Modern clocks are tech based and smart, and these smart watches can track our heart rate. Call someone using our mobile phone can track locations and play music. The word smartwatch would trigger countless brand names that manufacture and distribute amazing smart watches apple samsung fitbit are few to mention. Smart watches have become a commodity to young generations, so we investigated the market to find out a great smart watch at a reasonable price that could be an ideal alternative to famous brands. The fossil mens gen4 explorist hr, stainless steel smartwatch, is our selection for today, due to its performance, design and usability. Here, we go we’ll, take a look at the product and specs before we get into customer reviews. Don’T forget to subscribe and ring that bell for more. Next tech reviews now let’s take a look fossil’s gen 4 explorers hr, stainless steel, touchscreen smartwatch is a spectacular smartwatch that you could use as your daily gadget. The stainless steel round shaped body of the smartwatch would immediately take away the attention of the crowd. The leather band of this classically designed watch is comfortable and it enhances the beauty of the watch. The smartwatch comes with the wear operating system designed by google and the os is compatible with both android phones and iphones. The watch comes with 4 gigabytes storage and 512 megabyte ram. That makes it quite fast. The google fit technology assists the watch in tracking your heart rate and it’s got a built in gps that assists in distance tracking.

The watch keeps count of your running and walking to keep you healthy among many different, smart features. Communicating with your smartphone is the most interesting function. The watch can receive notifications control your music alarm, setting downloading apps to your phones and several other features. The gen 4 smart watch has got a durable battery and it lasts for over 24 hours once fully charged and the usb charging is quite comfortable with a magnetic charger. The battery is charged more than 80 within an hour. The smartwatch is fully waterproof up to 100 feet in depth. The touchscreen is a vital feature of a smart watch and gen 4 comes with a durable, led screen with excellent touch. Technology touches are smooth like expensive watches, and we love it. We will now look into the ratings from users on this exclusive gen, 4 stainless steel, smart watch, it seems the smartwatch has got 4 stars out of 5 stars from a total of 1940 ratings since its first listing on amazon in 2018.. The watch is rated for several features, including sleep tracking, mobile app battery life, touch screen and accuracy. Here are some real users comments? One user has given five stars for the smartwatch and commented. The watch is an absolute piece of art, superbly crafted the looks are sure to turn heads nice integration with your phone with a great display and good interface. The battery life is the only downside, especially during heavy usage, when it drains drastically otherwise it’s totally worth it.

Another user has given five stars and wrote all in all fossil explorers. Gen 4 is a product that i’m so happy with and an accessory. That goes with everything i think this watch and the skargon foster 2 are the best looking smart watches in the market. That look less like a mini computer and more like an actual watch. Although some customers were dissatisfied among them, one user gave one star to the watch with the comment the watch is beautiful and the features are great. I love that it’s, a fitness watch and looks like a regular watch, which is why i bought it but and it’s a very big, but the battery life is absolutely abysmal. That’S. All we have on the fossil men’s gen 4 explorers hr, stainless steel, touchscreen smart watch for now, if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button and check out the description below for links to some of the lowest prices on the web. For this gadget still not sure about this gadget, we also have similar product links for you to compare in the description. Don’T forget to check us out at till next time.