yeah, ‘0. Music, Music b, so it’s in the shop uh it didn’t charge in yeah. So i had no charger Music, Music, um Laughter, Music charge. A Music Music Music do Music. My general personalization storage system display, so change watch face, adjust, brightness, sunlight boost font, size, better motion, small normal or large touch. Lock. Then how you go back! Oh my god! There you go alarm. You can set an alarm here by clicking the plus slide plus sign and then then contacts if you want to call someone it’s right here. I think so so let’s call my mom and see how it works. See calling him up Music put agenda very sensitive Laughter feet, breathe, ayan my fitness, not in sha, if you’re on iphone or um android lover, pederin, shadito um, it connects uh fossils watch reviews i loved it. This is my first smart watch ever so yeah, then i’m. Not good on on unboxing kakapsad, so just bear with me, so i ain’t you my weather, my wellness. It don’t watch it um, but using this one because it is built in speaker and i think that’s all basically that’s it Laughter. Of course i got my touch. It’S a smart watch – and this is my first smart watch – oh yeah, that’s yeah. This is my first smartwatch. She doesn’t know how to open it. Yeah i don’t know you open it. It’S right there i don’t wan na i don’t wan na ruin the box it’s.