I do have a smart watch we’re going to unbox, also i’m, going to review it for you and this smartwatch sent to me by baslin. So you guys can find the link in the description box postmanoffshell.com, where you can basically purchase this watch. This watch by the way comes with three unique colors. We have black and we have white and a gray. So you can pick the colors you like and by the way, the the model that i have over here – the baseline w31 all right now available for 20 off discount on the website, so the price will drop from 78.99 to 58.99 and i believe this is very Fair price and very affordable price to anyone to own a smart watch, i’m very excited now to open the box and look what inside the box what’s inside the box will be the watch of course. Looking to the our box itself, we have some of the main specifications written here, but scan a glare over here, it’s very difficult to see. I will tell you all the specification also i’m, going to put them on the screen, so let’s go ahead and open the lid. Now you may ask yourself why you would like to buy a smartwatch like this one, and there is many many uh, google, ios or even uh apple ios, smart watches. The problems with the smartwatch is from apple or from android, and i had one the problem: the battery.

This is the first problem. The second thing, it’s, not a problem, but the price tag so and this watch by the way compatible with ios and android. So work simple either way so either you are apple, customer or android customer. Here you go so we have the model over here, which is the book. We will have some instructions. Of course we can read all these instructions, and normally these smart watches are. You must have application downloaded in your smartphone, which is i’m going also to show you the application, where you download, from what name of the application, and basically the smartwatch, will sync everything to the application. Let’S go ahead and have the first look on the watch itself. Wow looks beautiful guys, i mean. Even that plastic is very flexible. I mean you can see that plastic kind of rubberized plastic and we have a stainless in the parts, looks so good. We have the sensor over here, which is, i am going to once i. This is just unlike you guys. This is the first time i use the watch so i’m gon na go ahead. After doing the unboxing show you what the contents come in, the box, we’re gon na go ahead and set it up. I want to use it and then we’re going to come back in my opinion, so let’s finish over here, so we will have the charging cable and that should be a magnetic charging cable, and this just a regular usb goes in your even cell phone charger.

I believe we don’t have anything else, but i like the presentation that actually everything looks so good. We have the manual, the cable and the watch itself. I wish the watch has a juice if it doesn’t have a juice i’m going to go ahead and recharge it and then we’re going to come back with my impression now after spending a good amount of time playing with this watch. Let me start with the build construction. The build construction, as you guys, can see everything made out of plastic except the lid on the back and the glass on the front, which is a glass that’s i’ve, given them a credit for having glass, which is, should be more resistance than the plastic, the frame As i said, is a plastic but it’s, very tough plastic, and we have, i believe, five buttons, which is i’m going to explain all these buttons for you and we have the band itself. The length here will be 26 centimeter and that should fit any rest easily. With no any issues or whatsoever from the biggest risk to the smaller stress, i don’t think so. You will have any issues as well as we have with the 22 millimeter and the thickness at 14 millimeter, which is very standard for most of the smart watches. You can find in the market now one of the most important things to have in any smart watch or even regular, watches to be certified water resistance baseline has certified this watch to be ip67 water resistance, even that they don’t recommend you to swim with it.

I mean if you spill some water it’s raining splash water stuff, like that you shouldn’t have a problem with that, more than that, it might take more pressure and eventually leaks the water just to be in the safe side. If you decide to swim. This is not the watch, you must take with you. If you are going outside and start raining or you spill something on it. You should have no problem from the front. We have the iphd display and it’s color display, but it’s not touch by the way, and we have five different plans. Each one performs here in function which is i’m going to explain that to you and we have from the back the place we can charge, which is magnetic charging over here, and we have the heart rate monitor sensor and some other sensors for tracking this port activity. The main function to any watch, not just the smart watches, to know the time but in smart watches, it’s more exciting, because this smartwatch has six different themes or skins. You can go among if these themes and change to the one you like, and all these themes looks very beautiful by the way. The time is not the only function you get in the smart phone. Of course, the smart watch like puzzle w theory one has the ability to monitor your heart rate and read your steps and it has the sleeping mode, which is tells you how many hours you sleep every day and the watch also has the health reminder.

The health reminders – actually it should remind you when you should take your medicine or when you should start your sport activities now with modeling w31, you have the option to see all the notifications coming from your phone to your smart watch, plus your regular text, message, application And the phone calls, so if you are doing something and somebody trying to call you if it’s important that way, you can see that from your phone either you answer or you can actually dismiss it, one of the applications i want to mention to you. There is many of them over here, which is to give this watch any specific advantage that you can get messages from skype, application, whatsapp, facebook, linkedin, twitter, viber line, wechat, qq, sms and phone calls, which is the regular phone called the regular text message, applications now, the Most important thing before you consider purchasing a smart watch is the battery before we start talking about that battery, specifically in this smart watch. Let me give you my experience. I used to have the moto smartwatch running android operating system, of course, or google ios and has a touch screen, has connectivity with the wi fi it’s, more powerful smartwatch, but the problem that i had with it. It doesn’t last when the time i purchased it was last me like day and a half and then after one year i have to recharge it like two times a day it didn’t last me then i quit.

I threw it and i’m not gon na use. It again, this specific model has a 310 and it should last you five days or more, they put as average users five days so, every five days you recharge it one time this is a great, in my opinion, for smart watches. In addition to this, a lot of people don’t even get smart watches these days. Why? Because they want something to last longer, so they go with a fitness track or something last longer. So this will be combination between the fitness tracker and the smartwatch. You get notifications, plus you get uh to get all the sport activities. Heart rate steps all the good stuff and will last you plus looks very beautiful. Now. Let me show you the user interface in this watch. This watch is very simple. Actually, this we call it out button that this spine actually always take you out from anything. You go in just remember this button, which is uh at the top button from the uh left side, and we have the down button from the left that should take you to the menu. Now, if i want to go back just hit this button – and it should take me back – you want to go to the menu button. I just hit the left down button over here. Now we have navigation keys over here, that’s up and down, so that if i want to go step to the right or if i want to go step back to the left, i have to push the spines and then i can go for.

For instance, if we want to select one of the uh skins, we want to change the skin this line over here. It should be the the inter pattern, so you click on that one, and then you can navigate through these buttons to choose the skin. You like and let’s choose this one and hit enter, and it should update the skin for me now. You guys know that this spine over here to bring all the menu for you and this button to take you to the options you have, and this second option is actually for hardware rate monitor. So you have to wear it in your wrist and it should read your heart rate. This is for the sleeping mode, and this is actually for stop, and this is actually you can actually shake your uh your rest, and that should capture a picture in your smartphone that’s. Another way to take pictures. If you want to be hands free from your smartphone there, you go and – and loan me also this for your text messages. If you missed the text messages, all you have to do press and that will show you the messages you have received now. If i want to just go out of everything here all i have to do. Click this out button and should take me one step back. Let me see what else we have over here. This is for the bluetooth to show you the connectivity we’re. Actually, you connect it through the application, which is i’m going also to show you and the last option here for the battery level.

So you have the battery level over here. Tells you uh how many percentage you still have in the watch? If you want to just go back all the way, you should be able to hit this spine over here and should take you out. There is also these buttons now, if you’re, not on the main menu you, if you hit this button, that should take you to how many steps you have, and that gives you the steps, the kilometer or miles whatever you know the option you’d like and then how Many colors you have done and then there’s another pine over here for the sport mod. Now for the application, all you have to do, go to the play store or if you are using apple, go to the app store and type race fit pro, and you should get that application and then you can open it once you open it, it will ask You to create an account so just go ahead and create an account. You basically need email or cell phone number to create, is so easy to create account, and then that should take you to this uh screen or before you take this screen. That should also give you uh, where you can connect what basically, the application will deduct the watch as far as the watch close by your cell phone and then you give you others like a click to connect and that way you connect it’s so easy.

Now you have profile, you can just set up your information, your age, your uh toll that kind of stuff. You want and it’s my good friends that’s. If you want to add friends to and my device over here and let’s click on this, my device, this one actually flip wrist, brightness that’s, if you want actually when you flip your rest, it lights up, and this is very unique feature when you’re trying to look To the time that tells you what the time is and we have the hr automatic monitoring, so it keeps all the sensor on in the watch. You have don’t disturb. So, if you’re not willing to get anything on your smart watch, you can just put don’t disturb and you won’t get anything you can change. Also the format – and you can put the message – reminder the the goal settings. How many steps you want to do. There is many many things here you can actually and you can unbound bound unbound means like if you wan na basically disconnect and the watch still works. Even if you are not connected to your smartwatch smartphone, you can go. Do your sport activities, it will continue. Uh monitor your heart rate, everything, and once you connect it back, it should sync everything now, if you are willing to get all the reports from your smart watch to your smart phone, you go to record over here and that should first of all show us the Steps and then show us the heart rate and the sleeping, so all the information you can get off your smart watch.

Also. I want to remind you that if you are interested to buy this particular smart watch and some other type of smart watches, they have a plenty of smart watches on that website. Go ahead and please check the link on the description box for boston offshore.com and you can either buy this one or you can buy some other types of smart watches, and that was very much it with that video. Thank you so much everyone for watching. Please.