This is a mafum and the model of the watch is called x11, so we’re going to unbox it first and then i’m going to talk about this watch in a greater detail later on. So as most but most of you are probably aware, the 11th or 11th coming very soon uh so 11th of november is is the huge uh sale date in china and around the world. So aliexpress will be giving away lots of coupons and discounts, and my farm, which is this particular brand, is not an exclusion, so they’re going to be reducing their prices as well. Currently, you can buy this watch for around about 35 to 40 us dollars, and there is a good reason for that i’m going to be talking about that later on. But with these sales coming, you can get it cheaper as well, especially if you, if you gather the coupons and all those things so let’s begin the unboxing. The watch comes in a box like that uh just a plain white box. We all got used to these uh boxes by now, uh, obviously that’s the watch itself. Um, you also get in my case. I’Ve got two straps. One is a silicon and it’s a very soft uh touch strap. The other strap is uh, looks more like um, like a leather you’ve got a manual Music manual comes in several languages, you’ve got english chinese, dutch, russian, french. I believe it’s, a japanese, portuguese and spanish as well.

This watch supports quite a few languages as well. You can find out more about the languages from the link that i’m going to leave underneath this video, and you also get a charging cable, make sure make sure to pay attention that this charging cable actually has four pins. And for those of you who are familiar with these charging cables, we’ll know that four pins means you can transfer data across to your watch and we’re gon na be talking about that in a minute. So when i first unpacked this watch the first thing that struck me, i had a bit of a deja vu moment: um they, the bezel itself and the design of the watch, looks very much like the watch. I’Ve reviewed a very long time ago and they were called dt 78 very similar design. You’Ve got a metal bezel uh the whole the whole actually body of the watch is metal um and at the back of the watch, you’ve got a plastic cover with your magnetic dock, where you’re gon na charge your your watch, everything is made out of really good Materials everything looks really good, no sharp corners, nothing, so the production line is really doing their job great. So now, let’s talk about the figures of this watch. First of all, so you’ve got 1.3 inches display fully round display fully touch display as well. So no dark, uh untouchable areas whatsoever. The resolution is 240 by 240 and we also got used to that resolution by now.

It’S decent enough for the m for the size of this uh display inside you’ll find the battery uh, which is 260 milliamp battery and with a moderate use, you should see uh. This battery lasts around about sort of four to five working days. Obviously, if you’re going to be using this watch a bit more regularly, then probably expect for sort of two to three working days, but that’s still good, so you’re not gon na be sort of reaching for that charger every single day. The biggest surprise to me was that inside of this watch, you actually will find a separate memory and that can be used to transfer your music, which i’ve done already and i’m going to show you in a second, so this watch can be used. They can be connected to your bluetooth, earbuds and you don’t have to have your phone if you’re going to go for a walk or for a run, this watch can actually store music inside and you can store i’d, probably say about 25 to 30 decent tracks, something Like that, which is not a huge amount, but if you’re going for a short run, that should be more than enough. So the other big thing to mention about this watch is the ip rating. I haven’t come across anything like that so far, uh, so the obviously the manufacturer states that this watch have ip rating of ip68 and they specifically mention on their page that this watch can be used for swimming.

So you can take them to a swimming pool with you as well as they say you can take a hot shower as well as going to a sauna with this watch i’ve. Never ever seen. Anyone actually stating anything like that. Normally they say you can take it for a swim, but don’t take it to a warm shower or anywhere uh sort of hot, because the glue on the inside that holds most of the components together. Usually it becomes soft and it starts to let water through. So they have, they must have done something on the inside slightly different this time to allow for that kind of thing to happen. Inside of the wash, you also find not one but actually two bluetooth modules. One is 5.1, which is updated and it’s 2020. So it’s, really good uh, bluetooth, module and the other one is is 3.0 i’m, not sure what that’s used for so you’ve got two bluetooth modules on the board. Um the cheap inside of this watch is called gr5515 whatever. That means, but that’s that’s supposed to be. Like a premium chip, so um for those of you who are into that that’s, the kind of information that you’re gon na get also on the page of the seller, you can find this watch in different colors, like silver black or can be like rose gold sort Of thing, so this uh, the the body itself, you also can choose different straps different colors different variations.

You can have just you can have them shipped with one strap or two straps. Also to mention on the right side of the watch. You’Ve got two physical buttons. One button uh turns your watch on and off and also brings you back from sub menu to main menu, and the bottom button obviously brings you back from sub menu to your main menu as well as actually letting you in onto a menu with all the settings And all the notifications, and so on so let’s dive deep into the menu itself and i’ll, show you how it works so by scrolling from top to the bottom. You’Ve got quick access to your information. The thing to mention that this watch actually does have an option where you can toggle it, and the watch will inform you as soon as the bluetooth connection breaks off with your phone. So they will let you know that the bluetooth uh connection dropped off, and obviously you have to do something about it. So bring your phone closer or reconnect it, and so on, which is a good, is it’s a great feature uh. The other thing to mention. Obviously, you can control loads of things straight from your watch. You don’t have to go to the app itself. You can do things like uh turn on off your um alarms. You can switch a night mode in a disturb mode and all those things when you’re gon na be scrolling from left to right, it’s like a serpentine menu, so it goes round and round.

So if you scroll right, this is where you’re gon na be uh monitoring. Your pressure, blood pressure – this is your heartbeat, so it will monitor your heartbeat and it does it pretty. Well, it’s, not the quickest it’s, not the um it’s, not the same speed as a halo solar which does it um almost instantly it’s a slightly slower, um sensor, but it does it really well so every single time and it will not actually measure heart rate. If you put it on a table or like some watches, do when you, when you hold it in the air, obviously this is where you can control and track your sleep monitoring, that’s a fairly standard feature across most of the watches. I had this on my wrist today: uh that’s, how many steps i’ve done and they are fairly accurate, i’d, say probably 50 to 60 steps either way per day. It’S, not a bad um result. I think it’s fairly good from scrolling from bottom to top uh. You go to your music options and this is quite interesting. First of all, this is a um, quite a rich media player, because obviously you can play your tracks. You can scroll your tracks, you can also control the volume of the tracks played and also, if you, if you press those three little buttons there, you get to choose where the music gon na be coming from. So, for instance, i can choose from phone, and that means that all of my controls now so play pause.

Rewind and all those things will be controlling music played on my phone, whereas if i choose watch that means that the music will be played from the watch itself and you can transfer music from your laptop from your computer using your power cable, all you have to Do is just connect; it uh, your your computer will find it as a new drive and you just throw some music in it. The only thing i would say is if you know how to do it, download your mp3 files and then just to download any like free software of the internet, which will allow you to slightly reduce the size of your tracks so by reducing the quality of the Tracks but you’ll be able to show more music into this watch and all you have to do then, is you choose your watch uh just there and then you can pair your wireless earbuds to the watch itself and voila you’re good to go so you can play Music, you can go for a run. You can leave your phone at home. You know pops your uncle, so you don’t have to carry a massive phone with you at all the times great feature – and i think just this feature on its own really really sort of pays for the price of the watch. There’S. 35. 40. Us dollars. I think it’s really worth it so what i’ll do now is uh just for the sake of it.

I’Ll show you how the uh the sound comes from uh, obviously there’s a little little speaker just underneath there, so you can have a quick, listen to how the sounds. The sound comes from the watch itself, because you don’t have to connect the earbuds. You can actually play the music through the watch itself, so you can control. You can control the volume. What i’ll do now is i’ll move my microphones closer, so you can hear it better Music. It was a fairly quiet track, but you you get an idea. That’S that’s what you can expect from the watch itself, so um. The reason why this speaker is there and the reason why the microphone is there is because you actually can um. You can call people on this watch and, whilst out and about today, whilst we were doing uh some clothing shopping. My wife rang me up and these watch connected to my phone um automatically and i was in the middle of the shop actually talking to my wife through the watch itself, and i must admit the experience was something new, but it was, it was acceptable. You could actually hear her in the in the in the loud environment and she could hear me clearly um, unfortunately, i’m not going to be adding like the the actual sound of the microphone and all those things. But just just believe me on that one. It sounds. Okay, it sounds fine for what it is and it’s coming from the device like that.

It sounds absolutely fine, obviously, to make a phone call. You have to have your phone connected, because this watch does not support sim card, so it cannot make phone calls on its own, but you know that that’s that’s what it is. Oh now, let’s go to the main menu and i’ll walk you through some of the features um so to get to the main menu. All you have to do is press bottom button, just like so and we’re gon na start by uh, taking a quick, closer look to about the sports mode. So when you press sport um first of all, the thing that i pretty like about the new outcoming sort of watches is that the um, the sport regimes uh they actually come in different um categories, so things like running and walking. First of all, you see it outdoors and then you can take measurement for the same exercise but indoors, which i think is fantastic, because that can vary quite uh dramatically because obviously indoors is a repetitive run uh and it doesn’t change. Whereas when you go to outdoors, obviously the terrain changes and you can run up and down up and down the temperature changes, your your body, experiences different temperatures and weather conditions, and you have to stop and run and stop and run and all those things. So this is quite handy and i think all the watch should include indoor and outdoor exercise activities and, as you can see, that’s all of those activities just there.

Obviously you can check you can check your um step count. You can see how many calories you’ve burned. How many miles or kilometers you travel, how many steps you’ve done per day, that’s quite useful? Like i said you can you can track your sleep? Obviously, heart rating blood pressure, uh monitoring. This is where you can call um, and this is like a manual call. So, for instance, if you want to, if you know, someone’s number, you can just quickly just dial the number but that’s not just gon na happen quite often, but the other thing to do is to go to your contacts. Um and obviously you have to connect it to you, put to your phone, but i’ve done it yesterday and what basically happens it duplicates your phone book from your phone and you get all your contacts, and all you have to do is just you just press contacts. You scroll through you find the person you want to dial you press and you can ring them just like so so then you can go to call log, for instance. This is where i’ve ranked my wife – and this is where i was trying to bring myself and i tried several other phone numbers. So you can see it remembers quite a few numbers and i believe, that’s quite handy right now. Let’S just have a look at the notifications, how they come through and what can you actually do with them? So, for instance, i’ve got a notification just there.

I can read it through if it was longer, you can actually scroll it through and if you press the delete, op delete, option comes up and you can delete the message um. You also only get three messages stored at any given time and they normally pop up on your screen. They stay there for two or three seconds. Then they disappear and they just get saved in this little menu. Just here, obviously, you can set your alarm. You can toggle it on and off so, for instance, eight o’clock for me um then you’ve got the usual. Stop watch uh! Nothing! Fancy there same with the countdown. So this this is your timer um, really useful, and the thing that i love about the watches when they do that is you can set your timer. For instance, if you start cooking uh, you set your timer for whatever time you need to set, and then you can actually exit the menu and the timer is going to keep on going without burning the battery without actually you’ve got a music control. You can find your phone usual stuff, uh female, so that’s like period for females. You can you can track it. You can do all sorts of things. The brightness i haven’t seen it for a long time. Usually it goes with between, like a four um, four like a range of four uh. This is where you can actually toggle all the way to twelve um and the screen does get really bright.

I haven’t had a single issue using it in a day light, especially with the sunlight that we had today. Uh. The other thing you can control is the auto lock but that’s. Basically, how soon your screen will uh turn itself off and you can go all the way to 30 seconds. The thing that i liked about that is some people will appreciate it. Some people will not is actually you can change it by a second. So not your usual 5 seconds 10 seconds whatever, but you can actually change it by a second. So a really great thing, then, straight from here you can turn on and off a certain thing. So, for instance, like a pulse rate monitoring uh set to auto you, can you can turn it on and off in the watch itself? Uh, you can uh turn on the disconnect alert. So when your bluetooth gets disconnected, the watch will vibrate and it will let you know that the bluetooth is disconnected and all those sort of things which are usually controlled through the app only you can control here as well. And finally, let me show you some of the um watch faces, so this is the main watch face and i’m gon na shut up and i’m gon na scroll through, and you will get a better idea of how many watch faces there are and what sort of Watch faces you will get so this has to be my favorite watch face um and because it’s very informative.

It tells you absolutely everything that tells you the date how many steps you’ve done. What was your last measuring of your heart rate and all those things um? Unfortunately, there are only six watch faces. We come accustomed to that as well uh. They are not expendable and i don’t think they will be expendable, but six watch faces is something you can easily leave with um. Comparing to my halo solar, which only has four watch faces, you know six is even better and we’re going to compare them together as well. You can see the difference in screens the sizes and all those things um and for today’s video. Let me just summarize it real quick. This watch i’m sure will be really popular amongst users, because when i first did my review of dt 78, the video went viral and it exploded, and it is one of the most viewed uh videos that i’ve uploaded on youtube to today’s date and they look exactly The same there is something there’s something about this particular design: it’s round: it’s, simple it’s, clean and people. For some reason, people just absolutely in love with it um compared to the dc dt78. This watch got so much more to offer. You’Ve got microphone. You got speaker, you can actually store music inside, which is, i think, it’s great great idea. It’S great option – and i think all of the watches from now on – should have it, because, when you’re gon na do your physical activities, you don’t have to bring your phone with you, which makes your life that much simpler uh.

You know the battery lasts decent amount of time, it’s not like they’re, going to be draining themselves out every single day. So you can expect a good three to four five, maybe five working days as long as you’re not going to be talking on the phone talking on the watch, all the time you’re just gon na be using them as a watch they’re gon na measure, your heart Rate and things like that, so they’re going to last for a long time um. I just want to say a huge thank you to mafaam uh for sending this watch to me for for free. This is the first time i’ve ever experienced anything like that. I’M. Really impressed with the watch and i really highly recommend and if you want to buy yourself this watch and you want to make sure that you’re buying a decent product similar product to what actually came into my hands and gon na last and gon na. Be. You know gon na be providing you with a good quality, make sure to uh. Follow the links down below uh, literally you’re, just going to be taken to the map. Farm watch store, um and i’m sure they’re going to send you a decent product which you’re going to be happy with. Obviously, with 11 11 coming approaching soon, uh make sure you be quick uh to place your orders, because this is gon na make a fantastic christmas present as well and with all the covet situation in the world i’d.

Probably do it um earlier than later, because i know that, for instance, in the uk royal mail is going to be struggling very soon because of the amount of parcels going to be stuck on the customs and all those things. So if you want to secure things like that, make sure you do it sooner than later. I hope this video has been helpful, uh once again, huge thanks to my farm to set up for sending this watch to me. Um um make sure if you’ve got any more questions, guys comment down below and i’ll do my best to answer your questions as soon as i can um and yeah great watch for the great price um not much more. I can say about that.