This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video is. I got here, the infinix band 5, and actually i bought it from shoppi during their 11 11 sale and it was only around six dollars or that’s around 300 pesos. Yes, all right! So let’s unbox it guys actually my first time to unbox an infinix uh band, so i hope that it is nice. So here is the box guys so in front uh. You have here the smart band. It also says: colorful watch face on the sides guys. So you have here the infinix branding and the infinix branding as well and the code here and at the back guys so there’s like the ip67 heart rate, sleep monitor, alarm, clock, sports, tracking and many more okay, so let’s open it, Music and okay. Here it is guys wow, it looks nice guys and i feel that it looks premium yes and you have here the screen. Yes, and this is the strap guys, it also feels premium, although it’s a little bit hard and it has lots of holes in it. So you shouldn’t have any problem, even if you have a small hand, guys all right and at the back, so you have here the sensor and the infinix branding. So i believe this is for the heart rate. Yes, so i will try to turn it on guys. Music. Okay, so i think that it has a low battery, so let’s charge this one first, all right guys, so we have already charged our watch and guys uh.

I didn’t notice that there is actually manual at the back of this white plastic here and, as you can see, the manual it’s in english. Yes, so you have all the things that you need, especially on how to download the application. Yes, so you can just read it by yourself, guys and uh wow. There is no chinese here, so wow it’s, pretty surprising, oh yeah, because usually they they always have the english and also the chinese instructions. Alright guys. So now here is the watch and guys, if you notice there is a kind of silver plastic here on top and the bottom, so it’s kind of design and the bottom also guys there is a circle icon here. I think this is for when you try to browse the watch now, let’s try to turn on the watch so just pressing this one here, the circle icon at the bottom. We have here the home screen, so you have here the battery level, yes and also the weather, and we have here the time yes and also the date and your heart rate let’s try to check the application of this watch. So we have this step so let’s long press that one so there’s, nothing because we haven’t used it yet, and we have here the kilometers. Yes, the distance that we walked. Yes and also we have here the kcal yeah. I haven’t tried testing the kcal, but maybe we will try it soon and we also have here the of course the heart rate so let’s check this one guys.

So, as you can see, the sensor is lighting there, yeah let’s check our heart rate, Music, okay. So basically, our heart is around 80, something yes, 89 yeah, and we also have here the training guy, so let’s check the training. So we have the walk, running riding and skipping yes, so those are the sports mode of this watch and we also have here the message guys. So i believe you can use this one when you try to connect this one with your smart phone, all right. The function so let’s check the function, guys, okay, so in if you long press the function, so you have here the information of the watch. Yes, okay, so that we have here the version and we have the reset and turn off and find me as well and lightness lightiness. This is very kind of weird i’m, not sure if it’s correct, so we have lightiness or it should be like brightness guys and that’s it. Yes, okay. Yes, my initial impression of this smart band. When you try to look at the watch, so it really looks premium as well and although the strap is a little bit hard with the price and uh yeah, i got this one for around six dollars. So it is really reasonable and my thought is that it’s really good and it’s nice for the budget, especially if you are on a tight budget, guys. Okay. So if you have any questions guys about the smartwatch just comment down below and if you like this video guys kindly click the thumbs up and also consider subscribing once again, this is josh and i’ll see you soon and guys.

I put some pictures after this video.