Let you know what time it is right after this super short intro Music, hey welcome, back internet friends, here’s the short list of top rated smart watches. You should check out only if you’re looking for the best reviewed stick around to the end, to hear my mystery choice. Okay, here we go out of the gate and straight onto your arm, we’ve got something on almost everyone’s wish list. Surprisingly, we don’t start with an apple it’s, the fitbit versa, 2 and fitness smartwatch, with heart rate, music, alexa built in sleep and swim tracking and a bunch of colors. It also tracks your time in sleep, deep and rem sleep stages and gives you personal insights, play your favorite songs and playlists with the spotify app or control on your wrist and get call text, calendar and smartphone app notifications when your phone is nearby. What a smart watch plus you can send quick replies and voice replies on android. Only though it’s got amazon alexa built in to check the weather, set, reminders start and exercise just do more from your smartwatch. You can create some endless looks on your wrist. Obviously, you can also connect with friends and family. Nearly eighty percent of owners worldwide gave this five stars from a massive global rating. Those are some big numbers. Users have said it’s a step up, stepping up from the other fitbits they’ve tried. That is, another person said big upgrade from me and gave it five stars next on the list: let’s fit smartwatch fitness tracker with heart rate, monitor activity, tracker and 1.

3 inch touchscreen, waterproof, pedometer and it’s got a sleep, monitor and step counter for men and women. This device can give you up to 10 days of battery life per full charge, very good call and message notifications. You know, receive and read sms messages as well as notifications from social media. You can even hang up incoming phone calls straight from your wrist. Very handy 62 percent of let’s fit smartwatch buyers gave this 5 stars also from a massive global audience. Lots of functions for a watch in this price range and that price is under 40. At the time of this recording on to the garmin solar powered rugged outdoor smartwatch built in sports apps, health monitoring and its own, many dazzling colors vastly extended battery life through solar charging. This thing is rugged rated to 100 meters underwater and has a military standard, thermal shock and water resistance. So you know if you wanted to get into a volcano. This is probably the watch disclaimer don’t get into a volcano. This thing looks like permanent beast mode. 83 of buyers gave this garment 5 stars next up something a little more elegant for your wrist. Shall we say: it’s the samsung galaxy watch active 2. A bunch of color looks on this. This goes beyond tracking steps and calories, offering actionable insights on everything. From your running style to your heart rate, connecting seamlessly via bluetooth to your favorite, apps it’s got bixby voice. If that appeals to you percent of the buyers of the samsung gave it five stars, android is greater than apple.

Was one comment. Finally, a full fledged smartwatch worth buying one of the best purchases i’ve ever made in wearable tech. They gave it five stars. Finally, the mystery pick it’s the apple watch series. Three surprise: surprise: i add this to mystery picks because it’s currently unavailable on amazon, i’m sure they’re gon na restock for christmas and all other days. The apple watch is the gold standard of smart watches. At the moment, series 3’s got gps, retina display it’s swim. Proof has a heart sensor: emergency sos, but should you get the series 3 or the s e interesting question? The se is definitely more modern and developed and has a bunch of additional features, but the se is more expensive and then you step up to the series. 6, a doubly good question series 6 is the top of the mountain and you’re going to pay for the top of that mountain. If you had to choose between series 3 se and 6 go for the se. However, if you wanted the highest rated smart watch on the market, you take the series. 3. it’s got a nearly 90 5 star rating worldwide. Amazing one user said i love it so far and they were a fitbit person go figure. Another five star review said you won’t know why, until you have one very intriguing, well done apple again, so whether you want to track your fitness or your sleep or use your watch as a phone hey, maybe you just want to use a watch as a watch.

You cannot go wrong with one of these top rated and high performing smart watches.