I like i like trying out devices that are uh budget friendly. I want to say budget friendly so that we don’t have to spend a lot of money all the time on devices that you know, like. Oh, i wish i could have that because we’re always trying to keep up with the joneses, the joneses, joneses or whoever it is that’s next door to us and they buy something cool and you’re like i want that, but what they bought sometimes really expensive and you’re. Like i want that, but can’t afford that, but sometimes there’s cheaper options, cheaper options. So today we’re looking at this i’m trying to figure out who it’s by and i don’t know, banggood sent this to me. Here’S here’s, a link to it or here’s. The website i’ll leave a link in the description. Bluetooth call dt number one dt36, 420 by 485 pixel. It looks a lot like an apple watch when you just kind of glance at it, because it’s got that square kind of look to it. Hd screen ecg, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, calculator, music, camera control, smart, but here’s, here’s, here’s, the kicker here’s, the kicker it’s it’s, twenty dollars twenty dollars. My expectations is like what am i supposed to get for twenty dollars? Well, you and i are gon na find out what what we get for twenty dollars right away. Now this is regularly 50.. It says it’s, uh, 60 off right now, so again, i’ll leave links, go check.

It out check it out, see what see what you think: um here’s the box and uh we’re, going to crack that open, give it a wear and see what we think all right. My friends uh coming up: Music, okay, so smartwatch! Here you go smartwatch! It does look like it comes in multiple colors. You have a black, you have this pink color. I don’t know what color i got because again, it was just sent to me. We have a what is that? Oh and a gray, so this is let’s call it salmon just in case that’s the color, because i don’t know let’s go salmon right. Um looks nice again. It looks very apple, watchy, very apple, watchy, okay and scrolling down here. New arrival, yep new arrival, looks like it’s very kind of edge to edge in the picture, sharpest vision. The entire black background interface is integrated with the frame nice. Okay, because that’s a big thing too, when there’s a lot of circular watches or anything that has like a not a square, sometimes it gets cut off, especially on the less expensive watches. But this one seems that it goes right to the edges. That’S kind of looks kind of nice follow my trend equipped with three kinds of bezel straps and a variety of cool dials, yeah no i’m with you. Why would you not want that bluetooth call mobile phone sync, okay, cool all right, let’s, uh, let’s! Take a look! So here it is, do i have to yep it’s got tape.

It’S got a little qr code in the back i’m guessing that will just take you to their website, but all right box we get. This is this is what is this? What is this okay? This is their charger, so it’s got a little kind of like clamp charging just now. I kind of like that, because one of the things that i find is you know you pop something on a charge, especially a lot of the magnetic charges and if you don’t get them lined up properly or just pay that extra. You know couple seconds of attention where you’re just making sure it comes up and says charging, then you miss it so that’s that which is cool you’re not going to lose that either it’s pretty big and then here’s the watch right. So this on the back. Has your heart rate sensor and the little connectors, so this all you would do would be like you just kind of snap it in there. It even has like almost like little claws to kind of hold onto the watch to kind of just make sure it stays in place depending on how you want it to sit okay, and then you just pull it off when you’re done that’s all right. A little different i like it, though that’s cool anything else, the smallest little manual, oh it’s, not that small, actually, okay, i take that back it’s all right, so it does have the connection between the watch and the smartphone there’s a little qr code.

Now it may actually have the qr code come up on the screen, as always i’m, not going to necessarily read this right now, because i always like to see how far we can go or if the simplicity or, if it’s, simple enough. No, we don’t need this, because we don’t need that. That means you know everybody should be able to do this, because manuals are good when you get in trouble. So i want you guys just to see that here’s, an actual apple watch and here’s this, like it’s it’s, it’s it’s, this it’s the same shape size right. Even the bands that’s that feels like an apple watch band. This is a sticker, so it’s not that bright. So i’m gon na i’m gon na take off. Take off my. I have an apple watch, that’s coming off, okay and then so it is the pink one. I did get the pink one. So don’t even know that it’s, the black salmon it’s a salmon one it’s, not pink it’s sat it could be if you like, pink it’s pink for me, i’m going with salmon okay. So i want the dial on that side. I’M gon na say it. I can wear salmon pink whatever that’s nice, that’s, okay and see we’ve got that you guys see that it’s even got the color on the edge right so that’s, even that kind of and there it looks really goldy whatever. Here it’s got a bit more i’m going to say it like there on the photo, the edging and the band really really like they’re the exact same color.

Here you guys see that this has got a little bit more of a pinky purpley color to it. But when you’re just kind of glancing at it, you’re not gon na know you’re, not gon na know so. We’Re gon na take the sticker off again. Stick her off nope wrong watch sticker off! Look at that! Look at those side by side right side by side. It’S hard to tell hard to tell systems even got the nice it’s still nice and shiny, i love shiny. We do i like shiny things. Okay, so let’s see what happens when we turn this on. I got my phone ready just in case turning it on welcome to the thunderdome, with your pink salmon watch. It’S got a speaker that’s for sure that’s, not bad. Okay, so just tap screen english and that’s it. What does it phone is not connected? Do you want to connect all right, yes, power on bluetooth? First, yes, switching single connection, multiple connections hold on hold on you, go dark too fast. Connect, single search for new device searching okay hold on uh feels like it’s, a race, bluetooth, greg’s iphone. It sees it. It sees it tap pairing pair connected. This is the old one that i had so, but it’s connected that wasn’t that wasn’t bad at all. But what is it? What is it connecting to? Is there an app, maybe i’m gon na i’m gon na have to i’m going it’s i’m going here? Okay! So this this is a qr code on the manual.

My guess is we’re bringing up this okay it’s the only manual part i’m reading, bringing up that. My guess is that we need to connect to their own app. Is my my thoughts? Yep okay fundo get get in the fundo yep apple id okay, i’m. With you get in the fundo fundopro yep fundopro. All right touch: yep okey dokey. Now we wait yeah that’s! All right, i don’t want that that’s that’s, a really colorful screen, that’s very again, very aptly. So while this is downloading so pull down, we have now, you can tell the processor is probably a little weaker than that. Did you see that my battery’s almost dead too, but it has to like almost redraw the screen, see it watch yep right, there’s, your link, battery and uh speaker or you can turn the speaker off if you want scroll up from the bottom sync for a new Device nope don’t need to do that because we’ve we’ve done it already, but the app is finished. Okay, app is finished, uh, okay, first off before we do anything this side, oh there’s, all the like your apps right there so off to the side, scroll again. Anything well there’s, more and more okay back to normal, and that takes us back home. Okay, all right, let’s, open this. This is c fundo hold on allow all using yes, yes, okay, me not set yet, but you could do all that more. So this doesn’t have a oh.

This has connection to apple health, oh that’s, excellent! So for those of you that use apple health kit stuff, this has connection to it. That’S good add a device smart watch because that’s that’s what the box called it smartwatch. Yes sure current device i’m guessing that that’s it. I think, because i hit it there, it goes connected. We got it we’re good bluetooth call. What is that you can enable this device to support bluetooth call and music functions such as bluetooth call, bluetooth, music and other functions? Wow that’s cool find device unit settings right, yeah, ecg detection really connect apple health, so you can go and turn all this stuff on. If you want i’m, not gunner right now, all right and a user guide. Okay, now i i want you guys. This is this. Is the big thing, i’m going to say i’m going to say this because i think it’s important? We just need to be aware how much money we’re spending on this right. There’S notifications, cool and i should have got my time. 11 30 – is that right? 11 30.? Is it 11 30 out yep time it got from the watch? You just have yeah. You have to realize you’re spending 20 on a watch. Does it tell the time yes does it? Give you a whole bunch of other features that a 20 watch shouldn’t be able to give you? Yes, i think so so um and it connected actually very easily.

I just you just follow the instructions i didn’t do anything overly excited and then you just kind of come in here and you go through the apps and you figure out figure out what you want right. You come in here there’s all your step activity i’m wondering. If does that do anything, yeah go, go, go, go and then i hit that watch. Sync is watch, sync is going, no, it hasn’t got anything yet, but it even has even has the weather. Did you have the weather on here i’m wondering i don’t know again, i probably have to go in here. There’S got to be, i would maybe do they? Yes do they have different, so they have different watch faces. So there’s got to be somewhere in here. For me to change like the watch faces, smartwatch find device, bluetooth, remote, maybe it’s under me – maybe no fine device, that’s cool. Just in case you can’t, find your your arm. Somebody i don’t, know i’m, just saying smart watch. Is there disconnect? No, so if i go on that, it disconnects disconnect the device, no so no ecg, so there’s got to be something on here somewhere that allows united. Oh no! So if you hold the button it powers off, so i don’t want to do that either this way. This way, nope this way, is our settings on here. One of these things again, if you come in here, it’s it’s got to be able to change the watch face because the image shows you multiple watch faces right, even calculator that’s cool.

I like that it has a calculator. I don’t know where the watch faces are i’m going to say it. Oh settings, maybe here bluetooth, clock notifications, oh maybe clock clock type. There we go clock type. So now we can scroll through them. Do we slide? Oh look at that one it’s all like complicated that one’s that one’s nice! No, i like, i like the blue one i’m going there. Okay boom watch face yeah. Now the screen could be a little brighter. Oh that’s, the one that’s right there screen could be a little brighter i’m gon na say it screen could be a bit brighter, but again 20 bucks. I don’t, think you’ll complain too much right, that’s, that’s, seeable, just make sure you choose the watch face. That looks and feels the brightest. I guess all right guys, i’m going to leave you there 20 watch who would have figured you know who would have figured. I got. I got nothing else for you, that’s it that’s. All like comment share subscribe. I do have the link to this if you’re, like oh yeah, even if you got maybe maybe got a a young young kid or or a grandparent or something and they’re like oh smartwatch, i don’t want you spending that kind of money or whatever and something inexpensive. That looks right.