What i mean by last video is my birthday vlog, but many of you guys know that my last video was actually day one of playing among us, but i just didn’t get to post this video until now. Go check that out after the link will be in my description, but i got this for my birthday and thank you mommy again for giving me this. It was actually very unexpected, but today i’m going to be unboxing it for you guys so without further ado. Let’S get started just saying that, like my hair is going to be cut off, but don’t worry i’m still here now, let’s start off with the size, because there’s tape on them so trying to do a little asmr, then the top yeah top um there’s. This glass couple over it so i’m guessing poppy let’s, okay got it yeah. I think you take it off like this it’s one side, and then you can just take the others off like that. Oh okay, okay, so now i’m going to try and actually take the garmin, the actual watch out the box got it. You got it kind of take that out. What is this is yeah. This is more than likely the charger there’s like a clip of some sort. I don’t know um we’ll open that later than the manual, because you know we always need instructions um in time for the actual watch it’s about to happen. Oh look at this uh.

This is very pretty i mean, even though it’s black, but still it’s, very cool. I can even see it on my watch. I mean wished, but before we before we open it, i mean we already opened it, but before we take the plastic off and try to kind of see what happens i’m going to give you guys a little bit of backstory of why i needed a new one. Well, first off this is my sorry that thing fell out. Let me put it back in okay, so this is my old watch. I’Ve had for about two years, it’s waterproof into your um battery warranty and all that good stuff. So, as i said, it’s waterproof, so i wear it everywhere when i’m swimming when i’m washing my hands, sometimes when i’m in the pool or shower because it was fun, i really never took it off, even when i was sleeping, but last the last time. While this was in labor day, i actually did a vlog on that as well. Make sure you go check that out after if you want to but um yeah, so i won the beach and then, when i came back out, the screen was black. Just like this, and i was like uh – please don’t be booking, please don’t be broken, but then my mom’s like how about you, sit it out for a little bit. Take it off. Maybe you just need to let the water dry out yeah.

So we did that and once we got home back once we got back to the hotel, it was still black and i was like. Oh, i just broke my watch. Unfortunately, i wasn’t that concerned about it because i had had it for a long time, but yeah that’s how my watch broke now that we are back on the floor. It is time to do the last part of the unboxing portion of this video on. Let me get in close to see if i can do an another asmr in three two one Music, nice and clean. But if i haven’t already told you, i honestly don’t think i did i’m sorry about that. But part of this video is going to be an unboxing of my garmin and then i’m, going to fast forward about four to three days and i’m going to be reviewing this garmin for you guys before this unboxing person ends. I just want to say that this um video is not sponsored by garmin. Garmin did not just send me this. My mom went out and bought it for me for my birthday and i just want. I thought it would be cool if we could review it together. So without further ado, let’s fast forward, hey guys, so it has now been a month since i filmed my unboxing portion of this video and that took way longer than expected, but it’s kind of a good thing, because i’ve got to know this guyman23541 up down around And backwards everything – and that brings us to our very first topic, which is the countdown now.

What i mean by countdown is basically the seconds of a minute 60 seconds in a minute, and i this is kind of a small tool. It’S not very important, but i like it because it is great for countdowns, like i said, if it’s for special holidays for new year’s three two one happy new year, that’s very good for that and it’s super easy access. All you have to do is maybe swipe some buttons and it usually comes back to the homepage, which is super good, just look down and count five, four, three two one and yes, you might not have to use it for everyday life, but it’s, very good for Holidays and events, another thing that i really like about this gun is that it is waterproof, and i know waterproof is a very big tool and very important to some, because i know some of you guys may be swimmers or lifeguards or you spend lots of time Around the water – and that could be very good, and there are some people who think water assistant and waterproof are the same thing, but water resistant is basically if it, if you dunk in the pool it will not, it will stop working and if water resistant, i Mean waterproof means, if you jump into a pool, it will work, and this is waterproof. So you can wear while swimming while taking a shower while washing your hands and if you get a little water on it, not that big of a deal just wipe it off.

But the one thing i do not recommend is wearing it at the beach because trust me, i know the last time i did. I had to get a brand new watch, so i very like how it’s waterproof and don’t worry about the beach next on. Our list is the battery life. Now mine is right now fully charged because i chose it like yesterday, which actually is very um frequently, but the battery life is very good on this. It lasts for about a week. It comes with its own usbc charger, and all you really have to do is plug this into a block, or if you have something else you could you don’t really have to plug into a block, but i have this huge, like power cord, i just plug it Into that little thing, and it also clips on very easily – has a little clip and these four dots you just kind of clip, oh wrong side, clip it on just like that, so it’s very easy to charge it doesn’t take long. It takes maybe about 30 minutes or so, but i do recommend you charging it while you’re busy or you have things to do so – it’s, not like you’re waiting for a super long time. Another great thing about this garmin is that it’s user, its unit interface flows very easily, and i meant user interface and it’s, basically where the buttons in the computer works very efficiently and very easily.

So if you want to go up down it, doesn’t take super long. Just press a button and it works up down up down, and this might not be a hoop a super huge factor, but it is for me because it’s good how you have something that works very efficiently very easily. You don’t have to take that much time. If you need to check the time, just press a button and it’s easily accessible, however, one thing about this is that it only has four buttons. It has a little guy running, which is used for exercising bikes running indoors, whatever it has a back button, which is actually super useful, go back to the page. You were just on and up and down up and down and a power brightness, and this is kind of used as an up and down, even though i have three lines on it: i’m still kind of confused of how that works, but i will have to do More visuals on that, but being how those very few buttons you have to use lots of combination, so you might have to use the up down button and the the up button and the running man to go. Set your lime – and i have i made this clear because i know this is – can be super. Confusing lots of combination can kind of be confusing, and that is what took me so long to figure out making sure i knew all the light combinations to get where i needed to be third floor for fifth thing.

Next, on our list is the wristband comfort. Now this is super important to me because i have mine on all day and i usually only take it off when we have sports and i will go to that topic next, but um. I usually wear mine a little bit loose on my list. So it’s not like something like this and mine. It has an adjustable. It has all these different loops, so you can put it in so i don’t think there’s one person that cannot fit in this loop unless you like, have a super super, tiny mist and mine’s. Actually pretty small but i like to keep mine loose, so i might put mine to maybe the i haven’t really counted. But i would guess, like the eighth or the ninth, because i do like to have mine loose but not super loose, so that’s falling off, but not super tight when it is sub king. My eyes just like this can move freely. Excuse that paint i was painting earlier, but really comforting and i don’t feel it doesn’t hurt like this, so make sure you just adjust it to your comfort. Now, like i said before sports. Many of you guys know that i play basketball and i do not like to have these on because first excuse me: okay, um, first off when i’m playing the game, you can’t wear anything on your list anyway. So i can’t have this big smart watch on and it’s, not when i’m at practice, it’s not very comfortable on my wrist, especially since i’m moving around a lot.

It may work for jack but i’m, not super sure. Since i’m, not really a runner or don’t do track very much. You might have to ask someone who does, but i know that football basketball soccer use a lot with your list and i don’t think this is the best thing to have on your list while you’re moving around and it might be uncomfortable and stuff like that. So it’s kind of a tip to not wear while you’re playing sports now with a lot of these clothes super good lighting. It has. I also want to add this as like: a brightness button like if it’s, dark and just buying the um screen, which is super cool, and there comes some cons basically and one of them is that it beeps every time you press a button. Now you can. Oh, i just started wrong. Okay, so, as you can see, i made lots of noise with that and this is kind of a big factor, because i know, if you guys might be setting alarms on this, which you can, it might be kind of disturbing to others. When you’re in the bed, i share with my sister and sometimes i’m setting her limes and i and all she hears is she’s trying to sleep and that can be super disturbing to siblings, family friends. So that’s just a thing you have to deal with, you can’t really prevent it and you can’t really do anything about it.

So that’s just one thing that kind of sucks about having this watch, but we are down to our veils effects and one of them is our color band options. Now i have done some research on that and you get to change your band because i know some of you guys do not like playing back. Some of you guys do. Some of you guys are colorful, and actually i have a colorful band which i have not put on yet, but let’s do it three two one boom look at that very very cool, like i said before many people with spans can be colorful or plain color, but Mine just colorful kind of splashes of lots of colors, which i really really like, and that brings us to our very last tip that is, it connects with the app yes, i had to go into voiceover mode for this one, but here’s the app it’s called garmin Connect and here’s the first page, the home page, and it shows your heart rate, your steps, how many calories you burn and it shows you how much you sleep. I don’t know how it tracks that, but it does deep light and awake and then show your stats from yesterday and the past week. Here are challenges and those basically weekly events that you can enter into while you’re, walking or running just really. Anything and connections are basically how many steps you’ve had calendars. How many things that you do? How many steps you get a day, how much sleep, how much what’s your heart rate! This page is just kind of extra things: it’s kind of the settings, but it’s, not the settings, it’s kind of weird, but let’s go back to my profile.

Here it is kfc 3.0. I made my little astronaut character. You can customize that as well and this tracks your exercises, so i do lots of biking more than running and it’s really cool how it shows you a map, apple maps, as you can see in the corner and it basically tracks where you go. It’S kind of like a gps, which is super cool, your time, your distance and your calories, and i did not know that you could like it until now. This stuff is just records, total things activities you’ve done in all, and then these are just extra facts about you. However, that is it for this week’s video. I hope you enjoyed. I try something a little bit new this time. I did a review comment down below. If you want more, you don’t want more or you like them.