This watch is priced at just 2000 rupees and, if you’re planning to buy the mi band 3, but you do not want to buy a band because it doesn’t look like a watch or it doesn’t feel like a watch. Then this can be a great replacement for that mi band, 3 or honor band 4 are also priced at 2 000 rupees. This is a watch which also comes with a lot of functionality, like heart rate, monitor steps tracking, and everything like that. If you want a digital watch with all those functionalities, then this is probably the watch to go for. First of all, let’s look at the box, so we get a charging cable inside the box and that will charge this watch at 5 volts and 0.1 ampere. It comes with 100 mah battery capacity, which is supposed to last for 20 days. I’Ve been using this watch for about seven days now, and the battery is still at 50 to 60 percent. The price mentioned on the box is 2999, but this will be sold on flipkart at just 2, 000 rupees or one triple line, basically let’s open this up, and then we have the lenovo branding. Nothing is mentioned over here, let’s open it up. So we have our watch over here and i after looking at this watch, i remembered my childhood days when i wanted to have this type of watch and i had many of them, but none of them were water resistant or none of them had heart rate monitor, Like obviously at that particular time it was not possible, so this is the watch.

It comes with a very good material, we’ll talk about the build quality and everything in just a minute. Let’S look at the box content, so you get a charging cable inside the box. How do we charge it? I’Ll talk about that as well. You get a manual which uh, which is just a very small manual you can buy. You can read it by pausing the video here now. Let’S talk about the watch, so the watch comes with this fiber type material. If you have used any type of digital watch which looks like this, you know about this material. All these watches usually come with this type of strap, and this one feels fantastic and feels very sturdy as well. The entire watch is made out of this fiber material, so it’s soft to touch but it’s rigid as well. If i do like this i’m, pretty much sure that nothing is going to happen, the light functionality turned on right now, so that’s. Why it looked like that and at the back side we have the lenovo branding. Smartwatch ego model is hx07 and we have the charging pins plus heart rate. Monitor is present over here so when it comes to build quality i’m going to give it a thumbs up. If you have used any type of digital watch like this one in the past, you will feel at home after you start using this one. So this is the charging cable and you have to make sure that you are touching both these points.

At the same time, and when you attach the usb cable to the charger, you have to make sure that this one doesn’t move, because if it moves, then the charging will not take place. So when it comes to charging functionality, this is kind of useful, because this watch has five atm of waterproofing, meaning you can go up to 50 meters deep inside the water and the watch will still function. Fine, so the charging functionality or the charging cable is little bit weird. There are magnets to keep it in place, obviously, but you have to make sure that you have attached the cable correctly and one more important thing. Battery life is pretty good. I mean in seven days it just depleted about 40 to 50, so getting through two weeks with this particular watch should not be an issue, so i have no complaints with the battery life, but the charging mechanism could have been little bit better. In my opinion, now let’s look at the watch, so this is how the watch looks. It comes with four buttons light start reset mode similar to any other digital watch, uh, which looks like this lenovo branding is present, and it says sport over here. When you receive a message, you will get a notification like this one message, even if i receive it on facebook, i just received a facebook message, but it still says message: if i receive a message on whatsapp, it will still say message and even if i receive A text message it will still say message if i receive a call, it will just blink at school over here, and it will not tell me which person is calling me i’ll have to take my phone out of the pocket to see which person is calling me.

So this is one of the limitations when it comes to notification access, but this is supposed to be a digital watch which will calculate your steps and everything like that. So let’s talk about that as well, so notifications are surely limited and when it comes to buttons light button is over here which works good in daylight conditions. It looks a little bit different, but if you turn on the light in night time it looks fantastic. So my heart rate currently is 78, which is very normal. Then we have the bluetooth icon over here, making sure that we know that bluetooth is turned on on the watch. Then we have date 510, which is 10 may right now. We can also change this particular functionality by pressing on mode right now, it’s showing it we can change it to how many steps i have worked. Currently today, i did not work anything it’s just 8 57 in the morning uh. Then we also have how many kilometers i ran or walked. Then how much time i have slept, i usually do not wear watches any type of watch when i’m sleeping because uh it feels very uncomfortable plus. This watch is very big it’s, not like it’s mi band 3, so you can wear it and sleep easily. That becomes little bit difficult. Then we have the normal date, and this is the time and the time will always be shown in 24 hour format. There is no way to change it to 12 hour format.

As of shooting this video, if they release a firmware update with the watch, then i’ll show you add that in the description box below, if i have that watch after they release the firmware update as if you want to measure heart rate at any particular time, you Can just long press the reset button leave it and it will start measuring heart rate. I keep my finger over here, so the current heart rate is once again 77 let’s check the heart rate, monitor against the s10 plus s. Inbuilt heart rate, monitor and let’s see how close it is. So the s10 plus is saying that my heart rate is about 83 bpm right now, and the watch is saying that my heart rate is about 81 bpm right now. It is still measuring it. Uh let’s see what happens so. The heart rate on the watch is also in its 80s, like 82 83. So the heart rate monitor works perfectly on the watch. I have tested it multiple times and the readings were very close to the device and the watch. You can also connect the watch to your smartphone by using the lenovo live application. Here you will get all the things such as how many steps you have walked. How many kilocalories you have burned heart rate average sleep monitor is also present. So, as you can see, i just received the message, so it is saying message even though that’s a whatsapp message, it still says just message, so you have to open your phone in order to see on which application you have received it as i mentioned earlier.

So if you want to see how many uh steps you have worked uh yesterday, i walked about 2620 steps. 21 minutes of activity, 1.5 kilometer distance. If you click on heart rate, then it will show you all the heart rate measurements that it has done in that particular day. If you click on settings icon, it will show you hr automatic measurement, sleep and it will be shown over here. I once slept by wearing the watch and, as you can see so the light sleep was about eight hours and eight minutes. Average bpm was 63 one hour and 11 minutes was my wake up time average. I mean 50 minutes of deep sleep. Only i mean that’s that’s, sad but that’s i mean i can’t.