This is the noise uh. The noise fit evolve sport, so i had this particular watch for uh about a year or so, and the thing is today i’m going to unbox. This particular watch and uh the best part is, i got a replacement for this watch, which is actually you can see from here. The may 2020 version. This is the most updated. Version comes with the 5.3 amoled screen and bluetooth version 5, and this is one of the best watches guys you can buy as a free fitness freak. I have lot many watches uh, i almost own like two or three of them. So two being fossil, so one of the things what i like about this particular watch is it’s very inexpensive and it comes with this particular charger, guys uh it’s, a nice uh. You know pogo pin style connecting watch, so we have the manuals and all let’s see. What’S staying in the boxes, so here we have the main watch and the thing with this watch is it’s very sturdy, and it is nicely built guys if you’re looking for a watch which you can use for a very long amount of time, then i highly recommend This particular watch, this watch is almost uh, the ip60 uh, not the 5 atm rating. It have so got all these nice slim bezels, and this smartwatch is basically recommended for those people who are looking for something like a stylish kind of you know outlook.

So you can just wear this particular watch even on something like a suit, and i i do not recommend because analog watches look good. So once you click on this, let me get it started. So if you swipe from bottom, it shows you the notifications and if you just swipe it, maybe from top it, it will be just showing you the quick settings. Okay, so we have like around 80 of the battery life. One more thing i want to tell you guys is the battery life of this watch is brilliant. It is almost uh. You know just next level, guys i’m almost getting a battery life of about uh, maybe some somewhat like uh 10 days to 15 days, and this is for those people who just want a fitness tracker on their wrist and do not bother about you know. You know like these are one of the one watch faces you have so, as i would say, this is actually for those people. You know who are looking for a basic fitness tracker, which also looks like a particular watch, and you can have these particular watch faces and especially the analog ones looks good, but i would rather keep it uh. You know simple as a digital watch and another thing. This looks quite similar to this galaxy watch. Active uh, you know you even the design, even the build, is almost like a galaxy watch active guys, so certain faces like this yellow one and all it’s, almost the same as a galaxy watch active.

So i used to get many compliments saying that you know you actually purchased a galaxy watch active um, okay and let’s see what are the features you have the heart rate monitor over here, and this shows you, the you know, quick toggles in the number of steps Which are taken for the day and stuff like that, and you got a very good heart rate sensor. It was accurate, but it was not that uh apple watch while i cure it – and this is good – this is good, for you know like sort of a basic, uh kind of fitness tracker. If you want to check it – and if i check on my um other watches, it is almost showing around maybe somewhat like you know, like 95 94, so this was showing around 97, which is almost like accurate guys. So i mean this watch is available for around 5500 and even if for a certain sale and all uh, you might get it for a discounted rate. So i highly suggest getting this particular wrist watch on their official store and that is noise. Uh go noise dot. You know something so just for claiming warranty and all so. Let me know what you think about this particular watch, guys uh and if you like this kind of videos uh, please hit the like button and subscribe to my channel, because there is always something new to watch on creative soft channel uh. I hope you like this particular video guys.

There are a lot of things to be covered uh. This is just an unboxing i’m doing after almost using this particular watch for one year. So this is the second time i’m doing this. This is my second watch. First one uh broke, and second one noise replaced it for free thanks for watching guys and uh. Let me know what you think about this particular watch um and please share this video with your friends and family who is supposed to buy this particular one.