There are so many wearables out there. Smart watches sport watches fitness trackers fitness bands, heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters. There is just so much variety these days and now there’s. Also a new beast. The honor watch es it’s, not really a smart watch and it’s, not really a fitness tracker. It is a hybrid smartwatch. Today, in this review, i will tell you why this hybrid of a smartwatch is the right fit for you. I will give you 10 reasons why you should consider this. If you are new to wesknow’s tech, news and reviews, we talk about the latest tech news.. We do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way. I’Ve done a number of reviews and comparisons with the honor watch ES, but i just couldn’t nail what kind of smartwatch or wearable is it. and i think i’ve come to realize that it is actually a hybrid. The honor watch es practically does everything that its older siblings do something like the honor magic watch two, except for a couple of striking differences., well, three to be exact. Firstly, it doesn’t have inbuilt gps, also, you can’t, actually download music to it, and the third and most obvious difference is that it does look like a fitness tracker. It has a very long display very huge, but very long display, and i do have a very strong feeling that this smartwatch hybrid will actually convert so many users to the honor brand, as well as move up the honor band users who are used to the small Slimline fitness tracker on the wrist.

, but they do want something slightly bigger, but maybe not as oversized or blown up like a full on smartwatch like the magic watch either 42 or 46 millimeters., because the ES is right in the middle. It looks like a tracker. A little bit it’s thin it’s long, but it’s got a huge screen. 1.64 inches is not to be sneezed at. The honor watch ES does the basics that most fitness trackers do like alarms. Event reminders has music controls, has a time and stopwatch monitors your heart rate, but then it has the following 10 factors that will make it a worthy opponent to any watch of today. Let’S check out those 10 factors about honor watch es.. The display on the honor watches is a huge slab of amoled. 1.64 ridge touch activated screen it’s paired with a great resolution of 456 by 280 pixels. that’s 326ppi. By the way five brightness levels available, as well as auto brightness. There are tons of watch faces to download there’s, also always on display.. If you don’t care about battery life, then feel free to keep that switched on.. The button on the side of this watch actually takes you away from the capacitive button that you get under the fitness tracker display and nudges you towards a more grown up type of watch with a button on the right side of the watch.. The button is not protruding and serves two functions, one to get you into your widget screen and to go back home from any widget or app.

for the sport activist in you, there are 95 sports, ranging from common ones like outdoor running cycling and indoor running to More interesting and niche ones like latin dancing, tai, chi cricket and even boating.. All sports and activities are goal based. What that means is that you can set up your sport modes with individual goals. Let’S say you want to do. Pool swimming. You can set up the time, say 50 minutes or you can have, or you can have a calories burnt goal or the number of laps you want to swim.. The watch will vibrate and alert you once the goal is accomplished., so we just mentioned swimming.. What does that actually mean? Well, it means that this beast is 50 meters waterproof and you can take it to the shower or the pool or the sea great. If you love your emoji, if you love the infographics and you just love gadgets and the way technology is moving today, you’re gon na love number five. It is the 44 animated gestures as part of a 12 workout app that you get on this watch. that’s right. There’S 44 distinct animated gestures. This is actually an amazing piece of kit. The animated exercises with gesture demonstration is a dream to look at and on top are great for the user that’s you and i. really it ensures we do the exercises the right way. The first time around. let’s talk sleep because sleep is when we restore and the honor Watch ES actually gets the infamous huawei trusleep technology.

. That tech is actually medically certified by the harvard medical school. So not only is your light deep and rem, sleep is monitored.. You also get a sleep score at the end, plus guidance and advice, which is actually referenced to medical studies on how to improve your sleep. And you might find this interesting. But we actually did a sleep comparison between a number of brands and you can guess which one had the best results. Yep it was the honor watch es. I will actually leave a link to that review and comparison in the description below the video.. The es has trurelax, which is actually a stress level, monitor that can be used on demand or track continuously throughout the day. In the background, on top of that, whenever you are feeling stressed out or having a panic attack, there is a guided breathing app to help. You relax and lower stress levels by a guided, breathing app.. The design of this hybrid is different and let’s talk about it. The design is quite convenient and comfortable slightly curved display around the top of your wrist weighing just 21 grams, but not only that it’s, not just the faces that you can personalize and download. You can actually experiment with any third party bands, because the straps used in the honor watch es are the 20 millimeter interchangeable straps.. A smart watch should look after your health and well being well. The es does just that with an spo2 monitor.

Basically, the monitor provides on demand measurement of the oxygen saturation level in your blood. This is a crucial addition, considering this medical tech feature can forwarn of respiratory conditions, sleep, apnea and so much more., the tenth and very important factor about the honor watch. Yes is its battery life, so, yes, the manufacturer does claim 15 days, but really you will just get about 10 to 11 days, but either way that’s over a week and a half. that’s plenty and in such a slim tracker you’re, getting all that battery and consider This. you’ve got so many functions: it’s a huge 1.64 inch display, it’s, fully touch activated, plus button you’ve got animated gestures and nonetheless, it will still last you a week and a half.