So let’s open it and check it out. Kids toy box. The package comes with a toby robot smart watch, a watch bag, a clip for putting it on your belt, a usb cable instructions, Music and a stand here’s the watch band. So you can wear it on your wrist Music let’s check out the belt, clip it’s, nice and clear, and can also double as a stand. Toby will counter activity if you clip it to your clothing, but will not track activity if you use it as a stand and here’s the usb cable, the large usb end inserts into your computer, while the micro usb end inserts into toby here’s. The quick start guide, which shows all of toby’s expressions and a summary of activities. You can do at a glance and here’s toby. It has two cameras, one in front and one on top right here, and those silver bands are his arms which add to his expressions and here’s the forward facing camera right here. Music, so let’s remove this protective film and turn them on to start him up. Just press and hold the home button for about five seconds: there are three main modes: toby mode menu mode and watch mode. Let’S start with toby toby has over a hundred expressions swipe up and toby will listen to you touch the screen and toby’s arms and legs will move shake toby around to make him dizzy: Music, Music, swipe right to tickle toby and make him giggle swipe, left and He’Ll get annoyed, you can even feed toby, treats just press and hold toby’s mouth and select one press, the home button to go to menu mode, there’s, walkie, talkie, Music, messaging Music games, all of which have three level: Music options: Music and fitness Music.

The activity tracker lets you view your daily activity steps. Just like a pedometer Music. You can set the target’s step goal by pressing the plus and minus buttons. You can also try to be says, watch the move. The toby wants you to copy and do it the number of times that the screen shows now abc is an augmented reality game that lets. You match letters or pictures in the cross, hairs to moving objects, tap the cross hairs to catch. It earn stars for each correct catch, there’s, also freeze, dance dance until the music stops. The third mode is the watch screen mode. Swipe left or right to select from over 50 watch faces decorate lets you see all of toby’s rooms and decorate them as you play games and interact with toby you’ll earn room decorations tapping on the treasure chest. Lets you see all the decoration items you have collected tap on an item and press the green check to add it to the room you’re in press and hold the item to move it around and place it where you want it rewards lets. You see all the trophies you’ve earned from playing games and interacting with toby Music. The camera lets you take selfies or photos with your device. Then you can go to the image gallery to view all the photos you’ve taken. You can also add stickers or graphic borders to your images. You can also use the video camera to take selfie videos or point of view.

Videos then go to the video gallery to see all the videos you’ve taken, there’s. Also an alarm clock where you can set up to three different alarms with custom. Wake up sounds a calendar Music, a timer Music and a stopwatch. Now you can also use the included belt clip to clip it on your clothes and track your fitness.