So, just before i start people make sure you follow me one of these social medias, as i always put up sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, people make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So someone upload any video you’ll actually be notified anyways. This is the w56. I have done a w46 previously so check out my previous videos and i’ve done a lot of other series. Six clones as well so check out my latest videos on all sorts, but yeah. This is the the w56 comes in a few different colors. I bought purchases from aliexpress. I’Ve got the silver version right here. Uh box is pretty basic. To be honest, got nothing else around it, except this sticker right here, which says: njy, tech and original authentic quality assurance. If you can see it right, there see that and we definitely know that’s a fake sticker, so that’s the picture of the watch right there pretty basic, as you probably would know, opening the box up – and here is what you get so you get uh one watch Band, which is the white color, which matches the silver uh watch and what else do you get? Let’S have a check so opening up this side, you’ve got the manual which is english and chinese and first well. This is the first. You get a full body case for the watch as well. I might have to check this to see if it’s my original series, 6 watch but we’ll leave that for a different video on a reel versus face.

If you want that, if you want to see a reverse fake, make sure you hit the like button – and let me know in the comment section below, because i’ve got a real cd6 watch and in the other part you’ve got a charger which pretty well. It looks the same as the original series 6. To be honest, so we might have to see if these actually work with the original in the real versus fake uh series, six watch anyways putting that aside, let’s zoom in to show you this w56 watch let’s see what it looks like. So this is a 1.75 inch display screw twin screen. It looks identical to the series 6, as you can see here. It even has the buttons what you press. When you want to take out the watch bands as well top and bottom. It looks the same. You’Ve got your crown here with the mic cut out in the middle and the power on and off button right there. It has a screen protector which we don’t need to be and it’s only the screen protector i’ve not even got one of my original uh let’s. Take that off, so you can see the full screen well kind of the full screen, but i can see a little bit of a bezel at the bottom as well. They are getting better at that, because this series 6 is probably one of the decent models. I have done a really good clone, which i would say is fk 88.

Make sure you check out that video. I will leave the link in the description box below that’s the by far the best one i’ve. Actually unboxed and reviewed let’s see what this is like. So take a look at the back. You’Ve got watch series, 6, 44, millimeter, aluminium and ceramic case ecg heart rate and bluetooth that’s. The sensor right there pretty basic and same as the previous ones, that they’ve been doing and you’ve got a qc pass sticker, which definitely is a fake as well. You know what they like uh, so what i’m going to do now is let’s power. This on, hopefully it’s got some battery life in it and you’re it vibrated and it actually says, welcome and it’s just loaded and there we have it so i’ve been told this has what we don’t want to connect to just yet well i’ve even checked, but this Has just over 50 watch faces just on here as well, and let me just show you so this loads you’ve got to get at the right place. There’S loads of watch faces. Look at that at least 50. there’s different styles, uh pictures and i’m. Pretty sure you can actually can we check yeah, we can check, we can use the crown. The crown does work check that out the crown does work. I never actually thought to use the crown to be honest. Look how much watch faces you can actually use on this w56 that’s.

The good thing i like about these so yeah it’s got at least um 50 50, plus even big ben eiffel tower. Look at that got loads, so let’s stick with this one, because this is the watch face. I actually like and look at that that looks decent, so let’s press uh on the screen to see if we get so you got your history right there that works. You’Ve got your calendar: does that bring it up now it doesn’t like battery percentage. It says: zero, that’s, no good and you’ve got a heart rate which actually comes up, so they do actually come up and let’s swipe it down. Don’T. Do it that way. Is it working or swipe it down actually comes up as your shortcuts let’s go into information don’t that want to swipe it down. Information watch six device and the model number is w56 release time that’s the day right there. So that is it when you swipe. So you can’t go back when you push the crown in. You have to use the power button, so you also got your bluetooth, your battery percentage, which doesn’t show your qr code uh. What we need to do is change the uh timeline. We need to change the timer on this, so swiping it to the right. You’Ve got your sport exercise. We can actually walk in climbing basketball table tennis, football and that’s about it. So there’s quite a few sport exercises that you can use let’s swipe it to the left.

You’Ve got your menu, which zooms out as well and let’s, see how much Music we can actually double tap it zooms in as well so let’s go to bluetooth settings clock new notification, sound where’s. The display check that that’s new that actually look at that. So you’ve got it actually goes down every time you want to use it so that’s a different style it’s going to display screen timeout let’s change that to 60 seconds brightness let’s turn that all the way up to show you and there we have it so let’s, Go back, let’s go back into settings. We need to see because this is actually different um when it comes into settings. As you can see, reset display volume, sound new notification, brightness turn that off the thing about that one. It just goes straight back into your uh. It’S got clock sound volume, you can’t actually change the menu style that’s. What i want to do in the display you can’t actually change it right. There, that’s, no good that’s, really not good, so let’s go into the here. Let’S see what you can do here. You’Ve got all your watch apps right here as well. Uh, your heart rate and everything like that. Qr code, your pedometer sport exercise and blood pressure, abc that’s, probably text messages what’s. This punch one wake up, gesture yeah, but we need that. We need the wake up. Gesture don’t worry we need it. We’Ll switch someone, so we have got quite a lot of apps, but i don’t see where you can actually change with it.

That one could be that one, oh yeah, we have it right here, so main menu style we’ve got nine apps. So when we switch it, that is how you can actually change it out. So you have got all these apps right there and taking it back to the menu you can swipe it up to connect and we’ve done the rest, so that’s the quick focus on uh. This w56 smart watch, like i said the thing i like about this. You can use a lot of watch faces already installed onto this watch, so that’s really good. So what we’ll do is put the bands on and put it to my wrist check out a few health apps and they will connect to my phone and have a look at what the features are like when it comes to making a phone call receiving a notification. Because have have been told you can receive whatsapp notifications, facebook, youtube, uh messages, calls and whatnot. So yeah let’s connect this right, let’s see what the how much delay it has when it’s uh we do the wake up, gesture so tilt it. Is it going to come on, so we have got about a couple of seconds delay for it to actually wake up uh. You can actually switch it off it. Doesn’T have always on display. You can just switch it off from there like that, and then, if we just do it again and you’ve got a little bit delayed, then it actually wakes up from there.

So let’s go into menu and let’s click, heart rate and let’s check out the heart rate. So it’s already measuring it. I thought you can actually press a button on the screen, it’s already measuring it, and we are going to see what we can actually get unless you have to press something, no idea so i’ll wait until oh straight away. Well, not straight away, but you got 74 beats per minute. It should be all right because i’m, actually just sitting down in my office reviewing this w56. So what i’m gon na do is check a few other held up before we actually uh before we go and check to see if actually really work so well well, so we got here so blood pressure, let’s see what my blood pressure starts with. I don’t think this is actually real, because even the original ones don’t have blood pressure as well. So anyways you never know they could work. You never know so. Let’S wait until this actually gives me some readings to tell you what it’s like 72 over 117 and that’s the recent one as well. So i always press the top one, because most of the ones i’ve done previously actually goes back so celsius. The temperature let’s go into temperature, even my original one doesn’t have temperature as well. So this should be, i think, i’m, going to guess, 36.5 or 36.7. This is going to show it look. Recent it’s been zero, so i’ve not even actually tried it see, 36.

0 see. So that’s how you know it gives you the normal readings, but don’t worry. We are going to take it off my wrist and see if it actually gives you a same reading or even if it actually gives you a reading. So, just before i check the other apps, as you can see here, it’s only got two to sign up. So, as you can see, you’ve got the calls messages contacts. Then you’ve got the heart rate: uh blood pressure and temperature that’s. All you have on here to be honest and you’ve got your music, so there’s three pages of apps and that’s about it. So what i’m gon na do is what all you want to see: it’s off the wrists now, what i’m gon na do is go into heart rate and let’s see if we can actually get reading. As you can see, the light is on right there. So uh yeah let’s wait until we get a reading. Okay, i’m, not gon na lie. It’S, not game of reading i’ve actually waited about a minute, but i am going to check by putting it on to something so people said before make sure it’s sitting on something. Like if it was on your wrist, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to check the box. So as i waited over a minute when it wasn’t on something or even on my wrist, it didn’t give a showing it just kept giving this.

So, as the sensor is resting on this box, we’re going to see now if we actually get a reading battery lock nothing new right here, as you can see, while it was rested on the box just under a minute, uh you’ve got a reading and it’s actually Changing as well 77 beats per minute for this box, so this box, where, with this watch, it’s, actually saying that this has a heart rate, the w56. So, as you would know, it’s same again, so let’s go back into another health app just to show you so let’s see what kind of temperature this box is as well let’s see if it gives you a temperature when it was on my wrist, it was 36.0 I’M, pretty sure it’s going to give you the same reading to be honest, 36.0 to 36.5. So, as you can see here, 36.2, so this box is a little bit warmer than my wrist. So as you can, as you can tell here, uh with this w56, the health apps don’t give you an accurate reading, which, in my opinion, is not really good. To be honest, if you want to, if you want to get one that gives you an accurate reading enough, i can read it stick with the original i’m. Not gon na lie so now what we need to do is connect this to my iphone right. The app you need to download is m active which the qr code is in the manuals.

So let me just switch on bluetooth. Go into the app uh. Would you like to use bluetooth? Yes, obviously we need to swipe it down, let’s swipe it down here this one, so that means bluetooth switch in that’s when you push in powers on and yeah, so let’s go back into home. What we need to do is also connect it. This way, search for a device searching let’s press device and device watch six and there we go it’s automatically connected um and what we need to do is pair it, so we can actually connect it and use um. The phone feature as well on the notifications, so we need to connect it that way so let’s go into bluetooth, let’s go into bluetooth right here and where did their wife feel that’s it they’re into preparing? So you need to connect it twice as well once for the watch itself to put all the details onto the app and the second is for uh receiving notifications and using uh bluetooth and everything. So you can capture that we don’t want to capture that so there we have it. So let me just give you an idea of what it’s like so when we press it there as you can see it’s dialing and it can go straight to the phone and we end it there. It goes like that, so your notifications as well let’s go into so, as you can see, you’ve got your notification from the text message, so that is a notification right.

There let’s press, cancel let’s, see if we make a phone call what happens, and hopefully you should get i’m calling it for my other phone. As you can see right, there it’s coming up there and it only brings the number it doesn’t give you the name. Uh and let’s cancel it off all right and there we go so call fails as you can see right there. So now what i’m gon na do? Is you got two notifications right there? So i want to give you an insight on the whatsapp notifications. So let me just find uh what’s up and here we go so let’s press cancel i’m about to send a whatsapp message on my other iphone and it’s it’s come on the phone. Don’T get me wrong and, as you can see here, it doesn’t you do get a notification, but it doesn’t actually show you. So you still get notification when the whatsapp or any other notifications do come to your uh phone as well. You do get it straight to the watch that’s good, because a lot of people actually said. Do you get what’s up notifications, facebook and youtube? Yes, you do um, so that is it to be honest, and if you want to make phone calls from here, yes, you can, all you got to do is go into. Where is it let’s go into dial, which is right here? Four five zero press call straight away: there’s a bit of a delay on to be honest and it’s on my phone, but it’s not on here, for some reason, no idea why but you’ll get the text message you give me the notification and whatnot.

So what else can we do on the phone and let’s message where’s the messages i think it’s the abc into the abc. You know that’s, auto, sync and whatnot. So when you push it in actually accepts it, so it’s disconnected no idea what it’s disconnected. Maybe the batteries, no, as you can see, it was 25 the battery. We need to actually check the battery uh test on this when we take out and check out the battery test and see what else is like. As you can see here, the battery is gone. Well, it’s going but it’s actually disconnected from the phone that’s. Why it’s saving battery from that way? But anyways i’m going to end this from here because um as you would know, you can actually receive messages and all that stuff. You can check that out. It’S going down because battery is really low, anyways uh yeah, so, like i said uh, you can actually make calls from it, and everything like that. You can receive notifications, uh the health apps don’t work really good, but we’ll still check it out to show you what it’s like, because the thing we need to check with this is the battery test, as well mainly will be the battery test, not just the health Apps as well, and also would it record your steps accurately as well that’s what we need to check in the next video. So if you want to see an outdoor test, which i’ve done the same with the fk 88, make sure you give it a big thumbs up anyways, i hope you enjoyed this video of this w56.