any notifications right now, but you can get uh notifications, like your mails and your whatsapp text and your local text, everything and every uh every notification from every app that you are using on your phone and If we swipe down, as you can see, uh what are getting here is Music.

This is brightness, you can control the brightness so as you can see it’s empty and you can write it up as much as you can, and here we have the alarm clock. You can set the alarm time as per your schedule, and so this is dnd mode here, as you can see, and the last one is settings. Okay, there are a lot of settings up here. The first one is watch face. Okay, this looks quite cool. Okay, four watch faces are given by default, which i can change whenever i want so let’s change, one okay, this looks quite cool. There are four watch faces were given by default, but, as you can see, if you want to change or you, if you want more so you can go to the store, which is the app you can get you can get so many cool watch faces which looks Like to me is infinity, so if we go to the settings as you can see, uh apart from watch face, we can so many settings up here – Music, okay, which is looks quite confusing, but yet so simple. So this is auto screen off, as you can see, screen lock settings laid up on wrist, lift lit up notifications. Okay, if we go to the system: Music, there’s, about regulation, restart shutdown, factory reset. These are cool settings. Okay, on pressing this button again, you can get so many cool setting hairs, and this looks like a lot activity: cold, pai, heart rate, sleep, workout, workout stream, spo to stress, breathing cycle tracking alarm settings and more okay, let’s go to more okay.

There are some cool features again: weather music, countdown, stopwatch promoter, tracker wall, clock camera, remote, find my phone okay. This seems to me a brand new feature and it seems Music. Okay, as you can see, my phone is ringing. This is insane okay guys. So here we got ms feed ppu, it looks quite cool, it is, needless to say, and honestly i’ve been using this for 14 days and i think Music. This is quite amazing in this price, because outside visibility, i’ve seen this it’s quite glowing in the outside. In the sunlight and despite being lcd display is glowing like amulet display and okay i’m, getting a call here. So, by pressing this you can mute your phone or you can cut the call or you can reply quick, so let’s reply quickly: okay, unable to talk now, i’ll call you later: okay, it’s ending it has been sent, and this looks insane believe me, okay, so the Last, i can say um if you’re wearing it 24 into seven. You can get the battery back up for two to three days and if you are not wearing it all the time you can get insanely five to six days battery backup, which is quite quite amazing and honestly guys. If you are going with this, i can tell you go for this in this range. This is an amazing product for detailed review or full review.