It is this huge and it says the leap to next gen right, so our realme is launching a lot of new aiot products and basically that means a lot of type products here. So i’m super excited to share with you. What came in this box? Of course, apart from that, there is also my favorite item in there, the smartwatch, the latest smartwatch from realme. So without further ado, let’s check out all the cool stuff um sent over by real me and unbox. Each and every one of the items let’s go all right guys so uh we’re going to start with the unboxing by just popping off the lid first and oops. All right guys so let’s start off with the unboxing by popping the lid and seeing what’s inside so here it says: yo congrats for being the first in malaysia to experience another dare to leap journey, all right, let’s, sleep together and here we can see that in The box, we already have a lot of items here, waiting for me to unbox, so let me just try and attempt to open this with one hand. I think it should go this way. So let me just unbox it right. There uh yep, you might have seen another hand in there, but no worries yeah. Here we do have the whole range of cool products. That real me is launching. Uh starts off with the real me. Smart camera 360 looks pretty cute here.

Of course, this is the smart wearable. The real me watch s very excited to unbox this and really test this out, because this is the latest and best realme smartwatch to date. Moving on, we also have the realme buzz air pro, so this is going to provide you some pretty decent audio quality. Moving on down the range, we do also have another realme, but wireless pro all right, so this looks more like for the sporty kind of person. If you’re going on for your runs, these look like the perfect earphones for you to use. Last but not least, um real me is taking care of your oral hygiene. This is the n1 sonic electric toothbrush looks pretty cool, very interesting design here. I’Ve never used i’ve not really used electric tube brushes, but this should provide some smart hair for you and yeah. I do see something here, it’s time to check out their latest products, catch them on their live stream, 3 december 12 p.m. All right, let’s start off with the unboxing and just take a look at all these products, all right guys so we’re going to unbox everything in its sequence, so we’re going to start off. First, with the real me smart cam here, i think i kind of dropped this box earlier on. So it sounds a bit shaky on the inside, but just a couple of specs here, it’s a 1080p 360 degrees panoramic vision, voice feedback, infrared at night yep seems like a pretty decent camera.

Let me just pop this open, so i can show you how it looks like this looks like a cute guy, so it looks like a mini robot, uh, yeah, very cool stuff right here: okay, let’s move on to the next product for now put this here. For a minute, all right, so moving on let’s check out the real me watch s so like i said this is the main one that i’m really looking forward to so i’m, going to unbox this very quickly, um, try and get this out. But, oh before i do that, let me just check out the stats. We have a 1.3 inch display heart rate, monitor spo2 readings, a 16 sport modes, a long battery life. I don’t know how many days and, of course, our water resistance. So you can bring this to swim. I suppose yeah more info on that will come in my full review, but let’s unbox this guy first and see how the watch looks like so let’s try and get this open and whoa. This looks really good guys, um, not sure if you can see it very clearly in the camera. Let me just try and zoom in so we have a round circular face here with a couple of dollars on the top. Uh looks like a really nice watch here. I’M gon na remove it for a moment. Okay, so this is uh how the redmi watch looks like and on first impressions.

It feels a bit light weight which is actually perfect because you’re going to have this watch on your wrist for most of the days. So you don’t want it to be very heavy and uncomfortable. Also. The rubber bands here, the silicone straps fuse – are really nicely built very high quality, quite thick right here, and it comes with this latches at the back here. So you can swap out the straps for other straps, but yeah. This is how the watch looks like i’ll definitely be doing this full review in a in a complete, separate video to test out this watch and share with you guys on whether this is a good watch instead, all right. So the next item on the list is this uh real me, but air pro i know my table is very messy right now. Let me just put that aside and unbox this, for you guys to see so the real me buds air pro it has oh wow. This has anc active noise cancellation. It also has a super low latency. So real me is definitely aiming this at the gamers 24 hours of playback, a 10 millimeter boost bass boost driver, so you should have some pretty good audio quality here. Yeah i’ll definitely be trying this out as well, but for now i’m, just going to unbox this and show you guys how it actually looks like so very quickly. Let’S get this open as well. Okay, sometimes we long for the silent world in order to hear the truth.

Interesting words there and let’s remove this for a second and there you have it again very cute, uh form factor from real me. Let me try and tear this open okay, so this is very shiny. It looks pretty good. The latch fillers actually are quite uh. Quite nice definitely very addictive to open and close like this, but yeah. So this is how the bus looks like, and let me just remove this, so you can see clearer. This is the real me buzz air pro that you get in the box. So all right, move on to the next item. Let’S put it down for a second all right. So the fourth item that we’re going to unbox is this uh realme box wireless pro looks really cool in this huge box here at the bottom here it says a high res audio so expect to have some pretty good audio coming from this guy. Let me just unbox this very quickly as well, so let me try and just cut it open and we should see it fairly quickly, all right, so it says here again anc it does comes with anc very good. Apart from that, we also have a sony, ldac hi res audio 22 hours of playback magnetic instant connect and a couple more stuff that you can see on the screen right here. So let’s open this up and check it out all right. This is fairly easy to open and wow again very nice colors here the black and yellow for real me’s color, but yeah i’m not going to take this off.

But this is essentially how it looks like maybe i’ll just take it off, because it already has a tab right here. So yeah let’s see how this looks like and looks pretty cool again. Let’S. Try out this magnetic stuff. Uh sticks pretty well feels very nicely built. Actually, i love this the smoothness of this rubber right here, but definitely have to try it out myself to see how well it performs. We have a couple of volume buttons here, so you should be able to answer calls on this device right here – very cool, very nice, very nice i’m very happy with this wireless earbuds right here, all right and last but not least, let’s unbox. This toothbrush right here i’ve never actually unboxed a toothbrush on limb review. So this is going to be interesting but yeah. I guess lim reviews is unboxing. Two brushes now so let’s check out what comes in this box right here, uh it’s already making a lot of noise uh. I guess the two brush wants to get out of this box right here, all right guys. So this is the sonic electric toothbrush. That is being sold by real me. Looks really small here, i’m, not too sure about using this kind of toothbrush, but seems like it charges up over usb type c, so that’s a good thing. Let me just give you a clearer view. This is literally lim reviews doing a toothbrush unboxing all right guys, i think that’s pretty much it for this video uh.

Let me just bring that watch back, because that is my favorite item. Out of everything that i just unboxed uh. The watch is definitely my favorite. So if you guys want to see like a full uh review of this smartwatch don’t forget to stay subscribed like this video. If you like it and yeah i’ll, see you guys in the next one massive. Thank you to real me for sending this in once again and yeah stay safe.