What is this a fitbit? I haven’t done one of these in a while fitbit sense, stress, management, technology, healthwatch plus ecg app. Did you hear that samsung, the health app and the ecg come with the watch? You don’t have to have a galaxy watch to use it. So what does this thing do up to six days of battery life includes small and large sizes, etc, etc, etc. Nice packaging let’s take a look: oh oh, full down you so i gave the packaging golf clap that was very nice, so good job fitbit. I love the uh fold out display easy to open i’d even need my knife, nice packaging. I love that it comes with an extra band, so let’s see wow. Is it me, or does this remind me a lot of the apple watch band, see if i’m smart enough to figure out how this goes on nice just kind of clicks right on there yeah? I like that, so the display is really nice, so far, let’s compare it to the other watch i’m wearing. So this is more of a square one, whereas apple’s rectangle, and then we have the samsung galaxy watch 3, which is very circular. So three different watches, apple fitbit and samsung and all very different, well i’m, going to set this up charge it, but my initial first impressions i like the design again this is the fitbit sense. This is a new watch for fitbit, so it’s, not the versa.

It’S, not the ionic it’s, definitely not the fitbit surge, but it does have some really cool health aspects. I’M excited to see the stress management technology that it has so great job on the packaging, ooh graphite, stainless steel case and carbon infinity band. So again, if you look at the bands very close, a little bit different, their small is smaller than the apple, but it does come with the extra band which is going to make it wow quite a bit longer. So you can see the difference. Move over stay puft, so that’s gon na add about a good inch and a half two inches. So if you have really big wrists, which i do not but initially yeah, this is going back to samsung. Actually i was going to keep it, but not so much. I already have the samsung active 2 from 2019, but it’s been fun outfield in with the new let’s. Take a look at this bad boy and i’ll give you a review soon.