I have got my hands on straddos 3, a smartwatch by amaze fit well. This smartwatch is a bit expensive. If i compared with other smartwatches, i have reviewed on my channel. Obviously i have to go through each and every feature to prove it, that is it worth it or not, and to start with, within the video first we’re going to check out the features offered by this smart watch. Following with the what is included, what application you need to install on your mobile phone how’s, the graphical user interface of the smart watch, so by the end of the video, you will have an idea that is that smart watch worth spending the money. Actually, now the detail feature information is also available around the packaging, starting with the ultra power saving mode 5 atm water resistance, gps, coalesce and galileo in there bio track, which is kind of a ppg sensor, only do heart rate simple. Is that multi sports mode, all together 19 sports mode and have a option for auto selection too? So you just keep running it automatically detects it and off it goes next. One is always on display. Yes, guys. The display on the smartwatch is always on and it’s bright enough for the bright. The light full sun and the dark too come with the music storage, which is about 2 gig enough kind of thing, and you can also connect your bluetooth headphones with it too. We’Ll. Also show you in the video that how you can do it next feature.

You have is the o2, which is a v o max. This feature always comes in for the sports, actually guys, so do not confuse it with the spo2, which is oxygen saturation level in your blood. Now let’s see what we have inside the packaging within the packaging. You get one beginner’s guide to running from amaze fit multi language, supporting amazfit, smartwatch user manual magnetically coupled usb charging kettle for your smart watch and now and last but not least, amaze fit stratos 3 smart watch, which, from the build quality, is not that bad at All come with a sticker right on the top of it to give you a speculation that how is all going to look like your dial, obviously well from the side of design and the build quality, amaze fit can say they have done a great job. No doubt they have done it, but they forgot the one main element that the design has to be something comparable with the fashion. Actually, this one is not really a fashion to be honest with you premium quality, but don’t suit your hand at all. I did not like the design at all that’s my own opinion. Now you have seen it yourself what you think about it. You can tell me in the comment section down below, whereas looking into the display of smartwatch, it is 1.3 inch screen with 320 by 320 resolution, a fully circular mip translucent screen. So that means you can see it by every direction without any problem.

The four button all together on right hand, side starting with the select scrolling up and down and the back button. They also give you a clicky field as well the power of smartwatch. You need to press and hold select button for a couple of seconds you’re going to see your amaze fit power on logo in front the feature of having always on display works, great, to be honest with you, you can see in a bright daylight as well as In the dark, as well, no problem whatsoever with that part, i really like it to be honest with you in terms of that way, it looks like a bit faded one, but to be honest with you, it all depend upon what you want actually now the application Which you need to install on your mobile phone to communicate with the smart watch is available for android, as well as for ios users. Well, i’m. On my android mobile phones, open up, my google play, store and search for the application called amaze fit. Okay, if you don’t have this application with you, you need to search one and install it once install open it up straight away. Now to add your smartwatch into the application click onto the profile button and within the devices click onto the add button, then you need to click on the watch and watch with the qr code and now the qr code, which you have on your smartwatch scan. It simple is that, once your smartwatch is paired with your mobile phone, you need to activate it by click on to the activate button and click.

Ok on it now within this process, if there’s a latest firmware available for the smartwatch you’re going to get an update for it as well, well now it’s time to check out the amaze fit application, which is very user friendly and straightforward to work with. I have been using this application from other smart watches and seems to be working pretty fine. Now right on the home screen, you’re going to see all information about your health, your heart rate, your sleeping pattern and that’s about it. Then, down below you got option for the enjoy, where all the option with the colors or the options which you have on your smart watch, which means that you do not need to go into multiple options for your smart watch. Let’S. Suppose i wanted to change the watch faces of my smartwatch by just by going into here. I can actually download new watch faces on my smartwatch by click of a one button. You can also customize the watch faces if you want to by using the customize option in here next tab. We have is a profile, a very important option in here guys where you’re going to see within the devices your smartwatch and if you come down here, you’re going to see more information about the customization survey, the goals you would like to set records friends or add An account as well, where you can add different different accounts like your v chat, google, fit or straws as well.

You can link them actually to export the data. You have option for the smart, smart analysis as well as the settings within the settings. You can select the units the what units you would like to follow miles feet, metric imperial everything available in here. Now, if you like to see information of your smart watch by going into the devices and cinema watch i’m going to show you each and everything that how much is the battery left and when did you charge it last time you can also download more watch faces In this area, in here now after watch faces, the next app you have is for the application where, by going into it, you can select the what you would like to do. The application which is running on your smartwatch change the units of it information about it, and would you like to see the location and stuff like that, or by going into the heart rate, how frequently you would like to measure your heart rate after app settings? The next step we have is a widget manager, which is all to do with the plates available on the main screen. You can actually change him and add more using this tab now within the widget manager down below you go to some extra options available, so you can add them as well by click of a one button as well. If you want, you can have them all available in here as well.

That’S, not a problem and all will be available to access to next. One is a notification all to do with the selection that what sort of notification you would like to receive on your smart watch from your mobile phone. You can also use your music remote controller in here as well. By pressing for one button, you can control the music which is running on your mobile phone using the smart watch. Next, one is a more option where you’re going to see the update button for your firmware, or in case you would like to test the functionality of your smartwatch like showing the features like incoming call notification that are they working or not, or whenever you achieve your Goal as well check out the graphical user interface or, in other words operating system running on the straddos three, which is to be honest with you from my opinion site, is pretty much okay by scrolling from top to bottom you’re going to access the quick menu in Here, you’re going to get access for the quick excess of settings, selection of brightness control do not disturb, or returning of all the communication straight away and by scrolling from left to right, you’re going to access all the catch up menu, which means that all the notification Coming from your mobile phone and by scrolling from right to left, you’re going to see all predefined application, where you’re going to have an access for health, heart rate, sports activities, weather alarm, compass, barometer, location, timer, stopwatch music, sleep find your mobile phone and the settings in The end now, the fourth part where you can scroll from bottom to top, where you’re going to access the wizard, and here you got all information well arranged and it can be changed as well.

Let’S suppose the first option you have here is your watch face. The second one is to find your mobile phone. Third, one is the music. Fourth, one is a compass. Fifth is a stop watch barometer activities and health. You can actually tweak them. How you want them? Actually, by using the amaze fit application, you can change it the way you want it, and you can also have more options too, as well now, looking into the pre defined applications like one of the application, is a health in here you’re going to see information about How many steps you have taken calories? You have a burnt all arranged very nicely and you can also access it using the amaze fit application too. So, as your heart rate in here is going to record your heart rate and if you keep scrolling downwards inside in the application you’re going to see information like how high was it, how low was it? What time was it everything nicely organized? Then you have a tab for the sports, where you can launch the activities straight away, and here all together you have about 80 application predefined. You can have where you can buy click of a one button. You can simply launch it let’s suppose i would like to go for the walk simply when i select the walk button here, it’s going to get the gps location, my heart rate and it’s going to tell me that how many hours i can use the same application Part as well so that’s, not bad, and all the information is well recorded within this area.

Your heart rate, how good you have been doing your location as well very nicely arranged with respect to the compass data as well, not that bad at all. To be honest with you guys now to close this one by going the return button and you can pause it, save this all information as well. If you want to well, then you have a tab for the activities. If you run any sports, all the activity information will be well charted in. Here, then, is a weather. Is the information all coming from your mobile phone using the amaze fit application by going into the menu button of it you’re going to access more information about your whole week in there too? After whether we have an application for setting up an alarm by pressing for one button, you can set an alarm using the smart watch or you can use it. Your mobile phone to set an alarm as well in your smart watch, that’s pretty much decent and straightforward application part. Actually next app you have is the compass which again is all about the compass data of yours. You can show you north pole, south pole or whatever you want. I found it very much difficult to calibrate that one, but somehow it just started working itself. The next step we have is for the barometer. It will calculate the pressure actually in pascal available in front of you now, with the help of this pressure, you can actually calculate the altitude where you are standing very nicely done guys to be honest with you help of this one, you can actually know how how High you are actually next step is for the location where you can store the location of your current location.

Actually, where you are let’s suppose i pressed it, you get the gps search location and saves it actually handy information. To be honest with you, you have to start. The timer is also available in here. You can add the timer, unlike a countdown. Actually, then you have option for stop. Watch music. Tab is also available where you can download the music from your mobile phone application straight in here or connecting your smartwatch with the computer as well using the charging cradle actually. Now, application of sleep monitor is also available in here as well, which will be recording your sleeping pattern, and you can see more more detail in here that how you have been doing throughout as well next step is find your mobile phone, which is very easy and Straightforward once you find your mobile phone, you just press this button. Okay on it, then in the last we have the settings in here. You got option for the connection where you have a selection for the wi fi, as well as a bluetooth, following with the journal. Tab whenever i go on into it, it just throws me out of the back into the settings preferences very good, all to do with the wrist rising. What would you like to do with it? Double tap to open watch faces and stop auto recognization of the sports activities. Data synchronization button is also there by pressure for one button, you can actually synchronize your all the data which is coming from your smartwatch straight onto your mobile phone application.

Then you have a devices where you can turn on reboot or go into the ultra mode as well. Ultra mode means, if you’re, using it normally for 14 days with the ultra mode. You can go up to 30 days no problem within about you’re, going to see all about your smart watch and update your firmware as well. At the click of a one button. Pretty much straightforward options which you expect from any smart watch, have not really found sp02, which has been a common feature in most of the smartwatch nowadays. Well, let’s check out the performance of heart rate sensor, which is one of the best parameter you can have in this. Smart watch and i’ll be comparing the result of heart rate sensor with this oxymeter, which is fully calibrated and fta approved, while on smartwatch i’m getting 89 bpm swear as on oxymeter about 1991 that’s, not bad at all. To be honest with you, oxymeter is much faster and accurate as well. What one or two pulses here – and there is fine actually and if you look into the more detail of heart rate, information you’re, going to see quite a lot of information available in here which isn’t that bad at all. To be honest with you well detail with the time and with the help of application, you can see much more too let’s talk about the mobile phone notification. When someone called you, you get the full blown notification and you can also use the silent button as well, but there’s no option of disconnecting the call from your mobile phone and to get the notification from application like whatsapp works.

Great as well show up the message. Very nicely, too, if you want to see that – and you can read the message very clearly, but you cannot reply back to it down here. You could option for deleting it or blocking the contents of it fully. Actually, if you want to by pressing the deleting button, doesn’t mean that the message will be deleted from your mobile phone device. Option for playing music on from your smartwatch is also available, but you have to download the music first to start with. By going into the profile and in your smart watch and within the smartwatch area, you’re going to see the option for the file manager select the music area, what music you would like to download let’s suppose i would like to go with this one and then two Actually right and press the upload button and confirm, but press over one button on the top transfer will start by using the wi fi connectivity. Now, whenever you are in a file manager area, your mobile phone will automatically connect to the wi fi of your smartwatch. Now, once you downloaded the music within your smart watch, you can actually launch it by just going into the music application by pressing on the play button. Ask you, would you like to connect your bluetooth headsets with it simply go yes enter it in here i can see my bluetooth headphones and i can pair them by click of a one button.

Now, once they are successfully paired now, i can hear all the sound on my earbuds no problem whatsoever i can navigate as well can also control the volume by going into the setting in here by going up or down. If i want to now, i have been asked by many of my viewers previously that can we connect extra devices using the bluetooth connectivity with the smart watch? I’M, not sure about it, that guys, because here by using the music option i’m getting the bluetooth connectivity option. Otherwise, i don’t see it option anywhere, which is all to connecting the extra devices, so i hope, i’m quite clear with that part downloading the music on the smartwatch using the amaze fit application works okay, so as your pc, if you want to use it that way, Connecting with your earbuds works, fine as well no problem whatsoever too smartwatch is also 580m rated, which means that you can take a deep dive up to about 50 meters in a water, no problem whatsoever, so you can use it while you’re swimming it. For me, it’s, more or less like i’ve, been washing my hands with the smart, watching my hands taking shower even just my watches, my hands working fine so far to be honest with you, i’m, not a swimmer and i’m, always afraid of water as well. Well, here i am in the end of this video and i try to show each and everything about this amazefit estradose, my only and main doubt is the design of it.

To be honest with you guys and the price too, i let’s not forget that part. Now, if i compare the design, can i compare the straddles three with the amaze for gt2e, no chance guys look at this smartwatch and look at the design of this one. That is my biggest objection. I have on this stratos other than that kind of a okay watch to be honest with you, and that will be all from my side guys if you still want to know more about it. Do let me know in the comment section below or i missed something. Let me know in the comment section down below. I would be happy to help with that now. That will be completely all from my side guys. Thank you again for watching this.