So these are the things that you will get in the box after purchasing this gadget, smartphone will get their charging hub and usb cable type c, and some manuals to explain how the phone works and um like any other smartphones for 2020. The way charging hub is magnetic, it sticks by uh, it has magnets, and after connecting with the magnets, you will see that and you connect with the charger the magnets they have is connected to the phone magnetically and it’s very strong. You can just when you just put it like this: it sticks and it can’t drop it’s very strong and uh. Does the two pins for charging? The usb cable is a type c, and it takes like let’s say one hour to charge to fully charge the Music. The smartphone and after taking the one hour to charge the smartphone, it can stay with the charger, depending with the activities it can stay up to uh two weeks. This is the bigger version which is uh, um, 46 millimeters, and it turn on. You can see the world logo and it this is the first display that you have with this phone. It is a smartwatch, the first display when you scroll upwards, you’ll, see the notifications and uh this one. You need to charge it so when the phone is on you’ll see that um this default uh watch face. You can have your heart rate, you have your dates, you have your steps per day and you have the weather.

When you sweep down you’ll, see notifications and when you tap the the side button, it gives you the main menu. It is very uh good. It has a good interface, so the good interface you can see does different things and the bottom key it makes you enter the the menu like let’s, say: workouts. It has different types of workouts as running out the working windows and cycling pool swimming up and water does different kinds of um sports that you can do trail planning and you can even add yours. Maybe i think you can customize for football. Maybe for those of you who are like uh like football and then it does like the records that you do, it has uh like let’s, say heart rate. Let me put the heart rate and it’s very accurate with the heart rate and very good so it’s. Usually, it also has the oxygen stress: it has a sleep mode when you’re sleeping and see sleep mode. It also has this uh stress management. It has some things to show you how to breathe, breathing exercise, yes, creating exercise, and maybe a stress, you’re panicking, which helps you. It has contacts also in the main main menu. You can add contacts, you can’t get all of your contacts, but you can add at least i think the 10 most important contracts in your phone. It has compass, notification, weather, stop, watch time, a lot flashlights when you put a flashlight, it turns on the screen, and maybe you can see some things.

I find my phone, it has settings in the settings you can connect with the ipads. You can do the displays. You can see different types of displays and i’ll show you at stretch and the workouts, so you can connect to the bluetooth and maybe even your phone display it has different kind of face watch faces. You can see it as a different types, so you can just do whichever face you prefer and the same way when you sweep to your left you’ll, see those uh notifications. It has other different types of watch face so it’s, very nice. You can do whichever you want, according to maybe how you like it so when it’s on you can see the phone inside to the left, see the notification, the music player, and it has quite a very nice music. Even when you connect to the bluetooth, you see the weather and the stress you see your cartridge, then swiping down from down. You see the notification bead of uh, so this smartphone is made of rubber in the straps uh. It has very premium material. It makes it feel very good and it has the whole body of the smartwatch is made of steel and it’s very simple, to put back or change the straps, depending with your preferences. Maybe if it’s you don’t like the rubber ones, you want a leather one, uh it’s, very simple, so um tell us what you like to review in this channel and we are doing all technologies on even they do it yourself.

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