So we got it for 8 000, which is a really really good amount for a smart watch like fossil fuels. First of all – and this is the charger actually, the installation process, the upgradation and everything is very time taken silly already in substitution. Now this particular thing is the charger over here and uh. It is all magnetized we just have. Let us see the different things we download pressure. Everything can be measured, but my phone is connected through this watch so i’m straight away, going to click on this or now because this was the phone joey harper connected her, so it has started to be so. I can locate where my phone is Music. So if you have this watch by your side, you can easily just locate where your phone is what’s our options, so it comes with a lot of features. This is the flight mode over here you do not disturb sign on which means that the phone is connected with the bluetooth and the 21 battery, which is signaling that you know it needs to be charged also guys why we already have installed everything, because it takes About 45 minutes to install everything into the watch, which is obviously very time taking and very boring, so honestly, what is it so that we can just show you what is in it so now let’s? So it comes along a lot of features. It is really nice and you can never get an opportunity to get such an expensive watch for just 8 000 once it starts to detect your heartbeat, your heart rate and your breath.

Your walks, your steps. You can also wear this watch, while you’re working out running sports um, while playing also you can easily wear this watch the manual that we have got they have mentioned in that manual, so it is detecting, normally um, but while doing any strenuous exercises any games, so It will be easier for me to so. You can easily get it anywhere on amazon on flipkart wait, my career, because the sale is just about to close so uh. It was actually an honest review and i first wanted to explore it myself and then bring out this video for you all. So it is a very, very good watch. You can get it and plus, because you know it’s like a golden opportunity. Getting such an expensive watch at a very low price it’s, not you know just that that happens every day. So up is watchful.