Today we will unbox this huawei watch gt2 pro smartwatch right in front of the box. You can readily see the watch itself and, on top it says, huawei watch gt2 pro with the huawei logo, beside it Music and at the back of the box. You can also see some additional information like the color, the wristband type and where it’s made. You can also see a little disclaimer that this product is not designed to be a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease. Before we move on with our unboxing, i will explain to you how i got this watch. I pre ordered the watch in a physical store near us to avail of the premium freebies it comes with, and so i got the huawei freebot 3i for free it’s. A great deal considering it costs 7380 itself. So now let’s get back to the unboxing to open the box. You can lift the tab of the tape or use a cutter Music right off the bat. You can easily see the elegant packaging to get to the accessories. You need to pull the tab. The watch comes with a wireless disk for charging Music. It also comes with a cable for syncing and charging, so it’s a usba to usbc, Music and, as usual, it comes with a warranty and guide booklet Music. So finally, here is the huawei watch gt2 pro it has a sleek and modern design which can easily match any of your outfits.

Music. The watch comes with a black floral elastomer strap, but you can easily replace it with any 22 millimeter strap. You have when warned the huawei watch gt2 pro 46 millimeter is a tad bit bigger than my huawei gt2 elegant edition, which is only 42 millimeter at the side of the watch. You can see the two buttons used for the functions of the watch, that’s it for our unboxing watch out for the next video. As i set up this new huawei watch gt2 pro. Thank you for watching don’t forget to comment like and subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell to keep you updated when i upload a new video.