Thank you to those who have liked and subscribed to my videos. I really appreciate it. Please keep liking the videos if you would like some more watches. In our watch episode, we have looked at a number of watches with lots of different functions which at the time were at the height of technology. For this episode, therefore, i thought it would be good to look at something like a children’s watch from present day just to see how things have moved along. This is a progress. H2 kids, smart watch from 2018, which i got for my birthday last year, even though this is a watch designed for kids, it has a lot of features that perhaps are taken for granted when compared with the watch from the 1980s. So what can this watch do? Well, it has a digital color camera. What that rotates it plays games. It has a music player, a flashlight, an fm radio, a pedometer to count your steps and a calorie counter a stopwatch, and, of course, it tells the time all of that in a small watch that can be found on the internet for around 45 pounds inside the Watch is a rather large circuit board, with space for a micro sd card and a large rechargeable 600 milliamp battery. So let’s take a closer look at the watch. The watch has a plastic case with rubber strap and is pretty large at 51 millimeters by 41 millimeters. On the left hand, side you have covered sockets for headphones and a micro usb socket to charge the watch on the right.

You have a mode button, a reset button and the flashlight the face has a fairly large 1.5 inch screen whilst above that is a camera that turns 90 degrees, so you can take photos or selfies. The bottom of the screen also has a home button. Pressing and holding the right button turns on the watch into its default time mode. This has two views, an analog watch for you and a digital watch for you, as well as showing the time. This also shows the date and the amount of steps you’ve taken. The watch has a touch screen so swiping it to the left once brings up the games pressing. The screen shows a range of four games installed into the watch mould, building ninja running god of wreaths and brave monkey. The games are all very basic but at the same time, playable with good sound effects and music pressing the right button. You exit the games back to the main menu. Next, we have a bluetooth mode. I have not tried this at all. I believe it is so you can connect bluetooth headphones. The next thing on the menu is the camera and, as we mentioned earlier, this has a lens that turns 90 degrees to take a photo. You just tap the screen. The camera is 0.3 megapixels, so the photos it takes are just a thumbnail size and for a bit of next we have the photo gallery mode. Here you can view and delete the photos you have taken the menu then lead onto the settings.

We will come back to this later. The next item is the audio player, which plays mp3 songs. The songs have to be loaded onto a 32 gigabyte micro card, which is also needed to store the photos on from the watch. You can cycle through the songs and the watch has a great volume to it. Although for safety reasons, when you plug in headphones, it is much quieter and still the functions continue. The steps function counts both the amount of steps you’ve taken and the amount of calories you have burnt. This is not to be taken seriously, as i don’t think it is that accurate next we have a fm radio, which is actually very good. Although for this to work, you need to plug in headphones, which acts as a aerial, you can then search fm channels. After this, you have the flashlight pressing. The screen turns the led on the side on and off and to be fair in the dark. It is pretty good, so that is all the functions of the watch. We mentioned the settings menu earlier. That is also very good and includes yet another function with a stopwatch. It also allows you to change the default volume change, the brightness of the flashlight change the language and both set the time and change the format from a 12 to 24 hour display. So there you have it the 2018 progress. H2 kid smartwatch. I do really like this watch. I love all the functions on it and my friends do as i think it is a really cool watch.

My favorite thing on it is listening to music, although i do use all the other functions too. I do think it is amazing, though, seeing all older watches in dad’s collection and then looking at all the things that this one can do. It makes me realize just how much technology has moved on. Thank you for watching and if you enjoy these videos and would like some more watches, please hit the like button and perhaps even subscribe. You can see more of our watches at and you can see my website at